Restaurants Offer Food & Drink Specials for Mayan Apocalypse

By now you have probably heard of the impending apocalypse set to occur tomorrow, December 21st. For those who believe in this Mayan prophecy, many businesses have formulated their own ways to kick-off the end of our world through food. Food brands throughout the country are offering apocalyptic specials to help drum up business, even though they apparently won’t need it.

Across the country you can stop in at T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants to make an order from their apocalyptic menu. Items include Mayan Margarita’s and Jack Daniel’s Ribs. The restaurant chain will also hold raffles to win End of the World survival kits, also known as cocktail kits. December 21st occurring on a Friday fit perfectly into the company’s marketing scheme, “When I thought about the potential end of the world, on a Friday no less, I knew we had to do something about it,” said CEO Nick Shepherd.

Another restaurant chain participating in the end of the world prediction is Carl’s Jr., which has already gotten plenty of attention for its 12x12x12 burger. The burger chain went all out with this offering, with a dozen beef patties and a dozen slices of cheese. Carl’s Jr. figured that a giant burger would catch people’s attention if they’re looking for a super-sized last meal. Carl’s Jr. advertised the burger on social media saying, “If it’s not the end of the world, then it’s definitely the end of your hunger. #burgergeddon #baconpocalypse #cheesetastrophe.”

Local restaurants and bars are cashing in on the Mayan apocalypse as well; in Kentucky a restaurant called Mayan Café traditionally serves Mayan-inspired food, but has updated its menu to prepare for doomsday. New menu items include lobster ceviche, and flan with a caramel-orange rum sauce. In Austin, Texas a Mexican grill called Iron Cactus has prepared an out-of-this-world margarita. The drink includes DeLeon reposado tequila, 100 year aged Grand Marnier, agave nectar and real gold flakes. The drink will set you back $100, but Iron Cactus has a special deal that comes with it. Customers who purchase the drink and find that the world still exists on Saturday can return to the restaurant for a second drink on the house.

According to a recent poll, 12% of Americans are convinced the world will actually end on Friday. NASA has promoted an aggressive social media campaign to debunk these doomsday myths, but the believers persist. If the Mayan apocalypse is true, then that Carl’s Jr. burger doesn’t sound so bad after all.

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