Mmm Treat So Sweet

By Riad Veerapen

Remember these ooey gooey squares? We had them all the time as kids.

Boring old Rice Krispies
Boring old Rice Krispies treats | Photo Credit:

Well, they’ve been upgraded. Check out these gorgeous gourmet Rice Krispies treats!

Look who got a makeover
Fancy new Rice Krispies treats |Photo Credit: Sulav Darnal

It all started when Chris Russel, the founder of Treat House, decided to have a bake sale with his sons to raise money for kids in Africa.

His two adorable sons Dan and Eli having a bake sale.
His two adorable sons Dan and Eli selling the original fancy treats at a bake sale. |Photo Credit:

People lined up, they cleaned house and Treat House was born.

He has a store!
His own shop! |Photo Credit:

His flavors are unpredictable and super creative, ranging from peanut butter cup (OMG) to bubble gum.

Yes you are seeing right - Raspberries, blueberries and oreo too
Yup, your eyes aren’t fooling ya |Photo Credit:

And what’s even sweeter, is that at Treat House, 10 cents of every purchase is donated to the Food Bank for New York City. As Chris says, “we live in an area where there is a high density of children…we think social responsibility is very important.”

Paying it forward.
Paying it forward. |Photo Credit:


So the next time you’re in the Upper West Side craving a little something, stop by Treat House. By the way, its gluten free too!

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Foodies of New York: Ava Hariri-Kia

Ava Hariri-Kia
Ava Hariri-Kia

By Rachel Wells 

Part of a series that documents real New Yorkers and their love affair with food. 

Meet Ava: a spunky, fun and super-smart fashionista from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She’s a high school freshman at the Spence School who dances, acts and sings. She’s involved in all aspects of the performing arts at school  – and for good reason. She’s a talented lady who focuses on being happy.

She prefers ordering online, and does so frequently. When she goes out, Ava’s favorite place to eat is Momoya, a gorgeous sushi bar with two convenient locations; one in Chelsea and one on the Upper West Side. Ava adds that both locations are equally great. She discovered the restaurant on a lunch-date with her sister. Since then, she’s been hooked! She always orders the crispy rice – “it’s truly amazing!” She has yet to try a food truck other than Mister Softee, the soft-serve ice cream truck, but isn’t opposed to the option. With FoodtoEat’s list of food truck vendors, finding a great place to nosh isn’t hard at all.

Momoya’s “Lobster Tempura, Spicy Scallop and Spicy Tuna Roll” (photo credit:

She believes that the social scene’s deep-rooted connection to food is a special and characteristic part of New York City living. “There are so many different types of grub from all over the world in one place – on one little island! Where else could you stop for a legit Italian coffee, have an authentic Japanese lunch and then have homemade gelato for dessert – all in a 5-block radius?” She suggests that tourists try one of the Shake Shack locations before leaving – but to call ahead and to make sure they’re serving the iconic “wavy fries.” The Shack Burger is a New Yorker fave, and isn’t all that big, so make sure to grab a shake with your order. Also – be prepared to wait on-line. It’s no secret that this place rocks!

Shake Shack's "Burger and Fries" (photo credit:
Shake Shack’s “Burger and Fries” (photo credit:

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Experience the Best Hummus Ever at Bustan’s First Annual Hummus Festival

By Debra Liu

Creamy, healthy, nutty, and amazing with pita chips – those are some of the words that come to mind when I dream of hummus, which happens quite often. At Bustan, a new contemporary pan-Mediterranean restaurant in the Upper West Side, co-founder and Chef Efi Nahon, previously Executive Chef at Barbounia and Taboon, takes hummus to another level.

Shawarma Style Crab
Shawarma Style Crab

Bustan is currently celebrating National Hummus Day (May 15th) with its First Annual Hummus Festival. The festival lasts from May 11th through May 15th and during this time, the restaurant will be offering a special dinner menu of 16 variations of Chef Nahon’s award-winning hummus, both savory and sweet.

“Hummus can be a sharing plate or an entree. I love putting different toppings on it,” says Chef Nahon. And the toppings that he generously lavishes on this Middle Eastern chickpea classic are simply inspired and absolutely delicious. “We use a little bit from everywhere, from Spain, Italy, Greece, south of France – this is how I change the menu. taking street food, home food, and try to elevate it, building a cuisine,” he says.

Braised Lamb
Braised Lamb

“His hummus speaks for itself,” says Guy Goldstein, fellow co-owner and operational manager who most recently served as Wine Director and General Manger of Junoon. “There’s a quality level, he makes it so fresh. It’s really really top bar,” Guy says of Chef Nahon’s hummus.

According to Chef Nahon, people love hummus but still don’t know exactly how and where it can go with other foods. “It works for breakfast, lunch, dinner. My wife eats it with Indian food, vegetarian sushi, on sandwiches…everything.” With the hummus festival offerings, he aims to showcase just how hummus really can go with everything – from crab in the Shawarma Style Crab served with spinach and chickpeas, to lamb in the Braised Lamb hummus dish served with pickled onions and pine nuts. The Taboon Chicken Tandoori hummus is the most popular dish at Bustan, while Chef Nahon’s favorite is the hummus topped with Braised Beef Cheeks.


And let’s not forget the warm flatbread, freshly baked from the oven, which was incredible and probably the best flatbread I’ve ever tasted. The bread was baked in a taboon, which the restaurant has in-house. A taboon is the Middle Eastern equivalent of a wood-fired brick pizza oven. The oven cooks food more evenly, Chef Nahon told me.

Chef Nahon eats hummus everyday. “It’s something that is part of who I am, where I come from. When I lived in Europe and there was no hummus there, it was something I missed.”

When asked what customers say about the hummus at Bustan, Guy told me, “One word: wow.”

PS. I ended my meal with a chickpeas filled dessert, so basically a healthy dessert (am I right?). Feast your eyes on this :

Chickpea, Chocolate & Caramel Bar
Chickpea, Chocolate & Caramel Bar

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Celebrate the Thai New Year with FoodtoEat!

By Emily Collins  While most of us celebrated the New Year in January, Thailand is just getting the party started. The Thai New Year is an epic 3-day celebration from April 13-15 and we wanted to ring in the Thai New Year here at FoodtoEat with some of our favorite Thai food vendors. Little Thai Kitchen

Basil Spicy Chicken from Little Thai Kitchen | Photo credit:

Little Thai Kitchen is a cozy, Midtown restaurant that may be little, but its menu sure isn’t! Little Thai Kitchen offers an awesome selection, warm atmosphere and the best part? It can be delivered right to your doorstep! Thai Street Food by Tuk Tuk Boy

Pad Thai from Tuk Tuk Boy|Photo credit: Me So Hungry

Looking for a quick grab-n-go lunch? Look no further! Thai Street Food by Tuk Tuk Boy provides you with your favorite Thai dishes right off the street. Thai Street Food by Tuk Tuk Boy has a little something for everybody: curries, pad Thai, dumplings and even Thai tea and coffee. Order online at to skip the line and get some fantastic Thai. New York Thai Grill and Sushi 

String Beans & Chicken from New York Thai Grill & Sushi | Photo credit:

New York Thai Grill and Sushi Bar is a great place to eat if you can’t decide which kind of food you’re going for. Not only does this restaurant offer a variety of Thai options, it also has plenty of different kinds of sushi. New York Thai Grill also has plenty of desserts for those of us with a bit of a sweet tooth! With hours like 11:00 am-1:45 am, you can get always get your Thai on. Spice Thai Restaurant

Chicken Chow Fun from Spice Upper West Side | Photo credit:

Spice Thai Restaurant is perfect for the Thai newbie. Spice’s goal is to combine classic Thai flavors with modern cuisine. If you’re like me and were scared of anything that wasn’t plain chicken and pasta until you were 13, Spice is the place to go. The portions are plentiful and so are the locations! No matter where you live in the city, you can have Spice. Here are links to the many different Spice locations:

To celebrate the Thai New Year, we are having a promotion from April 13-15th. Simply place an order on from any Thai vendor and you’ll be entered to win a 12-pack of Thailand’s finest drink, Singha Beer! FTEThaiNYDailyFoodtoEat is the official blog of FoodtoEat, a sustainable online food ordering and concierge catering service featuring your favorite restaurants, food trucks and caterers. Check out the deliciousness here:

Food Truck Regulation Set to Increase

The New York City Council recently proposed a new food truck regulation that would permit a GPS monitoring system to be installed in food trucks, to gain better insight into their patterns of travel throughout the city. These GPS systems would be placed in both food trucks and carts, and aim to find out where food trucks go in reference to parking laws, and to curb pollution and noise.

On the Upper West Side complaints continue to be mounted against trucks, as resident say food trucks clog up the streets, create unwelcome noise and pollute the air. Spearheaded by City Councilwoman Gale Brewer, this GPS proposal aims to regulate exactly how many trucks and carts there are, where they’re located, and whether they are licensed or not. While the City Council supposedly has five different agencies regulating the trucks, complaints claim that only local police seem to be doing anything to enforce laws against these mobile vendors. Particularly on the Upper West Side, complaints have been increasingly rapidly.

This situation goes hand in hand with many of the other pressures food trucks have been dealing with this year, many having been forced out of their usual locations by increased complaints from local brick and mortar businesses. While food trucks may seem unfairly targeted, many New Yorkers are clamoring for the same regulations to be placed on these mobile vendors that have been placed on restaurants. Health codes and licenses should be applied to any food vendor, if not for the sake of equity than for safety concerns. Recently over 1500 health violations were passed on food trucks and carts, ranging from hygiene to meat preparation. Food trucks have been growing to be immensely popular, and ‘gourmet’ trucks are expanding nationwide. If restaurants are held up to rigorous examination, shouldn’t the same be expected of food trucks?

However on implanting GPS trackers in food trucks, a whole new range of issues arises. GPS trackers will help the city gain more information about food trucks, but at what cost? Don’t these trucks have a right to go where they please without being watched? It seems that monitoring their movements may be a direct violation of their constitutional rights. Clearly this is a controversial issue, and chances are a law like this won’t be passed for some time. But as long as it’s being discussed, what manner of regulations will come up next? I invite you to weigh in on this issue and say what you think about the freedom associated with food trucks.

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