May Catering Ideas

It’s finally warm outside. Get your office excited about Ice Cream Socials, Healthy Fruit Pop Bars, Mother’s Day Brunch for Lunch, office birthday parties and delicious fall-off-the-bone BBQ. Take a look at the menus & contact us at for any orders!

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5 Popular Food Costumes

By Chris Chen911575113801413292

It’s that fun time of year when people of all ages dress up! Whether it’s for trick-or-treating or partying or even maybe just staying at home to scare anyone that rings your doorbell.

You’re never too old or too young to have some fun disguises!

Here are some popular food ones:



The Hot Dog


For your Halloweiner party, be the center of attention! Go relish in the moment of glory.

Don’t want to be the only dog?  Don’t worry your home dog will be with you.




The Banana


This appealing costume will have you going bananas.

Best part is you can dress your whole family and go as a bunch.



Peanut Butter & Jelly


For the couples out there, what doesn’t stick together better than a PB&J?

Let people know who your other half is.



Bacon & Eggs


Another couples’ costume.

Wake up in the morning and be the best duo there is.





 What better than pizza, one of the daily things we eat, whether on the go or even watching sports!


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Scare People With Your Food!

By Chris Chen


Halloween is just around the corner, which means frightening parties and delicious treats. Scare your guests with some Halloween addons!
Here are 5 tips on how to make your food spookier:


 1. Add dry ice to your drinks~mistystix-645x387

 Dry ice provides a haunting effect of clouds, puffs of smoke that will spill over the edge for that creepy feel. It also keeps the drinks cool as ice should. Be cautious when handling the ice as it can cause burns/frostbites.


2. What screams blood better than some ketchup!

 Maybe ketchup doesn’t have that deep dark color that blood has or it’s too thick but that’s no problem at all. Mix ketchup with some water and corn syrup to fix the consistency of the ketchup and adding some drop of red food coloring can do the trick for this bloody mess.


3. The insect we all despise, cockroaches.

Decorate your sweet treats or top off the cakes with these crawly creatures. To make a creepy crawler, you’ll need some dates, walnuts or almonds, cream cheese and scallions tops. Stuff the date with some creamed cheese and chopped almonds or walnuts for the crunch! Use the scallion tops to poke in for the antennae.


4. Insert sweet shards of glass.enhanced-buzz-578-1381308642-5It’s really simple to make, all you need is some granulated sugar and water. Bring the two to a boil in a pot, when the sugar dissolves, pour the liquid into a baking sheet and tilt it to fill the pan. Let it rest and harden. After it has cooled twist the sheet and break in any shape. Do warn your guests before eating, we wouldn’t want any blood or broken teeth.


5. How about some worms? Worm-Sammy-from-Our-Best-BitesJust slice hot dogs and drop them into boiling water to cook, so they have a curl factor. You can throw them into sandwiches and top them with some BBQ sauce. If you don’t like them in a sandwich form no worries, throw them into some chili to resemble dirt.

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 DailyFoodtoEat is the official blog of FoodtoEat, a socially conscious online food ordering and concierge catering service featuring your favorite restaurants, food trucks and caterers. Check out the deliciousness here: