6 Ways to Do Meatless Monday Right

By Rosie O’Regan

Meatless Monday is an international campaign that urges people to not eat meat on Mondays in order to improve their health and the health of the planet. While I am personally an avid carnivore, Meatless Monday provides a welcome respite from meat-heavy dinners, as well as the perfect opportunity to explore exciting new vegan and vegetarian recipes.

FoodtoEat Tip: Don’t think of these dishes as meat-substitutes–learn to love mushrooms, falafel, and roasted vegetables for their own delicious tastes!

Portobello Empanada from Nuchas

If you’ve ever been to Nuchas and tried their meat-filled empanadas, then you’ll love this vegetarian alternative to their meaty classics. Stuffed with portobello mushrooms, spinach, onions, mozzarella & fresh herbs and rolled in spinach dough, this mouth-watering snack is the perfect way to start your Meatless Monday.

Portobello Empanada from Nuchas

Falafel Platter from Toum

Meatless Monday first-timer? Allow me to introduce you to falafel, your new best friend. Toum is an expert at serving up this chickpea-filled delight. Try their falafel platter–five pieces of falafel, tabouleh salad, choice of rice or french fries, one dip and tahini sauce makes for a great meal any day of the week.

Falafel Platter from Toum

Portabello, Crimini, Porcini Mushroom Burger from The Squeeze 

Watch out meat lovers, it seems like vegetarians have hijacked our classic all-beef burger and made it their own with protein-packed mushrooms…and they did a really good job. The Squeeze combines portabello, crimini and porcini mushrooms to make an unbelievably delicious patty topped with creamy raw slaw and mustard seed aioli.

Portabello, Crimini, Porcini Mushroom Burger from The Squeeze

Tofu Edamame Falafel Taco from Kimchi Taco

Don’t think tofu, edamame, AND falafel go well together? Think again ’cause Kimchi Taco is at it again with their palate-bending taste combinations. Enjoy a tofu, edamame and chickpea taco flavored with signature Asian spices as well as kimchi-infused refried beans, cucumber kimchi, pickled daikon and pico de gallo. You’ll be begging for this meatless meal all day, every day.

Tofu Edamame Falafel Taco from Kimchi Taco

Veggie Pita from Uncle Gussy’s

Vegetables should be at the heart of any Meatless Monday platter. Uncle Gussy’s allows you to step up your vegetable game by combining lettuce, tomatoes, cooked onions, and feta cheese on a toasted pita to make a dish fit for any day of the week.

Veggie Pita from Uncle Gussy’s

Aloo Masala Kati Roll from Desi Food Truck

Desi Food Truck shows you how vegetarianism is done with this buttery flatbread is stuffed with potatoes, onions, and doused with coriander mint sauce, green herbs, and spices. One bite and you’ll be wishing that every day was Monday.

Aloo Masala Kati Roll from Desi Food Truck

Peace out meat-lovers, I’m going vegetarian full-time!

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Vegetarians Rejoice…Tofu To [Likely] Join Chipotle’s Menu Soon

Chipotle, the “Mexican” chain loved by vegetarians and omnivores alike will be testing a “sofritas” option, or tofu shredded & sauteed with tomatoes, poblano peppers, and chipotle sauce, in select San Francisco locations in February.

Chipotle prides themselves off of using sustainable sources and has always provided options to satisfy customers maintaining plant based diets. All of Chipotle’s fixings are vegetarian with the exception of the pinto beans, which are cooked with bacon.

The Denver based chain is looking into including tofu as a menu option as meat prices rise due to increasing hay and feed prices.

Depending on the success, Chipotle could expand the tofu option to 1,200 additional locations.

This is not the first time Chipotle has catered to vegetarians and vegans. In 2009-2010, various stores in the Northeast tested serving a “Garden Blend” which was a “vegan blend of plant proteins, grains and vegetables marinated in our chipotle adobo, then grilled.”


Chipotle has about 1,350 restaurants with locations in the US, Canada, London, and Paris and plans to open an additional 165-180 this year.

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The Great Food Truck Race Week 5: It All Goes South in Memphis

This week on The Great Food Truck Race the four remaining teams headed to Memphis, where a series of twists and turns led to a shocking elimination. After Seabird’s exit last week, Lime Truck was somewhat shaken by nearly being sent home, but came back with a renewed energy and killer menu. Once the teams arrived they were given ingredients to create their own barbecue sauce, as well as butcher a 100 pound hog, smoke it and serve it with their newly-made barbecue sauce. Memphis BBQ veteran Jim Neely judged teams’ work and proclaimed Roxy’s the winner of the challenge. For winning, Roxy got $500 additional seed money and a head start in the elimination challenge while the other three teams had to clean up the rest of the hog to donate to a local food bank.

Each team was given $500 to start, more than in previous weeks, and Roxy’s immediately parked downtown to set up their truck. Hodge Podge parked by a restaurant they had a connection with, Lime parked outside Bluefin Restaurant where they purchased seafood for their menu, and Korilla headed to Beale Street, where for the first time in the competition they found they weren’t in a great location, with only a small line. Hodge Podge managed to open first; even beating Roxy’s which had a significant head start.

In the Speed Bump, Tyler Florence told the teams they would have to switch to an entirely vegetarian menu. Roxy’s and Lime transitioned immediately, even though Lime Truck spent a good amount of their seed money on seafood. Hodge Podge closed to visit a grocery store and rethink their menu, while Korilla got tofu delivered to them for tofu tacos. The next day a local blogger called the Chubby Vegetarian was sent to try food from each truck and lend them some publicity, and the truck he declared the winner would be safe from elimination. As the day winded down, Roxy’s had the longest consistent line so the other three trucks went to a park where a concert was being held for more business, but the crowd was not as large as expected. Hodge Podge lost electricity, and all three trucks felt they had under-performed this week.

As the elimination finally approached, Tyler Florence warned the trucks that today would not be a good day for them. First he announced that the Chubby Vegetarian announced the Lime Truck as the winner, saving them from elimination. The blogger remarked that the Lime Truck’s food was some of the best food he’d ever had. Tyler ten announced that one of the teams tried to cheat; New York’s own Korilla BBQ put some of their own money in the cash box to increase profits, violating the rules. Even though Hodge Podge had the lowest sales for the week, Korilla was eliminated for cheating.

Next week the three remaining teams head to Atlanta, Georgia. For full coverage of The Great Food Truck Race click here.

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