Porchetta: A Taste of Italian Street Food in New York City

By Emily Collins

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Porchetta is a tiny East Village shop that does its namesake justice. Their goal was to perfect the art of making porchetta sandwiches, a traditional Italian street food that is hard to find in the city. What makes Porchetta so special, you ask? The answer is easy; the Porchetta sandwich is the kind of food that stuns because it’s simplicity marrying quality. They’ve got the recipe down to a science, perfected the tender sandwich and intend to keep it that way.

Porchetta’s Signature Sandwich | Photo credit: Porchetta

The owners, Sara Jenkins and Matt Lindemulder, strive to create something unique, consistent and affordable for city-goers that are looking for a quick bite. The pork is cooked slowly and is just about everything you would want on a sandwich. The meat is juicy, crispy and soft. The bread is crunchy. In short, it’s roasted perfection.

Crispy Potatoes with Burnt Edges | Photo credit: Porchetta

While the Porchetta sandwich is their specialty, their other dishes are not to be overlooked. The sides are just like something you’d find in an old Italian kitchen: authentic, homemade and fresh. The crispy potatoes with burnt ends are an excellent complement to the namesake sandwich.

Luckily for you, FoodtoEaters, Porchetta is geared towards take out and delivery. Their sandwiches can be delivered right to your door or pre-ordered online for pick up. Check out Porchetta’s entire menu here and the line at this small shop are known to be pretty lengthy, so order online and get the food delivered to your door. Looking to impress a date with your savvy take out skills? We think a candlelight dinner featuring Porchetta sandwiches will sweep anybody off their feet.

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Americans will Soon be Eating Pizza from a Vending Machine

Weeks ago we learned about sushi machines that can automatically roll sushi faster than Japan’s best chefs; now the same concept has been applied to pizza. Italian inventor Claudio Torghel has created a pizza vending machine, which have already been implemented in Europe for the last three years.

These vending machines can make pizza from scratch in just two-and-a-half minutes. A1 Concepts, the distributor of these machines plans to bring them to the United States. The machines are called “Let’s Pizza,” and will be targeted towards malls, airports, supermarkets, colleges, and anywhere with large crowds. A1 Concepts is opening a U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, and vending machines are expected to roll out soon afterwards, with national deals in the works.

CEO Ronald Rammers says the machines create everything from scratch, combining the ingredients and using an infra-red oven to produce pizzas so quickly. The pizzas are also available with various toppings, stocked to make 200 pizzas and connected to the internet to control inventories. On average they sell for $5.95 each, but prices may vary depending upon the location.

Rammers let it slip that a large theme park in Florida is already interested in “Let’s Pizza”, and in other locations they will be managed on local and national levels. A1 Concept fully expects “Let’s Pizza” to be a success, noting how well received it has been in Italy and Europe over the last few years.

Click here to see a video of “Let’s Pizza”.

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