Happy National Hot Dog Day! | Papaya King

By Danielle Bimston

Looking for some of the best hot dogs New York City has to offer? Check out our friends at Papaya King. Identifying themselves with the motto “accept no imitations”, this hot dog heaven is bringing you classic, one-of-a-kind franks and delicious tropical drinks.

IMG_0088Started back in 1931 by a Greek immigrant striving to pursue the American Dream, Papaya King began as a juice bar called Tropical Hawaiian Drinks.  Owner, Gus Poulos, opened the stand to express his passion for blending up fresh, fruity drinks.  However, not everybody in NYC had the same love for juice that Gus did right away.  It took time, but eventually, Gus’s juice bar began to take off.  However, it was when Gus married a young German woman and began serving frankfurters at his joint that Papaya King was put on the map. New Yorkers fell in love with Gus’s refreshing juices and savory hot dogs.

IMG_0054Today, Papaya King is still keeping things as classic as they can; serving quality franks and delicious drinks to happy and loyal customers.  And, they’re being noticed for their efforts—Julia Child said that Papaya King serves the “best hot dogs in New York” and Martha Stewart named them one of her “guilty pleasures.”

IMG_0005It’s quite obvious that the magic that made Papaya King such a hit in the first place is still as present as ever. They’re still serving up classic Franks with toppings such as chili, cheese, and peppers as well as All Beef Sausages with coleslaw & pickles and Sautéed Onions & Peppers with Chili.  Plus, they still have all of their amazing tropical drinks to try such as Papaya Pride or Banana Daiquiri.

IMG_0038We’re sure that no matter what you try at Papaya King, it’ll bring you back to old school New York City.  And, if you want to bring the family oriented, welcoming Papaya King vibe to the office, take advantage of our catering options.  Celebrate #NationalHotDogDay right with the best hot dogs around from this amazing restaurant.

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Delicious and Patriotic Foods to Eat on the Fourth of July

By Hannah Poss

The 4th of July is coming up so that means that it’s almost time to celebrate. This day commemorates our country’s birthday and so to honor this day, we patriots, celebrate all things American. What better way to celebrate than through devouring classic, old-fashioned, all-American food? Even better, salute this special day by exploring some of America’s newest twists to its beloved classics. While you can never say no to a nice, juicy, traditional cheeseburger or a big bowl of ooey gooey mac n cheese, try some of these revamped classics that are sure to spark some fireworks.

An All-American, Over-Flowing Burger from the Counter

Photo Credit: grubstreet.com

At The Counter, in Times Square, you can custom build your own classic American burger. Go down the line, step by step, to create a personalized burger to fit your taste. This chain has an incredible range of patty options, toppings and sauces to choose from so even a habitué of this joint will never grow bored.

The Famous, Fun and Tasty Twist on the Classic: The Ramen Burger

Ramen Burger

While you can get pretty creative and funky making your own burger at The Counter, if you haven’t tried the famous ramen burger from Ramen Co. yet, it’s a must-have, so make your way to one of their New York  locations or catch them at the popular Brooklyn food festival, Smorgasburg. This crowd-pleasing combination of a juicy beef patty, sandwiched by pan-fried “buns” made entirely from ramen noodles, still provides the eater with the feel of a traditional American burger patty, but puts a new, creative, Asian-inspired twist on a classic.

A Traditional (and Indulgent) American Dog

Papaya King

Another common American bite perfect for the 4th of July is a hot dog. Who doesn’t love a standard foot long on a doughy bun with just the right ketchup to mustard ratio? In New York, it is especially easy to come across a hot dog. Don’t get caught, however, investing in an average hot dog from the vendors scattered across Manhattan. Instead, make your way to one of Papaya King’s two locations and get yourself “the Original”.

An Authentic Polish Staple Puts a Twist on a Typical American Dish

Original Polish
Photo Credit: ny.eater.com

Even though a traditional hot dog is always a crowd pleaser, if you’re looking to explore your horizons and broaden your palette, try an authentic Polish kielbasa from the Old Traditional Polish food truck instead. The owners of this food truck are serving up pure Polish kielbasas and pierogis like your grandmother used to make them. So, if you find yourself tired of the well-worn American hot dog, track down the Old Traditional Polish food truck and celebrate July 4th with Poland’s version of the American classic.

Get Down and Dirty with  Katz’s Noteworthy Meaty Sandwiches

Katz's Deli

Another must-have food to celebrate America’s birthday is a legendary Katz’s deli sandwich. This institution has been in place in New York’s historical Lower East Side since 1888 and so their delectable pastrami, brisket and turkey sandwiches (to name just a few) have brought widespread attention to the Manhattan joint. While you may find yourself waiting on a seemingly never-ending line down the block, the wait is beyond worthwhile. There is no better place to get your hands dirty with a stacked pastrami sandwich on old-fashioned rye bread or a noteworthy Reuben sandwich overflowing with sauerkraut than at this famous, Jewish delicatessen.

Get Transported Down South with One of These Southern Inspired Sammies 


While Katz’s is not a place to skip out on, if you’re seeking out a sandwich shop with a different flavor focus, try Cheeky Sandwiches in New York’s Soho. This place is also a perfect place to celebrate July 4th as it serves up big, hearty sandwiches that Americans love. While Katz’s creates traditional, authentic Jewish deli sandwiches, Cheeky Sandwiches puts a Southern twist on an average deli sandwich. With creations such as vegetable muffalatas and shrimp po-boys, their menu transports you directly to New Orleans. The fried chicken biscuit sandwich is also unmistakably inspired by the South. If you’re in the area, get a much needed dose of Southern hospitality by trying one of Cheeky’s bold sandwiches.

Some of New York’s Finest Cheesy Eats

Photo Credit: thisweekfordinner.com
Photo Credit: foodsmackdown.com

While you’re out and exploring these eateries that whip up American originals, make sure to also try S’MAC  to get your fill of the celebrated and beloved cheesy pasta. Also, make your way down a couple blocks to Bleecker Street Pizza to get the true Tuscan style pizza that has become some of New York’s finest. And it’s not even a question as to whether or not these are celebratory foods fitting for July 4th… because have you really ever met someone who doesn’t like mac n’ cheese and pizza? That’s what we thought!

So when you’re looking for inspiration for the best ways to both celebrate the forthcoming July 4th, while keeping your stomach from growling, check out some of these local, all-American joints. Once you’ve covered the traditional American foods mentioned above, make sure to try the other American-inspired foods that take a fun and delicious twist on the more classic dishes.

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Not Your Average Hot Dog: Papaya King Truck Takes On NYC

By Anna Lesser

Behind the Food Truck is a FoodtoEat original series where we meet the amazing men and women behind our favorite mobile cuisines and share their inspiring stories. At FoodtoEat, we’re lucky to have the best food trucks NYC has to offer in our family. Here are their stories.

Photo Credit: Papaya King
The brand new Papaya King Truck | Photo credit: Papaya King

If you haven’t heard yet, Papaya King, the well-known NYC hot dog and fruity drinks restaurant now has its own food truck bringing hot dog loving to the streets.

Let’s rewind about 80 years ago. It’s 1932 and Gus Poulos, the founder, literally the “Papaya King” if you will, discovered papaya on a vacation to Miami. He shortly began importing the fruit to New York to make his own tropical drink. A great idea, but sadly no one came to try the drink so Gus decided to dress girls up in hula skirts and gave the drinks away for free – creative marketing for that time. New Yorkers quickly became hooked. He was inspired by his girlfriend to bring frankfurters to his juice stand on 86th and 3rd Avenue. And that was the birth of a NYC classic.

Wayne Rosenbaum, President and Jason Witkes, Marketing Manager

Along with their two locations on 86th and Marks Place, their bright yellow truck can be found roaming around midtown and sometimes at The Seaport.

Last week, we sat down with Wayne Rosenbaum and Jason Witkes of Papaya King to chat about their new food truck (and they fed us amazing hot dogs and fried oreos!). Wayne is really enjoying the food truck business so far. “I love it! It’s definitely different than the store, a lot more logistically challenging because of space, but we have the same methods as we do in the store. Everything is exactly the same, ” he said enthusiastically.

Wayne’s love for hot dogs sparked his creative imagination while experimenting with new recipes. His newest addition to the food truck, The Crunchy Munch, is one hot dog you definitely do not want to miss. Filled with jalapeños, sweetened pickles, sautéed onions, and crunchy potato sticks, your taste buds will be in hot dog heaven.

In New York, there are millions of places to grab a hot dog on the go, but none of them beats Papaya King, an establishment so intricately connected to the city and the heart of food entrepreneurs; a man who started with just a juice stand, ended up creating a delicious empire and now is returning to its roots and back to the streets with a food truck. Wayne says, “We have been an 82-year old brand, since 1932. So with that we are the first branded hot dog truck in history in New York.” You don’t hear that everyday from a hot dog restaurant!

Papaya King Hot Dog, Photo Credit: Papaya King
Papaya King’s Custom Hot Dogs – perfection | Photo credit: Papaya King

Wayne and Jason have their hot dog system down to a science. New York now has its options between St. Marks place, 86th street, or their new restaurant on wheels! At the end of the day, Papaya King is a fun restaurant and food truck where there is a flavorful mix of hot dogs and fruity drinks that will leave you wanting more.

We’re excited to welcome Papaya King to the FoodtoEat family, where they will be helping us feed hot dogs and fruity drinks to people all over the city. Contact us at catering@foodtoeat.com if you want Papaya King Food Truck to cater your next event!

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