Man-Made Meat Could Change the Way We Eat

A new scientific breakthrough in meat may change the way people classify their eating habits. Scientists have figured out how to produce animal flesh in a lab, and will soon be marketing it for consumption. This man-made meat has huge implications for the future of food, as it is entirely different from the current vegetarian tofu-based substitutes.

According to Food Safety News, “In vitro or cultured meat is not imitation meat – like all those vegetable-protein products that don’t taste anything like beef or chicken. In vitro or lab-grown meat is animal flesh, except it never was part of a living animal.”

Globally there are about thirty projects in development to create more of these meat cultures, which NASA scientists have already proved to be possible. The demand for research in this area is very high, as companies are very interested in investing these products. If successful, man-made meat can largely replace traditional meat simply because it was created without any cruelty to animals and produced in a sustainable manner.

This project also has the capability of becoming an immense flop, depending on public perception. If lab-made meat is considered to be too disgusting for human consumption, research could immediately cease without proper investment. However the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have already promised $1 million to the researcher able to develop “lab-grown chicken with the same taste and texture as real chicken meat, and sell at least 2,000 pounds of the in vitro product in 10 states by early 2016.”

This potential prize has spurred a small contest, with initial deadlines starting in June. By February 28, 2016, PETA judges and a carnivorous panel will taste the different meat cultures to determine if there are any winners.

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