FoodtoEat: Our 2013 Year in Review | New Team Members, Exclusive Interviews, Concierge Catering and more…

Looking back at some of our biggest and most exciting moments from

2013 in fruit

This past year at has been amazing – thank you for riding along with us! We’ve grown and matured as a company and wanted to share our most memorable moments with you because YOU have been instrumental in helping us get to where we are today.

We look forward to an even more exciting and delicious 2014!

New Team Members

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FoodtoEat Team

Our team is growing and we’re super excited. Diana Truong has joined us to head up Operations, Alex Reiss  has joined to manage our Concierge Catering Department, and Ashwin Hamal is leading our Technology Department.

In the Press

FoodtoEat in Forbes!

Our CEO, Deepti Sharma Kapur, was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30: Food & Wine and in a Forbes interviewThis 20-Something Ditched Law School and A Life in Politics for a New York Cupcake.   

FoodtoEat Cares Initiative

FoodtoEat donated $500 to the Food Bank for NYC
Back in November, we announced that we would be taking the 10 cents we charge restaurants and donating it to the Food Bank for New York City. To date, we have donated $500 – all because of our amazing customers, restaurants and food trucks. Read more on DailyFoodtoEat

We Got a Website Makeover!

website screenshot 2013-12-17 at 6.15.04 PM
FoodtoEat’s New Look

Our website got a makeover this year and we’re looking better than ever! We hope to continue to make our website as friendly andeasy-to-use for our customers as possible so please feel free to let us know what you think.In the New Year, we’ll be adding even cooler features to our site, so be sure to check us out (wink wink)!

FoodtoEat at Events!

We went to The Oscars of Food Trucks
We went to The Oscars of Food Trucks

We went to the Vendy Awards, the Oscars for Food Trucks and our team also volunteered at the Slice Out Hunger event this past October. Literally the biggest, most delicious pizza party ever, the event raise $20,000 – which helped to sponsor 100,000 meals for the hungry and homeless in New York City.

Concierge Catering

We cater lunches for tumblr and fab!
We cater lunches for tumblr and fab!

By working closely with our food trucks and restaurants, we’ve been feeding corporate offices all over the city including  Tumblr and Fab.comIf your company would like delicious FoodtoEat catered to you in 2014, just contact us at

We interviewed MasterChef Jr Champion Alexander Weiss


So yeah, that was pretty awesome. If you haven’t had a chance to yet, check our must-read interview with the young and talented MasterChef Junior winner, Alexander Weiss, on DailyFoodtoEat

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And the 2013 Vendy Award goes to…

The stage was set.  All 28 trucks in attendance had exhausts revving to the max. Brooklyn Brewery had the beverages handled. The crowd was pumped and the lines were growing. Our base of operations was thoroughly fortified with enough antacids and lemonade to quench the biggest post Vendy tummy ache.

This particular feeling was the polar opposite of the first day of school. In fact it felt like the only thing to do was to conduct a gastric stress test, challenge accepted. I began with the empanadas. Nucha’s won the rookie of the year award and their portabella spinach empanadas were undoubtedly made to please. Juicy wholesome mushrooms slathered with cheese and seasoned spinach had a wooing effect on my stomach, I had another plate. Then it was onto the Souvlaki King of Astoria.

The Souvlaki King surely had his ingredients primed and cooked just before he set them up for each order, or maybe I just got lucky. Everything was fresh and simply delicious. The fries were perfectly crisped and the meats seemed as they were lovingly coaxed into scrumptious treats to fill out the falfal goodie bags.Image

My favorite every year has always been The Cinnamon Snail – they’re vegan. All of their sandwiches were flavorful and thought provoking to say the least. Korean BBQ Seitan, Lemon Caper Grilled Oyster Mushrooms and Lemongrass Tempeh Tacos. Wow. For a vegan buff like myself, its difficult to find restaurants that serve up vegan food, so a travelling truck filled with serious eats is as close to a blessing as I can get.  After topping off at The Snail I was beginning to feel woozy.

So, I decided that a couple of slices of Neopolitan Express would.. well, pizza always is medicinal. The light crust the sweet sauce and the understated basil and mozzarella were perfect. This was my go to truck. The most amazing part about the experience was the turn over. They had pies coming out at a rate of a bajillion per minute – which was around my heart rate after I had my first few bites. I’m definitely following these guys around for a while (purely out of love for the pizza not as a groupie).Image

At this point my mind and my stomach were beginning to tear at my gut

When my appetite finally caught up with the contents of my stomach – which were still only about 45 cm away from my oral cavity – I decided to check out the HUGE line at Olomega’s. I ordered the loroco flowers and cheese pupusa and noshed away. I noshed loud and I noshed strong; It was an experience to behold.  It was only after wiping my mouth of the delicious remnants did I understand what the hushed whispers were about, the pupusas were like the mets in ‘86, a hit – I miss them now.  Image

As I sulked back over to our temporary headquarters with my cranberry glazed donut cake from The Snail truck, I realized that I hadn’t even tried the summer ales from the Brooklyn Brewery. It was tasty but it didn’t help me get over the long wait till my next empanada or pupusa.  So I meditated on the ordeals of the day. Lessons learned, go into the vendys with an empty stomach, a steadfast resolve and if you fail at eating everything then learn to say no more.

The 2013 Vendys was an experience, the food was amazing everywhere, the crowd was spectacular the energy was plentiful and luckily for me (and the rest of the Foodtoeat team) Joey Chestnut, competitive eater, wasn’t in attendance.

Congratulations to Olomega for winning the Vendy Cup and to Lukes obster for taking home The Peoples Tastes Award, you guys are amazing and your food proves it.

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Fender Vendor or Vendy is Trendy

Vendy AwardsBy: Samvida Patel

And the New York City VendyCup of 2013 goes to…

Considering they have yet to take place, I don’t have an answer. But I will have one on September 7, 2013, after having tasted the food, dessert, and drinks of twenty-three food trucks and carts. Recipe for foodbaby-making you say? Well I call it a day of tasting talent.

I don’t know about you, but instead of wondering about the teamwork, effort, and stress infiltrating the surroundings of Food Network Star contenders, I sit and wonder how I can be one of those audience members who get to sample one of the menus in the Food Truck Faceoff Round. It’s not that much of an out-of-scope question. After all, the contestants are people just like you and me, with a passion to share their culinary prowess with the world. The Vendy Awards resemble this Food Network Star challenge, except that the merriment contained in ticket to the former is endless. Attendees can fill their stomachs to their heart’s content from any of the food truck finalists, while enjoying an open bar of beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and of course, live music and performances. At the very end, you’ll find vendors clutching their steering wheels and cart ends, hoping that the esteemed judges in you will give them a vote for the People’s Taste Award.

Now in its Ninth Year, The Vendy Awards has come a long way to having twenty-three finalists from only having four in 2005. The growth and success of the awards have stemmed from the endless efforts of The Street Vendor Project, a nonprofit organization geared towards ensuring legal rights and providing financial support to struggling street vendors. With this group of individual benefactors and private sponsors, more food trucks and carts have become more self-sustaining, adding to the street food culture of New York City. Today, so many diverse trucks and carts exist, paving way for more Vendy categories like Rookie, Dessert, Market Vendor, and Best of New Jersey, aside from the overall VendyCup and People’s Taste.

In fact, two of the Rookie Finalists, Nuchas and Toum are partnered with FoodtoEat, allowing their respective Argentinean and Lebanese foods to be ready for pick up with a click of a button. Ariel Barbouth, owner of Nuchas, bakes fresh empanadas, a popular Latin American snack that can either be savory or sweet. ???????????????????????????????
The other food truck, Toum, happens to be New York City’s only Lebanese cuisine on wheels, offering zesty specialties like the “Grilled Kefta Sandwich.” The brilliant chefs behind the creation are husband and wife, Rodrigue and Christine Chebli.

Trend has it that tickets sell out before the date of the Vendy Awards so get yours today at!

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My First Schnitzel (& Things)

Schnitzel & Things is one of New York’s most iconic food trucks, and has since expanded into a brick-and-mortar location in Midtown, Manhattan. Somehow I have eaten from dozens of food trucks and overlooked Schnitzel & Things. This truck made a big splash when it debuted in 2009, winning Rookie of the Year at the Vendy Awards in its first year of business, and becoming the first food truck in New York to serve authentic schnitzel. For those who don’t know what schnitzel is, it’s a fried cutlet of meat that is gently breaded, and Schnitzel & Things serves it in a sandwich or as a platter with a choice of delicious sides.

Veal Schnitzel is what the truck is best known for, but unfortunately they were out of it by the time I placed my order. I settled with the pork schnitzel platter and chose the Austrian potato salad and chickpea salad as my sides, and got to sample three sauces; pesto mayo, ginger scallion and garlic relish, and chipotle sour cream.

For $10 I was more than impressed with size of this meal. The pork cutlet was massive, and they loaded up my to-go box with plenty of potato salad and chickpea salad, even including two lemon wedges to pack on more flavor. The schnitzel was light and fried to perfection, and each sauce complemented the meat in a different way. The two mayo-based sauces were great at alleviating the dryness of the meat, but the ginger scallion and garlic relish stood out as the clear winner of the sauces. This light, tangy sauce brought out all the flavor in the schnitzel without overdoing it.

The Austrian potato salad was good as far as potato salads go, compared to the rest of my meal it didn’t stand out too much but was still a tasty side dish. The chickpea salad on the other hand was bursting with flavor, mixed in balsamic pesto vinaigrette. The two side dishes countered the fried texture of the meat, and never made me think twice about needing a beverage with this meal.

Schnitzel and Things blew me away with the tasty simplicity of its food. Instead of overdoing flavors and combining plenty of ingredients together, Schnitzel & Things made simple food taste great. The sauces weren’t overwhelming and the meat was barely flavored, but the subtle tastes were more than enough to make this a great meal. After eating from Schnitzel & things I even felt healthy, which is more than I can say for a lot of the heavier options out there. I would definitely go back for more, and I can’t wait to try the legendary veal schnitzel.

2012 Vendy Awards, Recap & Winners

This Saturday the Street Vendor Project held the eighth annual Vendy Awards at Governor’s Island, featuring two dozen vendors from New York City nominated in several different categories by their biggest fans. Fortunately it was a beautiful day out, and about 1,500 people gathered at the event to feast and vote for their favorites.

Every year that I go to the Vendy’s I make a silent pact with myself to try something from every vendor. This pledge is much easier said than done, and I think I sampled about eight vendors before I sprawled on the grass in the middle of a debilitating food coma. But I’m pleased to say I tried food from several of the big winners, including Piaztlan Authentic Mexican Food, a food truck from Brooklyn that took the top honors this year, winning the coveted Vendy Cup.

I started at Baby Got Back Ribs, a vendor nominated for the new Best in Market category and serving out of the Smorgasburg flea market in Brooklyn. These guys made two kinds of excellent ribs, a sweet and tangy flavor and a 21-seasoned dry rub variety. They served the ribs alongside a refreshing cole slaw and a hunk of corn bread. The meat was so tender that it just fell off the bone, and these ribs were an excellent way to kick off the day. They even served their own iced coffee with the meal, and kept us entertained with some light trivia.

I stopped by another Best in Market contender called Mayhem & Stout that operates out of DeKalb Market in Brooklyn. Mayhem & Stout specializes in pork sandwiches, and I tried their braised short rib and brisket, which was probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. The short rib was ridiculously tender, and was paired with Blueberry Sriracha and Pickled Vidalia Onions, combining to provide an out of this world flavor.

I passed by some of my favorite food trucks, but I was on a quest to eat from the ones I had never seen before. Okadaman’s Japanese pancakes are some of my favorites, and Uncle Gussy’s and Phil’s Steaks are regulars in Midtown, Manhattan that usually end up in my weekly lunch schedule. At last I found the sought after Lumpia Shack, serving Filipino inspired spring rolls. I tried their Peking duck roll and a mushroom and truffle roll. There’s a reason Lumpia won the best in Market category, these rolls were packed with flavor. The duck roll was rich, savory and fried to a perfect crisp and complemented by a tangy sauce on top. When it comes to truffles I don’t think there’s a way to wrong, and this roll was by far the best vegetarian dish I ate all day.

Rounding out the Best in Market vendors, I was drawn to Pestle & Mortar by their elaborate lobster shell display around their ceviche. For anyone who has never had ceviche, it’s a popular seafood dish from South America made from raw seafood marinated in citrus juice and spiced with a variety of seasonings. Pestle & Mortar’s ceviche was made from shrimp and lobster, marinated in citrus and served with fresh chunks of mango in a small cup with a crisp dipping chip. The ceviche was so good I actually came back for several more helpings; one man in front of me even took a pint home at the end. The ceviche was fresh and perfect for the weather. All of the Best in Market nominees I ate from were outstanding, and the Vendy Awards made a great decision in opening this category.

Among the other vendors I had a chance to eat from was Xin Jiang Prosperity Kebabs, a food cart from Chinatown nominated for the Vendy Cup. The lamb kebab was another winner, succulent and perfectly seasoned; a perfect match with Brooklyn Brewery’s India Pale Ale. People’s Choice winners Cinnamon Snail served huge portions of vegan sliders and a mushroom dish, as well as their signature donuts and a vegan Twinkie. Fun Buns served a delicious Asian pork bun that made me wonder why I hadn’t eaten at this cart yet. Finally I had my last full meal from Piaztlan Authentic Mexican Food, three tacos and a selection of four different salsas. The salsas are really what made Piaztlan stand out, the red tomatillo salsa had a perfect kick to it, and the green tomatillo avocado salsa was rich and savory. As someone else at the Vendy’s commented, each salsa made Piaztlan’s tacos taste different, so customers could make the perfect taco to suit their tastes.

Too full to try most of the desserts, I sampled Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich’s new Bushmills flavored ice cream they created. The candied bacon variety was really addicting; I didn’t think it tasted like bacon or whiskey, which was fine with me. The edible wrappers they provide always give an added incentive to eat their ice cream. Monsieur Singh Lassi was the only other dessert I managed to try; they created Indian style Lassi ice pops. Their mango ice pop was creamy and delicious; even though it was so cold it stuck to my tongue when I got it.

Although I couldn’t possibly eat from every vendor I wanted to, a big shout out goes to the winners of the awards, and a thank you as well for providing such amazing food and standing up for every vendor’s rights as well. I will definitely be back next year, with a whole new set of eating goals.

Winner, Vendy Cup: Piaztlan Authentic Mexican Food

Winner, People Choice: Cinnamon Snail

Winner, Most Heroic Vendor: Sammy Kassem

Winner, Best Rookie Vendor: Phil’s Steaks

Winner, Best Dessert: Melt Bakery

Winner, Best in Market: Lumpia Shack

Countdown to the 2012 Vendy Awards

The New York City Vendy Awards will be held tomorrow, September 15th at Governor’s Island. The Vendy Awards are an annual tasting and award ceremony for some of New York City’s best food trucks and carts. The event is sponsored by our friends at the Street Vendor Project and works to shed light on new and upcoming vendors, and raise awareness for the rights of small business owners.

This year the Vendy nominees will fall into several categories from last year, and one new one. The new category is called “Best in Market”, which acts to represent street vendors that sell their goods at street fairs and outdoor markets. This new breed of vendor tends to use locally sourced ingredients and classic techniques, and was heavily supported by the voting public during nominations this year.

Last year the Vendy’s created a new category called “Most Heroic Vendor” to support those that stood up for their community. This year the Most Heroic Vendor is Sammy Kasem, a halal food vendor in Bay Ridge Brooklyn who faced opposition from several brick-and-mortar restaurants. These restaurant owners tried kicking him out of his spot, nailing park benches down to keep his cart out, and threatened and harassed him. Instead of giving up Sammy has continued to fight for his right to make a living in this community.

In the other five categories a wide variety of known and more obscure trucks have been nominated. In the Best Dessert category, Coolhaus Ice Cream sandwiches and Andy’s Italian Ices have been nominated, both members of the New York City Food Truck Association, and well known throughout New York City. Coolhaus originates from California, and is homage to architectural design by using cookies and plenty of flavors of ice cream. Andy’s has the same idea with over 45 flavors of water and crème ices, as well as an espresso bar.

For Best Rookie Vendor our friends at Okadaman and Phil’s Steak’s were nominated, as well as Chinese Mirch, Morocho Peruvian Cuisine, and Cambodian Cusine Torsu. Okadaman is a Japanese food truck serving Osaka-style street food like their iconic Japanese pancake. Phil’s Steaks serves traditional Philly cheese steaks, and is always a huge hit at events.

In the new Best in Market category, Baby Got Back Ribs from the Smorgasborg Flea Market in Brooklyn was nominated, as well as Lumpia Shack. Baby Got Back Ribs uses a 21-seasoning flavoring to make their signature ribs. Lumpia serves Filipino-inspired spring rolls in Brooklyn, and aims to bring Filipino cuisine to the whole world.

In the main category, the Vendy Cup, six vendors have been nominated with a huge variety of tastes. Our friends at the Cinnamon Snail serve vegan food from their ornate burgundy-colored food truck; their Makers Mark donuts last year were a huge hit and took home the Vendy Award. Long-time vendor Uncle Gussy has also been nominated, a signature Greek food truck that keeps cooking all in the family.

We’re thrilled for all the vendors nominated for Vendy Award’s this year, and this event should provide each vendor with publicity and raise awareness for the service they provide to New Yorkers. Check in Monday to see a full recap of the day’s events.

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And The Vendy Goes To…

Next month on September 15th, the 8th Annual Vendy Awards will take place on Governors Island. Many of the popular food trucks that we see parked on the streets of New York City and buy delicious, savory lunches from every day are expected to attend.

In recent years, the food truck/cart culture of the city has exploded. New food trucks are popping up very frequently, serving foods of various ethnic cuisines from around the world, novel and unique fusion dishes, and scrumptious desserts. The Vendy Awards were initiated to celebrate just that. Street vendors compete  to see who will be determined the best street food vendor in NYC each year. The proud and talented chefs that run these food trucks and food carts compete head-to-head in an intense cook-off, after which the judges and attendees will vote for who they think serves the best food. This street food vendor will then be titled Vendy Award winner and given a Vendy Cup as their prize. Other awards that will be given out include the Dessert Category Winner, Rookie Vendor of the Year, Market Vendor Award, and Peoples’ Taste Award Winner.

Past Vendy Cup winners include Solber Pupusas, King of Falafel, NY Dosa, and Hallo Berlin. Other vendors who have attended and competed include Eggstravaganza, Cinnamon Snail, Sam’s Falafel, Biryani Cart, Wafels & Dinges, Kwik Meal, Mexicue, and Guerrilla Ice Cream.


The Vendy Awards also serve as an opportunity to raise money for the Street Vendor Project, a non-profit organization that defend the rights and promote the special interests of street vendors throughout New York City. While the number of street vendors in urban cities throughout the country has been growing, opposition from wealthy corporations and individuals has also increased. The Street Vendor Project’s mission is to aid in the growth of street vendors as small businesses and emphasize how they contribute to our cities each and every day.

A $95 ticket (Early Bird special $80) includes all the food you can eat plus both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that will be served at the event. Attendees will enjoy live performances while they indulge in the incredible meals and snacks that New York’s best street vendors prepare and serve. Thousands of New Yorkers venture out of their offices every day just to visit their favorite food truck or cart for a satisfying lunch, and this is the one day that we can show them how much we appreciate their culinary talents. But don’t worry, if you miss this exciting event you can always visit your favorite food truck on the streets!

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Vendy Awards Were a Great Success!

Everything went smoothly at the Vendy Awards this past Saturday, with 21 vendors, fast moving lines and fair weather. The event had a great crowd, featured lively music, and had great sponsors ensuring the day would be a blast, like Maker’s Mark and Brooklyn Brewery. For the first few hours guests sampled as many cuisines as possible, strategically choosing between the most sought-after trucks and those with the most manageable lines. Korilla BBQ, Souvlaki GR and Solber Pupusas seemed to have the longest lines throughout, but eventually they winded down so I could have a taste.

Some exceptional offerings came from The Cinnamon Snail, which made a spicy red bean tart, seitan wrap and a Maker’s Mark jelly-filled donut, alongside their funky costumes. Taim’s green falafel was one of the best falafels I’ve ever tasted, and Sunrise Grill’s oxtail was unique and delicious. Taco Truck made light and refreshing tacos, and Two Pitas in a Pod had a great sample platter complete with pulled pork, falafel and hummus. La Bella Torte had extravagant and filling cannolis and desserts, and Wooly’s shaved ice made delicious Maker’s Mark infused shaved ice. One of the toughest challenges of the day was trying to juggle multiple drinks and plates while looking for a place to sit, but I suppose my own gluttony is to blame for that. As the trucks started to close up, I got a last minute chance for beef taco from Korilla, with kimchi and a delicious sauce, and a chicken pita from Souvlaki GR, complete with Greek fries inside.

When the time came for the awards to be announced, the trucks all closed and the owners gathered around the podium, while the judges were introduced, the concept of the Street Vendor project was discussed, and thanks given to all the sponsors and participants. The Most Heroic Vendor Award was presented to Patty’s Taco for standing up to the multiple violations she received and fighting back with a lawsuit against the city of New York. Best dessert went to Wooly’s shaved ice, which served up the perfect light dessert for this challenge, and they came with their very own Green Man. The Cinnamon Snail won the Maker’s Mark challenge for their donuts, and undoubtedly their colorful costumes as well. Taco Truck won the Best of New Jersey category; Korilla won Rookie of the Year, storming the stage with the most enthusiasm of any of the vendors present, and Souvlaki GR won People’s Taste. The Vendy Cup was at last presented to Solber Pupusas, which had lines as long as anyone’s today, and served delicious, authentic corn patties.

With the final award given out, the 7th Annual Vendy’s came to a close and everyone shuffled towards the ferry, vendors included. With delicious food, great weather and an even greater turnout, this year’s Vendy Awards picked a stellar group of food vendors and gave recognition to some unique trucks that until now were largely unknown.

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The Vendy Awards Are THIS Weekend (In Case You Haven’t Heard)

This Saturday the 7th Annual Vendy Awards will take place at Governor’s Island, and tickets are still available to those of you looking to get in, albeit the cheaper general admission tickets have long sold out. For the first time this years a “Best of New Jersey” category was opened up, and the awards will continue to honor the “Most Heroic Vendor”, supposedly ranging from the vendor who called in a terrorist threat to the vendor who memorizes your order and has it ready for you every day.

There are many other awards to be given out tomorrow, including the People’s Choice Award, Rookie of the Year, and the juggernaut of them all, the Vendy Cup. With so much food and so many enthusiasts present, the only perceivable threat is long lines. So if you still can, buy a ticket and head down to Governor’s Island tomorrow to see what it’s all about. Your friends at Foodtoeat will be there, so make sure to say hello!

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Comme Ci Comme Ca: Authentic Mediterranean Food

Today we were surprised to see the Comme Ci Comme Ca truck, also known as ChefSamirTruck parked on 52nd Street in midtown. I’ve only see this truck before around Wall Street, and given that they were recently declared as finalists in the upcoming Vendy Awards Rookie of the Year category, today seemed the perfect opportunity to sample some of their Middle Eastern food.

While Cous Cous is a dish that they are well known for, I opted to try one of their sandwich entrees, the Moroccon Kofta Brochette sandwich with beef, vegetables and sauces inside a baguette. For $6, the sandwich was smaller than I hoped, but it was one of the most perfect sandwiches I’ve ever had from a food truck. The baguette seemed to be hollowed out on the inside for the filling to fit perfectly inside. With the baguette closed, it would appear to be just a loaf of bread, but opened and you can see that it’s a full sandwich. The beef portions were generous inside, and the hot sauce and white sauce added a delicious kick to the vegetable mixture. The taste was some of the best flavored meat I’ve had from a halal vendor, which I guess accounts for the hefty prices. Sausage and cous cous can run you around $9, and the sides are all upwards of $3. Putting the price aside however, Comme Ci Comme Ca is a truly delicious Mediterranean truck, and we wish them the best of luck at the Vendy Awards this year.

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