So, How Exactly Does Social Ordering Work?

By Emily Collins & Debra Liu

Our brand new website has an incredible new feature: social ordering. This feature gives you the power to follow your friends, become a part of a social network of foodies and order food with a group without the stress because you can literally split the bill right on our website. Check out our step-by-step guide to the social ordering process.

Step 1: Get an account. You can sign up directly on the website or sign up via Facebook. Make sure to verify your email before you start an order. Please enjoy the throwback picture.

Step 2: Invite your friends. If they don’t have an account already, have them sign up. Once you’re all signed up, you can follow each other. To find your friends on FoodtoEat, you can search by name or by email.


Step 3Find a place to order from. When searching for a place to order from, make sure the address you’re using is where the delivery is going. If the address is different, the restaurant may be out of the delivery zone.


Step 4: Start your own order. Once this order is started, you can invite as many people as you want ! If they’re not signed up on FoodtoEat, you can send them an invite via email. If they’re already signed up, just search their name and click to send them an invitation to join your order.



Step 5: Start choosing the food you all want. While you’re selecting your food items, a chat feature will pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Everybody in the order can freely chat and update each other on the status of the order.


Step 6: Once everybody is done adding food to the cart, the Order Owner will click “check out” and this will bring everybody to a new page to pay the bill.


Step 7: Paying the bill. There are 3 options for bill payment. The Order Owner has the power to decide what happens:

(1) Cash – you’ll need to gather up cash to pay for the food when it arrives,

(2) Credit Card – by clicking on Credit Card, the Order Owner is paying for the entire bill his/herself  (so generous!), and

(3) Split Bill – the Order Owner has to add their friends to the bill split by clicking on the friends’ profiles on the left hand side of the screen.

  • The bill can be split evenly by clicking on “Split Evenly” or everybody can pay for what they ordered individually by clicking on “Pay Your Own”.
  • Each person puts in their credit card number and once it is confirmed, each individual will have “ √ PAID” next to their name.



Step 8: Once everybody has paid, the order will go through to the vendor. If there are any special requests, these can be put in before the order is paid and confirmed.


Step 9: You’ll receive an email confirmation summarizing your order. If you have any urgent changes to the order, please contact the vendor you ordered from directly – this will be the most efficient way to update/change your order.


Step 10: While you’re waiting for your food to arrive, share your order on social media! Social ordering is more than just splitting a bill between friends; you are now able to follow your friends, check out where they’re ordering from, share on social media and even favorite restaurants.

On your homepage, you can see who is following you, who you’re following and their recent activity. This means you can see where your friends are ordering and who they love! It makes choosing a restaurant just a little bit easier.


Since Debra L. is following me, I can check out her recent orders, favorites and followers. Debra seems to be a bit addicted to Decadent Donuts…


Once you’re done social ordering with your friends, you can tweet or share it on Facebook! Let people know where it’s best to order from in the city.
follow4Share the food love over social media! We love getting tweets and pictures of your orders. Now, all you need to do is click a button and you can automatically share your social order on Facebook and Twitter.


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Philadelphia Man Campaigns to Work at Applebee’s

Nowadays brands are doing whatever they can to build up their online presences and collect a devoted legion of fans. Applebee’s proved this by flying a fan out to a job interview after his repeated attempts to score a job with the company through massive social media efforts and door-to-door campaigning.

25 year-old Philadelphia resident Kevin Matuszak started a social media campaign to get hired by Applebee’s as a company spokesman. He began by posting on the company’s Facebook page politely asking for a job. After receiving a noncommittal answer, he began using other forms of social media to pursue his career aspirations, and began interacting with Applebee’s fans in some truly hilarious Facebook threads to drum up more attention for the restaurant chain.

Matuszak went on to made several promotional videos, promoted the hashtag #HireKevin and even canvassed door to door to make his dream a reality. The whole time Applebee’s continued to encourage Kevin’s career campaign, reposting his videos for their fans and encouraging Kevin to continue with positive comments. This isn’t the first time Matuszak has tried publicity stunts, and is known for his antics among his group of friends and the radio station in Philadelphia where he works.

Now Applebee’s has finally decided to give Kevin Matuszak a chance, flying him out in early 2013 to the company headquarters in Kansas City to interview for the Applebee’s spokesman job. Matuszak has revealed that he is “completely surprised” at how much publicity his campaign has already received.

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Gusta Helps Food Lovers Connect to Exclusive Events

New website Gusta offers access to some of the most exclusive food events around the globe, with limited tickets to new and upcoming events. This idea has already emerged in various other websites and apps, such as grubwithus and spoondate. Gusta is essentially a means for chefs to promote events and invite patrons without spending many hours handling invites and payments. Gusta also takes time out of searching for events in the elaborate ‘underground dining scene’ in many cities.

Gusta works with chefs to promote events, as customers can subscribe to events they may be interested in, and Gusta will automatically tout these events through email and various social media platforms. All payments for events can be made securely on the website, and chefs have ultimate control over all features pertaining to their events.

The events published on Gusta are ‘underground’, so difficult to locate but gaining in number around the world. The site handles multiple currencies, establishing it as a decidedly international website, and charge 10% per ticket, leaving the rest to the chefs. 10% is a small toll though for access to some of the world’s most unique dining experiences. Supper clubs offer chef-inspired creations in vastly different settings, ranging from mansions to small homes. No matter the cuisine, trying out Gusta ensures a one of a kind dining experience.

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New Calorie Counting App Takes Information from Food Pictures

Mealsnap is a new iPhone app that takes knowledge from pictures of food and translates this into caloric content for its users. Mealsnap was developed by a fitness social network called DailyBurn, which has already created several iPhone applications relating to dieting and fitness. The app takes effect after its user takes a picture of their food, then the picture is inetrally matched across a database of 500,000 items, and responds to the user with a range of calories for the photographed item.

Beyond that, the app can give a range of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins of the photographed food. The app has a sharing option as well where users can tell their friends about what they’ve eaten through any of the well-known social media platforms.

The long-term implications of this app aim to help users become more health conscious and keep track of what they eat. The app can be used a food journal, allowing users to keep track of their daily intake through a photo log with full nutritional facts attached. Sharing what they’ve eaten may also help users take more accountability in their dieting, and help them stick to a healthy eating pattern.

MealSnap is available for 99 cents at the iTunes store.

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Trucks and Social Media: What to do and What not to do

                    Social media platforms have recently become the most efficient way for food trucks to advertise to their customers. Twitter in particular allows food trucks to update their locations in real time, and develop a close group of devoted followers who will receive daily news and menu updates from the truck. Most trucks have begun to capitalize on Twitter already, yet there are certain rules to abide by when marketing through Twitter. In order to get the most out of their social media experience, I recommend that food trucks take the following steps in getting the most out of their tweets.
                    Twitter is an open exchange between people, not a one-way microphone to advertise yourself. Followers will become disengaged if you do not acknowledge them as well. This means food trucks should become actively engaged in their communities, responding to their followers and recognizing their peers to build a fully interactive experience. Generosity goes a long way on Twitter, promote others just as you would have them promote you and you will be sure to build up your credibility. Acting as a useful conduit for information will gain the trust of your followers, and eventually they will retweet your information and expose you to even more followers.
                   Displaying your personality through social media is also an important way to gain a following. Social media users do not just want to see a company drone, but would rather follow someone with a sense of humor, or a relatable personality. Make your tweets memorable and insightful, these will go a much longer way than humorless, informative tweets. None of these skills can be learned overnight, and it takes time to develop a loyal following. However through content-rich tweets that abide by the 140 character limit, food vendors can turn an ordinary tweet into an extraordinary one and make all the difference in their marketing technique.
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