7 Reasons Why Food Trucks Are The Best Invention To Hit NYC

By Anna Lesser 

Wouldn’t your life be much easier if a food truck could magically appear by your office? Oh wait. It can be!! Here are the top 7 reasons food trucks were the best thing to hit the streets of NYC.

1) You get to stand in line and socialize with real people. Outdoors. In the sun.

Tumblr Employees
Tumblr Employees










2) You get to eat food that looks like this:

Frites'N'Meats Burger
Frites’N’Meats Burger













3) …..and this:

Neapolitan Pizza
Neapolitan Pizza













4) People will ask to take your picture and you will feel famous (and glamorous) for 15 seconds

Tumblr Employee
Tumblr Employee










5) You look like an absolute stud eating it:

Frites'N'Meats Burger
Frites’N’Meats Burger













6) You can look cool while carrying delicious pizza to the office:

Tumblr Employee
Tumblr Employee













7) Finally, if you work at Tumblr, you can look like this. Nuff said.

Tumblr Employees
Tumblr Employees











If you’re wondering how to look like this and eat delicious food truck food, fear not, we have the answer for you! Contact us at catering@foodtoeat.com to have the food truck of your dreams come to your office! It’s easy, affordable, and clearly the what the cool kids are doing.


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Village Voice’s Inaugural Choice Streets Event

On Tuesday night the Village Voice held its first annual Choice Streets event, a food event modeled after the popular Choice Eats event, but featuring food trucks rather than restaurants. Choice Streets was held right alongside the Intrepid, and guests could freely roam the ship, test out the simulators and eat and drink as much as possible from the vendors.

Over 20 food trucks attended the event, with a wide variety of Vendy award winning trucks, dessert and juice trucks and many of the more prominent food trucks seen throughout New York City. Some notable trucks we sampled were Solber Pupusas, Taim Mobile, Korilla BBQ, Bongo Brothers and Red Hook Lobster.

The event aimed to be a food and drink ‘tasting’ event, so each truck offered a small selection of what their menu has to offer, in addition to various beers and wines to try at different booths. Having never tried Solber Pupusas, I thoroughly enjoyed my first pupusa. Essentially it is a thick corn tortilla with shredded chicken inside of it, and topped with homemade pickled cabbage, jalapenos, onions and a tomato and makers mark based sauce. The pupusa completely lived up to its expectations, and proved to me why Solber Pupusas won the top price at the Vendy Awards in 2011.

With so many trucks to sample, it was hard to narrow down which ones to eat from. As the night got colder, I sought out a hot Cuban sandwich from Bongo Brothers, which was savory and delicious, despite the fact that many Cubans I know might object to mustard being in the sandwich. Taim Mobile and the Falafel King were both serving their signature falafel balls; ultimately Taim’s line was shorter so I tried their delicious green falafel in hummus. I also grabbed a hot slice of Valducci’s sweet pepper pizza, which was warm cheesy, and pretty much perfect.

Korilla BBW debuted a new fish taco for Choice Streets, which was light and refreshing. The fish was some variety of white fish, and came with chopped tomatoes, cilantro, corn and crushed kimchi flakes on a soft tortilla. This was the first time I had tried a fish taco from Korilla, and I can only hope they add it to their regular menu.

The final truck I stopped at was Red Hook Lobster, which I was delighted to see at a food tasting event, considering their lobster rolls sells for $16. Unfortunately Red Hook only had shrimp rolls to offer, which is understandable but a little disappointing. The shrimp rolls were very tasty, consisting of large shrimp in mayo and old bay in a hot buttery bun. Though small, Red Hook’s shrimp rolls put a perfect cap on the delicious food to try at this year’s inaugural Choice Streets.

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Big D’s Grub Truck does Tacos Right

Today’s lunch was from the well known Big D’s Grub Truck, an Asian-South American fusion truck that has tacos, sandwiches, a full breakfast menu, dumplings and fries and now even rice platters. The truck has a different location every day, but frequents midtown on Thursdays and Fridays. Big D, also known as Dennis, derives his style of food from the traditional cooking he grew up with, a blend of Chinese, Guyanese and Southern-style cooking.

I’ve had his grinders (sandwiches) before, so I decided to try his tacos this time. 3 tacos for $7 is a great deal in my book and I got to mix and match the flavors, getting bulgogi, spicy pork and spicy chicken. The soft-shell tacos all fit nicely into a box, and each was filled with a variety of appropriate fillings such as scallions, kimchi, cucumber, cilantro and special sauce, all garnished with a lime.

The tacos were perfectly filling, and each had a unique flavor to it. I found the spicy pork taco to be the best, with the pork marinated just perfectly, and paired with fresh kimchi puree that gave the whole taco a spicy kick. The taco shells were just right as well, not to the point where they overwhelmed the flavor of the tacos but complemented it well. The bulgogi taco was also served with kimchi and scallions, and the spicy chicken was a little different, with spicy mayo and cilantro.

I’ve had tacos from Korilla BBQ and the Kimchi Taco Truck before, but I have to say that Big D’s serves my favorite tacos. While Korilla’s tacos are sometimes hit or miss, and Kimchi Taco Truck can overdo the kimchi a little, Big D’s tacos seem to find the perfect balance between savory meat and spicy condiments. For delicious and affordable tacos, order Big D’s.

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A Day with the Trucks Downtown

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go along for a walking tour in the financial district with our friends at Urban Oyster. This specific tour specializes in the food carts and trucks that frequent this area, and adds a good amount of history to put the entire street vendor scene in perspective. While today food from many different countries is available from trucks and carts in the area, hundreds of years ago the first street vendors sold clams caught fresh off the shore. Our group stopped at six different vendors, and got to sample some great food from each of them.

Our first stop was taste of New York’s most popular kind of street food, halal street meat at Adel’s Halal. A great way to gauge the quality of this particular cart was by taking a look at all the taxi drivers nearby enjoying a lunch from Adel’s. The line was reasonably long, but we managed to try some delicious falafel, with white sauce and hot sauce.

                Next we stopped at Veronica’s, a Jamaican cart serving a variety of meats, sides and even a unique frozen drink. The owner, Veronica, is an elderly woman with a great repertoire of cooking experience, having started when she was ten. A former Vendy Award nominated cart, the jerked chicken from Veronica’s was spicy and tender.

                The next stop on our tour took us to Souvlaki GR, a truck we know well at Foodtoeat and this year’s People’s Choice Vendy Award winner. This lunchtime staple let our group sample some of their chicken and pork sticks, as well as some of their delicious Greek fries topped with feta cheese. The tzatziki sauce for the meat was surprisingly thick, and tasted almost as if it was made from Greek yogurt, its coolness paired with grilled meat very well. The fries have won awards in the past, and proved that none of this praise was undeserved.

                By the time we left Souvlaki GR I was feeling pretty full, but we powered on to Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck, which was originally called Wall Street Pizza but has since added several trucks and become renowned for its Grandma Slice. The slice is cut Sicilian style, and baked with the cheese in the crust, with a garlic-flavored sauce of fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese on top. The warm slice was perfect for the cold weather and the sauce tasted extremely fresh, even a little sweet.

                Our last meal stop was at the increasingly popular Korilla BBQ truck. The only options they had left when we went were pork and tofu, so we tried both. What I really like about Korilla is that they tried their best to match the meat the proper kimchi, so with the spicy pork we got a slaw-like kimchi, which complemented the flavors very well. We were fortunate enough to get to Korilla while their line was short as well.

                Finally it was time for the stop we were waiting for, dessert. We went to the Wafels & Dinges truck for a delicious hot mini waffle smothered in spekuloos sauce and powdered sugar. The sauce, like the truck hails from Belgium, and is a magical kind of gingerbread sauce that they also sell in jars for $7 each. Wafels & Dinges is always a great stop for the friendly customer service as well as authentic waffles. Afterall, the king of Belgium requested they make these waffles as traditionally as possible.

A special thanks to Urban Oyster for making our trip so informative and getting us some delicious samples from these great vendors.

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The Vendy Awards Announces Rookie of the Year Finalists

Last week the Rookie Finalists were announced for the NYC 2011 Vendy Awards. The six trucks cover a broad range of tastes, and the full list includes Korilla BBQ, Eddie’s Pizza Truck, Taim Mobile-Falafel & Smoothie Truck, Comme Ci Comme Ca, Eat Here Now Now Eat Here, and Sunrise Grill.

Korilla BBQ has received its fair share of press recently since being featured on the second season of The Great Food Truck Race. Developing a similar model to that of the famous Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles, Korilla was founded by Columbia University graduates looking for a less conventional career path. Their Korean BBQ tacos have become renowned in New York City, with a loyal customer base going to all ends to get their Korean BBQ fix.

Eddie’s Pizza Truck specializes in thin crust pizza and has transformed it into a standard New York street food. The truck was founded by two brothers with a lifelong dream of opening a food truck. Finally they partnered with New Hyde Park’s Eddie’s Pizza to bring the restaurant to NYC. Eddie’s Pizza Truck can be found throughout Manhattan and in the new food truck lot in Long Island City.

Taim Mobile offers a fresh take on traditional Middle Eastern street food. With outstanding sauces, vegetarian options and fresh smoothies, Taim is street food you can feel good about eating. The multicultural team speaks a wide variety of languages, and uses the freshest ingredients in their food, providing great service and food that’s good on all fronts.

Comme Ci Comme Ca is a Mediterranean/Moroccan specialty truck with a wide variety of food that most people can agree on. The truck’s owner Samir began cooking when he first came to this country to avoid eating out every night. Eventually he developed a passion for it and started his own truck. Specializing in a fluffy cous cous, the food is deliciously spiced with juicy meats and savory vegetables.

Eat Here Now Now Eat Here serves tacos and burritos with an Asian twist, and offers a breakfast burrito served all day. These vendors are known for their delicious tortillas, and serve food with a purpose behind it. Truck owner Stan Tankursley spent winters in the Dominican Republic and was deeply affected the earthquake in Haiti. He raised over $10,000 in just a few days for earthquake relief and travelled there to help immediately.

The final contender for the rookie category is the new Jamaican Sunrise Grill Truck. This truck offers real, authentic Jamaican food including oxtails, jerked chicken, curry goat and saltfish. The food can be as spicy as you would like, prepared homemade and seasoned with real island spices.

The six trucks will be featured on September 24th on Governor’s Island in the much anticipated 7th Annual Vendy Awards.

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The Great Food Truck Race Week 5: It All Goes South in Memphis

This week on The Great Food Truck Race the four remaining teams headed to Memphis, where a series of twists and turns led to a shocking elimination. After Seabird’s exit last week, Lime Truck was somewhat shaken by nearly being sent home, but came back with a renewed energy and killer menu. Once the teams arrived they were given ingredients to create their own barbecue sauce, as well as butcher a 100 pound hog, smoke it and serve it with their newly-made barbecue sauce. Memphis BBQ veteran Jim Neely judged teams’ work and proclaimed Roxy’s the winner of the challenge. For winning, Roxy got $500 additional seed money and a head start in the elimination challenge while the other three teams had to clean up the rest of the hog to donate to a local food bank.

Each team was given $500 to start, more than in previous weeks, and Roxy’s immediately parked downtown to set up their truck. Hodge Podge parked by a restaurant they had a connection with, Lime parked outside Bluefin Restaurant where they purchased seafood for their menu, and Korilla headed to Beale Street, where for the first time in the competition they found they weren’t in a great location, with only a small line. Hodge Podge managed to open first; even beating Roxy’s which had a significant head start.

In the Speed Bump, Tyler Florence told the teams they would have to switch to an entirely vegetarian menu. Roxy’s and Lime transitioned immediately, even though Lime Truck spent a good amount of their seed money on seafood. Hodge Podge closed to visit a grocery store and rethink their menu, while Korilla got tofu delivered to them for tofu tacos. The next day a local blogger called the Chubby Vegetarian was sent to try food from each truck and lend them some publicity, and the truck he declared the winner would be safe from elimination. As the day winded down, Roxy’s had the longest consistent line so the other three trucks went to a park where a concert was being held for more business, but the crowd was not as large as expected. Hodge Podge lost electricity, and all three trucks felt they had under-performed this week.

As the elimination finally approached, Tyler Florence warned the trucks that today would not be a good day for them. First he announced that the Chubby Vegetarian announced the Lime Truck as the winner, saving them from elimination. The blogger remarked that the Lime Truck’s food was some of the best food he’d ever had. Tyler ten announced that one of the teams tried to cheat; New York’s own Korilla BBQ put some of their own money in the cash box to increase profits, violating the rules. Even though Hodge Podge had the lowest sales for the week, Korilla was eliminated for cheating.

Next week the three remaining teams head to Atlanta, Georgia. For full coverage of The Great Food Truck Race click here.

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The Great Food Truck Race Week 4: The Truck’s Get Schooled in Kansas College Town

This week the five remaining teams drove out to the college town of Manhattan, Kansas, where they faced a series of challenges ultimately resulting in one team being eliminated. After dominating performances last week and weeks before that, Lime Truck was bested in the first Truck Stop challenge by Seabirds Truck. The teams were all granted a $5 debit card to come up with an original recipe and impress a Kansas City food critic. The Seabirds created a raw food cupcake with barbecue sauce, and they were awarded exclusive access to a huge restaurant/bar area, while the rest of the trucks duked it out for space on campus.

The teams were each given $400 to plan their menus for the elimination phase of the challenge. Seabirds had a huge crowd waiting for them after shopping, Roxy’s pulled away from the rest and the other three teams set up at City Park, where college students had already anticipated their arrival. Tyler Florence introduced the speed bump early this time, immediately requiring the teams to price everything on their menu under $1. Some trucks with planned expensive menus had more trouble with this than others, but many made do. Korilla introduced $1 tacos, and Roxy’s made grilled cheese sliders. The Lime Truck based its menu off $8-$10 dollar items, and the Seabirds made $1 half sandwiches but worried that they were charging too little for their premium products, and began falling behind on their orders again. Several teams headed back to reconfigure their menus, while others targeted bar crowds and prepared for the next day.

The next day the teams faced similar large crowds, but the difficulty was in filling orders quickly and dealing with low the menu prices. Hodge Podge Truck began pulling customers off Korilla’s long lines to take orders. I thought a fight was about to break out when the Korilla guys confronted them about having no food truck etiquette in front of many customers, but Hodge Podge just kept taking the customers they could get.

In the end, Korilla BBQ came out on top again, with $5,245, and Roxy’s in a close second with $5,132. The Lime Truck and Seabirds were in the bottom 2, and in the end Seabirds got eliminated selling less than Hodge Podge and Lime truck. Next week the teams head to Memphis, Tennessee to create all vegetarian menus, as the Seabirds lament that they won’t be there for what could have been a triumphant week for them.

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The Great Food Truck Race Week 3: Trucks Get Swept Away by the Windy City

Last night on The Great Food Truck Race the six remaining teams raced their way to Denver, Colorado, where they were granted even less money and more crippling speed bumps. Once again the teams had to utilize their own knowledge of the area and their local contacts to stay ahead of the competition, while making risky alliances with others.

The first truck stop challenge required the food trucks to create an original recipe based on wild mushrooms that they gathered themselves, and an assortment of vegetables provided by host Tyler Florence. Their dish would then be judged by local Denver chef, Frank Bonnano, and the winner would get some helpful publicity on Good Morning America, as well as $200 for the elimination phase of the show. After each team prepared their dishes, Bonnano gave them all praise but awarded Lime Truck the victory, leaving the vegan Seabirds Truck devastated that they lost a veggie-based challenge. All the trucks were soon devastated however; as they learned that they would receive no seed money and would have to find their own ingredients (except Lime truck).

Once again the food trucks proved their resourcefulness by gathering ingredients on their own. The Lime Truck and Hodge Podge formed an early alliance, though why Hodge Podge would ever trust these guys after what they did last week is beyond me. The trucks all loaned or struck deals with local establishments, to get ingredients. Café con Leche, Hodge Podge and Lime Truck all charged very high prices for sandwiches, and Seabirds suffered from slow service. Korilla BBQ eased along just fine in a great location, and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese noticed a significant recovery from last week’s near elimination.

The next day the trucks resumed their sales, but faced one of the show’s ‘speed bumps’ in which each truck would have to operate with only one person doing ll the work. The trucks all handled this differently, Korilla played rock, paper, scissors to decide who would operate the truck, Roxy’s called it “a nightmare”, Hodge Podge was confident, Lime took group orders over single orders, and Seabirds got even slower. As sales slowed and trucks relocated, Korilla and Roxy’s crashed Café con Leche’s location, and Seabirds lamented that this might be their last week.

When all was said and done however, Seabirds scraped a fifth place finish, while Lime and Korilla dominated the competition, each making near $7,000. Café con Leche was sent home, losing only by $87 and noting that the high bill they owed to the restaurant that lent them food probably cost them the game. Next week the five remaining trucks head to Manhattan, Illinois, a college town where no doubt they will create some delicious munchie food for their ravenous customers.

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Week 2 of The Great Food Truck Race: Fear and Loathing in Salt Lake City

This week on The Great Food Truck Race the seven remaining teams head to Salt Lake City, after a tough first episode in Las Vegas where Sky’s Gourmet Taco’s was eliminated. This week the teams were handed only $100 each for ingredients, which makes preparation considerably more difficult. First off the teams were told to compete in a sausage making challenge, where they toured a local sausage establishment to come up with their own original recipes. Korilla BBQ showed their ingenuity and flexed their Columbia University degrees by bowing out of the mini competition to save their sausage for the sales part later. Host Tyler Florence noted that it was a good move, but also could have got them disqualified.

The vegan Seabirds Truck also had trouble with this competition, as sausage isn’t exactly allowed in vegan cooking. Seabirds’ Stephanie Morgan said however, “Everybody’s already assuming we’re going to lose this competition, since they think there’s no way you can make vegan sausage, but there is,” Stephanie says. “We’re going to take the garbanzo beans and mash them all up, and add lots of bold spices to mimic that sausage flavor.” Unfortunately their bean-sausage that looked nothing like sausage wasn’t enough to win this competition. The Hodge Podge Truck, the only truck which had previous experience making sausage, swept this competition and was granted an extra $100 for ingredients and avoided the later ‘speed bump’.

The Seabirds Truck thought to continue their alliance with cocky Lime Truck, and invited them to a pet adoption drive they found out about. The Lime Truck then contacted the owners of the drive and signed a contract to be the sole food truck there, putting an end to this alliance. The Seabirds Truck got lucky though, finding a café known to be frequented by young people and vegans, and attracted a sizeable crowd there. Café con Leche thought well ahead this time, partnering with a local Mexican restaurant to do catering a party. Meanwhile Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese had the same problem as last week, wondering whether they had enough food to match their customers’ demand.

This week’s Speed Bump made each team move one mile from their current location, forcing many trucks to abandon healthy lines and head to deserted areas. Some trucks managed to retain their customers, but many lost them entirely. Korilla BBQ dominated sales this week, showing that their early strategy paid off best. Roxy’s and Devilicious were only $159 apart in sales, but Devilicious was sent home. Devilicious may have sealed their own fate by offering $1 off each of their meals, focusing more on volume than cash. Next week the teams head to Denver, Colorado, where growing disputes will no doubt continue. The Lime Truck and Roxy’s continue to battle over parking spaces, and Lime Truck’s bold attitude against Roxy’s tough demeanor should make for some great television.

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Parked! And Other Food Festivals to Come

This Saturday was the Parked! Food Festival was held at the South Street Seaport, in which food vendors from all over New York City gathered to serve their signature dishes to throngs of hungry New Yorkers. The event has been deemed a successful one by both food truck vendors and customers who attended, remarking that lines were shorter than expected and food came rather quickly. The largest problem at these events in the past has been long waits at the more popular trucks. Some trucks complained about their placement, either on side streets with less traffic or next to direct competition from vendors selling similar products, but in the end every truck said their sales evened out and they did alright by the end of the day. Customers also were able to move between lines quickly and sample many different types of cuisines.

Some new procedures were put into effect this year which may have streamlined the event for customers and vendors. Menu sizes were reduced and orders were taken outside the trucks to maximize efficiency within the truck. All of this bodes well for food truck events, as complaints in the past had decreased their popularity.

With improvements along the way in food truck events, we have many more to look forward to in the coming weeks. All About Downtown is coming to Jersey City on September 17th, featuring ten of New York and New Jersey’s top food trucks. Among these are Korilla BBQ, Luke’s Lobster, Two Pitas in a Pod and Mamma Marci. Then the week after this event is the one we have all ben waiting for, the 2011 Vendy Awards. This year the Vendy’s will be held at Governor’s Island, and you can purchase tickets here.

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