Coming Soon: The Vegan Reality Food Truck Show

By: Gabby Zilkha

Coming soon: the Vegan Reality Food Truck Show!
Coming soon: the Vegan Reality Food Truck Show!

The Squeeze has a dream to make it on the big screen! Yes, that is right! One day, the raw vegan food truck the Squeeze will have its chance at stardom.

You may be saying, “It’s a truck eat truck world”! “The Squeeze better have an agent”! But don’t you worry, owner and founder of the Squeeze Karliin Brooks used to work in the Entertainment industry and this is actually what she had in mind when she started the truck back in May of 2012.


Karliin wants to create the first Vegan based reality TV show. She saw an opportunity in Food Trucks to bring that idea to life. She could travel around the country and provide juicing and healthy foods to people all across America.

Currently, Karliin says that she is focusing on establishing the food truck business and maybe even a wholesale network.

What makes this truck so special you may ask? Well it offers a large array of cold press juice cleanses in delicious flavors. (fun fact: cold press juicing is super cool and keeps all of the enzymes alive longer as opposed to the more common centrifugal juicer which has a enzyme life of 15 minutes) .


They also have super awesome flavor combinations! The “Stand and Deliver” has kale, celery, cucumber, spinach, swiss chard, and dandelion. The “Sweetest Revenge”, one of the more popular for the less juice heavy person has fennel, clementine, and lemon. I don’t know about you but I feel refreshed just thinking about that!

So next time you’re around Union Square W and 17th Street, make sure to give it a try!

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