Happy National Hot Dog Day! | Papaya King

By Danielle Bimston

Looking for some of the best hot dogs New York City has to offer? Check out our friends at Papaya King. Identifying themselves with the motto “accept no imitations”, this hot dog heaven is bringing you classic, one-of-a-kind franks and delicious tropical drinks.

IMG_0088Started back in 1931 by a Greek immigrant striving to pursue the American Dream, Papaya King began as a juice bar called Tropical Hawaiian Drinks.  Owner, Gus Poulos, opened the stand to express his passion for blending up fresh, fruity drinks.  However, not everybody in NYC had the same love for juice that Gus did right away.  It took time, but eventually, Gus’s juice bar began to take off.  However, it was when Gus married a young German woman and began serving frankfurters at his joint that Papaya King was put on the map. New Yorkers fell in love with Gus’s refreshing juices and savory hot dogs.

IMG_0054Today, Papaya King is still keeping things as classic as they can; serving quality franks and delicious drinks to happy and loyal customers.  And, they’re being noticed for their efforts—Julia Child said that Papaya King serves the “best hot dogs in New York” and Martha Stewart named them one of her “guilty pleasures.”

IMG_0005It’s quite obvious that the magic that made Papaya King such a hit in the first place is still as present as ever. They’re still serving up classic Franks with toppings such as chili, cheese, and peppers as well as All Beef Sausages with coleslaw & pickles and Sautéed Onions & Peppers with Chili.  Plus, they still have all of their amazing tropical drinks to try such as Papaya Pride or Banana Daiquiri.

IMG_0038We’re sure that no matter what you try at Papaya King, it’ll bring you back to old school New York City.  And, if you want to bring the family oriented, welcoming Papaya King vibe to the office, take advantage of our catering options.  Celebrate #NationalHotDogDay right with the best hot dogs around from this amazing restaurant.

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Scare People With Your Food!

By Chris Chen


Halloween is just around the corner, which means frightening parties and delicious treats. Scare your guests with some Halloween addons!
Here are 5 tips on how to make your food spookier:


 1. Add dry ice to your drinks~mistystix-645x387

 Dry ice provides a haunting effect of clouds, puffs of smoke that will spill over the edge for that creepy feel. It also keeps the drinks cool as ice should. Be cautious when handling the ice as it can cause burns/frostbites.


2. What screams blood better than some ketchup!

 Maybe ketchup doesn’t have that deep dark color that blood has or it’s too thick but that’s no problem at all. Mix ketchup with some water and corn syrup to fix the consistency of the ketchup and adding some drop of red food coloring can do the trick for this bloody mess.


3. The insect we all despise, cockroaches.

Decorate your sweet treats or top off the cakes with these crawly creatures. To make a creepy crawler, you’ll need some dates, walnuts or almonds, cream cheese and scallions tops. Stuff the date with some creamed cheese and chopped almonds or walnuts for the crunch! Use the scallion tops to poke in for the antennae.


4. Insert sweet shards of glass.enhanced-buzz-578-1381308642-5It’s really simple to make, all you need is some granulated sugar and water. Bring the two to a boil in a pot, when the sugar dissolves, pour the liquid into a baking sheet and tilt it to fill the pan. Let it rest and harden. After it has cooled twist the sheet and break in any shape. Do warn your guests before eating, we wouldn’t want any blood or broken teeth.


5. How about some worms? Worm-Sammy-from-Our-Best-BitesJust slice hot dogs and drop them into boiling water to cook, so they have a curl factor. You can throw them into sandwiches and top them with some BBQ sauce. If you don’t like them in a sandwich form no worries, throw them into some chili to resemble dirt.

Show us your spooky creations via our social media:


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Getting to Know Sara Monica, The Small Chick

By Debra Liu

A few weeks ago, I got to chat with Sara Monica, The Small Chick behind the blog, Small Chick Big Deals (SCBD), a lifestyle guide to deals in food, fashion, beauty, fitness and more. She started the blog 2 years ago writing only about food deals, but now the blog covers a variety of many spaces and interests. If you haven’t yet done so, please check out her blog!

Sara Monica
Sara Monica

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sara currently lives in the Jersey area but is constantly traveling to NYC. With a background in Public Relations, Sara has worked for shows like The Rachel Ray Show.  According to Sara, it was during her time at The Rachel Ray Show that she really got to learn about the city and fell in love with it. “I was also able to learn a lot about cooking,” says Sara.

A woman of many talents, in addition to running her blog, Sara also has a day job working as a Brand Manager in the marketing industry. She has an amazing team of writers and interns who are constantly creating and publishing new and interesting content on SCBD. What she loves most about SCBD is being able to share her knowledge and experiences with everyone.

One of her favorite NYC restaurants is Daniel Boulud’s DBGB. “It’s pretty affordable and the food is amazing…I was just impressed with the quality of the food.” Her favorite item at DBGB is is the DBGB Dog, which is a housemade beef weiner topped with sautéed onion, mustard, ketchup, and “299” relish.

Sara is super passionate about her blog and highly encourages those who are interested in starting their own blog to “definitely go for it. If you’re even thinking about it, if you have a good concept and good theme or idea, just do it. There’s nothing you could lose.”

DBGB Dog | Photo Credit: Serious Eats
DBGB Dog | Photo Credit: Robyn Lee, Serious Eats

In her spare time, she likes to read and watch movies. According to Sara, “If I could go on vacation more, I probably would. That’s been one of my goals for the website, is to do more travel pieces and to see what’s out there.”

We look forward to having Sara guest blog on DailyFoodtoEat – we can’t wait to have her voice behind some of the awesome food deals she has exclusive access to!

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Stadium Food

By: Parth Mukhi

Food & Baseball. Arguably two of the most popular things in all of New York. Put these two together, and now you have a fun evening. Yankee Stadium & Citi Field live up to the New York hype by having some of the best ballpark food in all of Major League Baseball.

The main ballpark food is uniform throughout the League. Peanuts, Cracker Jack, and Hot Dogs still reign deep in the average baseball fan’s heart. However, baseball stadiums have become more than just about baseball. Teams have become better equipped at providing more forms of entertainment for the the fans. This includes restaurants. Especially in New York, where food is of the widest variety, both the Mets & the Yankees have filled their stadiums corner to corner with great restaurants and food stands.


Personally, certain restaurants at one stadium have more to offer than certain restaurants at the other. A main attraction for Yankee Stadium is the Hard Rock Cafe. While the standouts at Citi Field are Shake Shack & Blue Smoke. Both have the usual Carvel Ice Cream and Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, in stands and with vendors walking around the stadium.

Shake Shack is one of the more popular locations at Citi Field. Have fun missing an inning or two, though, if you decide to wait in that extensive line. What disappointed me the most, after that long wait, were the portion sizes. The milkshake was only offered in one small cup. No complaints about the taste of anything, though. The Shack Burger definitely helped ease the pain from the wait, and the shake, though small, was served in a wide cup. All in all, Shake Shack is a very decent part of the Citi Field experience.

Lines on Lines on Lines

The Hard Rock Cafe at Yankee Stadium is open year round, and offers several attractions for fans. Aside from the food, there is a collection of memorabilia specifically focused on New York based musicians. The restaurant is made up of 12 flat screen TVs, most of them playing the game at hand. A downside to my visit to the Hard Rock Cafe was missing that in game experience. Though the 12 TVs are convenient, something about sitting there and watching the game on TV, while you’re in the stadium, makes you feel like you just paid $125 per ticket to sit at the Hard Rock Cafe, eat okay food, and watch a television. It’s preferable to go there either on a non-game day, or during pre or post game.

Baseball games wouldn’t be the same without hearing, “Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs! Get your Hot Dog’s here!” Nathan’s Famous is pretty uniform for both Yankee Stadium & Citi Field, except for one important difference. The foot-long hot dog. Yankee Stadium has it. Citi Field does not. Nathan’s doesn’t serve this hot dog in any other MLB park. In fact, Yankee Stadium is somewhat famous for it. Image

Located right next to Shake Shack is the New York BBQ movement: Blue Smoke. Unlike Shake Shack, however, you won’t miss as much of the game in this line. I was in & out with my Chipotle BBQ Wings & Sierra Mist in 5 minutes. The cup sizes were around the same size they were at Shake Shack, so you do end up buying another drink later on. On the other hand, the wings were incredible. If you’re like me, and actually want more flavor on the wings, get two of the blue cheese cartons they offer. Though the vendor did seem confusingly upset when I asked him for a second.

Wings in Centerfield a.k.a. Angels in the Outfield

If you ever attend a game at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field, definitely check these spots and judge for yourself. When attending the game, you’ll want the full experience, along with everything the stadium has to offer. Just going to the game isn’t enough anymore.

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