Philadelphia Man Campaigns to Work at Applebee’s

Nowadays brands are doing whatever they can to build up their online presences and collect a devoted legion of fans. Applebee’s proved this by flying a fan out to a job interview after his repeated attempts to score a job with the company through massive social media efforts and door-to-door campaigning.

25 year-old Philadelphia resident Kevin Matuszak started a social media campaign to get hired by Applebee’s as a company spokesman. He began by posting on the company’s Facebook page politely asking for a job. After receiving a noncommittal answer, he began using other forms of social media to pursue his career aspirations, and began interacting with Applebee’s fans in some truly hilarious Facebook threads to drum up more attention for the restaurant chain.

Matuszak went on to made several promotional videos, promoted the hashtag #HireKevin and even canvassed door to door to make his dream a reality. The whole time Applebee’s continued to encourage Kevin’s career campaign, reposting his videos for their fans and encouraging Kevin to continue with positive comments. This isn’t the first time Matuszak has tried publicity stunts, and is known for his antics among his group of friends and the radio station in Philadelphia where he works.

Now Applebee’s has finally decided to give Kevin Matuszak a chance, flying him out in early 2013 to the company headquarters in Kansas City to interview for the Applebee’s spokesman job. Matuszak has revealed that he is “completely surprised” at how much publicity his campaign has already received.

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