a free christmas treeIf you happen to not have a dinner being prepared for your royal indulgences this Christmas Eve, here are some suggestions for all you hard at work preparing those ten year plans.  This is our list of the traditional and some new and tantalizing feasts to be had this season.

So cool down those engines and fire up the burners and get ready for a happy merry feast for all.


aquavitThey have a ‘Christmas plate’ choc-full of Herring, Vasterbotten, Swedish Meatballs and a traditional Christmas Ham.  Risalamande – a particularly Danish Christmas almond rice pudding is being offered and shouldn’t be missed.

This can be enjoyed anyday of the week except for Saturday and Sunday.

65 East 55th Street 212-307-7311


escaTheir renowned chef plans his dinner every afternoon at 4pm, however, their Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes is going to be preplanned for a whole five days! So get excited, this place knows the oceans inhabitants and how to cook ‘em! (count 52 dinner options) Oh yeah, expect a steep bill

W. 43rd St., 212-564-7272



left_hearth_01They are seasoned veterans of the beloved Feast of the Seven Fishes, so if you feel like having something a wee bit more ‘stick your bones’ and Italian prepare to shell out a worthy 92 dollars – hell it may be worth the extravagance.

403 E 12th St, New York, NY 10009 (646) 602-1300



back west forty diningA Jewish-Chinese dinner is being put together here. Sounds special and were definitely excited about more than the steamed star anise pork buns or the tea smoked duck.  It’s the Chocolate Babka with the Vanilla Ice cream that seems to be wooing us from this champion of a menu.

70 Prince St. @ Crosby St. (212) 219-8570

fatty-cue-wvIf you can hear your Grill compelling you to host another one your mid-winter BBQ bashes, then this place is for you.  Seriously, their Christmas Eve southern BBQ is being served by the half pound, at $18 for a half pound of pulled pork or $14 for a half pound of rib along with an enormous list of sides they might as well call this the “Return of the turkey Gobble 2.” So strap on those boots and take a little hike to good old BK or get on down to the Westside on that trusty yellow sleigh and chow down.

91 South Sixth St. Brooklyn, NY 11249 (718) 599-3090

50 Carmine St (bet. Bleecker & Bedford) (212) 929-5050


pioraClassic American is what’s going on at this fusion joint – Christmas Goose with Caramelized chestnuts, Barley and Thumbelina carrot. Top that off with an egg nog and your set.  By the way, just in case you happen to be making plans for a single dinner don’t make reservations from their website just call them and let them know.

 430 HUDSON ST (212) 960-3801


3-hangawi-vegetarianSTONE BOWL STONE BOWL STONE BOWL. If you haven’t been here before then Christmas might be a good time to sample their Prix Fixe menu.  It’s an exciting mix of Porridge, Kabocha pumpkin croquettes and vermicelli noodles – WHOA.  Oh yeah its all Vegan, so eat up.

12 E 32nd St (212) 213-0077

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5 DIY Foods That Can Play Double-Duty as Really Cool Gifts

By Jane Poretsky & Debra Liu

from me to youFinding the perfect presents for your friends and family can be tough (and expensive!). This year, why not save some of your hard earned money and make some delicious presents yourself? Handcrafted gifts made with love will make your mother proud. Here are some great gift ideas:

(1) Swirled Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Bark
Chocolate Bark

Ingredients: 12 oz each: white chocolate, dark chocolate, sprinkles of your choice (we used red ones),3-5 drops of red food coloring, 1 tsp mint extract (optional for peppermint flavored bark)


  1. Prepare a double-boiler to melt the chocolate.
  2. Separate white chocolate in half, and then put each half (6oz) into a small heat-proof bowl. Pour the dark chocolate in another bowl.
  3. Melt each bowl of chocolate over the double boiler or in the microwave (30 second increments, mixing in between).
  4. Add red food coloring and mint extract(if using) to one bowl of white chocolate.
  5. Pour the dark chocolate as a base onto a parchment-lined baking sheet that is relatively flat with short edges. We used a Pyrex in our video but it made removal more challenging. Use a thin spatula or the back of a spoon to spread out the dark chocolate base. It should be about 1/4 inch thick.
  6. Next add the white chocolate, and spread it thin. Be careful not to overspread so it stays white. Finally, pour pink chocolate over and repeat the same process. Use a fork to swirl all the chocolate together. Make sure the thickness does not exceed 1/2 of an inch, or else it won’t break apart. You need a large baking tray. If you are using something that is fairly small (8X13), you can halve the recipe.
  7. Sprinkle the chocolate with red sprinkles or desired toppings (dried fruits, nuts, etc) and set in the fridge until it has firmly set. This usually takes about 30-60 minutes.
  8. Once it has fully cooled, remove the chocolate from the fridge and break it apart into jagged pieces. Enjoy!
  9. To gift this bark, place it into a nice cellophane bag and tie with festively colored ribbons. Voila!

We’ll be posting a video on how to make Chocolate Bark soon so be on the look out!

(2) Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles (Photo Credit: Food Network)
Chocolate Truffles (Photo Credit: Food Network)

Ingredients: 11 oz bittersweet chocolate (I like Valrhona), 2/3 cup heavy cream, cocoa powder for dusting (use high-quality dutch processed)


  1. Chop the chocolate and place it into a large, heatproof bowl.
  2. Bring cream to a boil and pour over the chocolate.
  3. Stir with a whisk in concentric circles until the ganache is smooth and lump-free.
  4. Let the mixture stand until it has come to room temperature. Use a spoon or mini ice cream scooper to take out small rounds of the hardened ganache. Wearing latex gloves, rub it briefly between your hands to form a small ball. Do this until there is no more chocolate.
  5. Lay the chocolate truffles on a large, clean surface and use a sifter to dust cocoa powder over them.
  6. Keep them in the fridge for up to two weeks, although we know they won’t last that long outside of your mouth!
  7. For gifting, we recommend placing the truffles in a single layer, in a pretty tin. Make sure to line the bottom with some sort of tissue or waxy parchment paper.

(3) Chai Tea Mix in a Jar

Chai Tea Mix in a Jar
Chai Tea Mix in a Jar (Photo: Myrecipes.com)

Ingredients: 1 cup non-fat dry milk powder, 1 cup non-dairy powdered coffee creamer, 1 1/2 cups french vanilla non-dairy coffee creamer, 1 cup sugar, 2 cups unsweetened instant tea, 2 teaspoons ginger, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 1 teaspoon clove, 1 teaspoon clove, 1 teaspoon cardamon, 1 teaspoon nutmeg,  1 teaspoon allspice


  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a blender.
  2. Put in jar. Decorate jar with ribbons and tags.
  3. Now, go give to your friends!

(4) Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar

Cookie Mix in a Mason Jar (Photo: Putitinajar.com)

Ingredients: 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour, 3/4 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 1/2 cups (9 ounces) Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels, 3/4 cup packed brown sugar, 1/2 cup granulated sugar


  1. Combine flour, baking soda and salt in small bowl.
  2. Place flour mixture in 1-quart jar. Layer remaining ingredients in order listed above, pressing firmly after each layer.
  3. Seal with lid and decorate with fabric and ribbon. Now, give to your friends!
  4. Attach this RECIPE to the jar:  Preheat oven to 375° F. Beat 1 1/2 sticks of softened butter, 1 large egg and 3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract in large mixer bowl until blended. Add cookie mix and mix well, breaking up any clumps. Drop by rounded tablespoon onto ungreased baking sheets. Bake for 9 – 11 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes. Makes about 2 dozen cookies.

(5) Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract
Homemade Vanilla Extract (Photo: reclaimingprovincial.com)

Ingredients: 5 whole vanilla beans, any type of alcohol (vodka is most common but bourbon, run or brandy can also be used), glass jar or bottle with cap. (Ratio: about 5 beans per 1 cup of alcohol)


  1. Split the beans lengthwise and place into bottle, pour enough alcohol to cover beans.
  2. Close jar/bottle and store in a cool, dry place for at least 8 weeks. Shake the bottle, at least once per week.
  3. To give as gift, you can add a ribbon to it!

Are you ready to make some awesome handmade presents that your friends and family will absolutely adore? Yeah, you are. Let us know how people like ’em!

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By Debra Liu

It’s hard to be a food truck in the winter! We’re here to help make sure food trucks survive the winter so they can feed you throughout the rest of the year.

Support the small restaurants and food trucks who are hit hard by the cold winter months by ordering through FoodtoEat. You can still stay warm and get delicious food truck food despite the cold by preordering online and picking up to #SkipTheLine.

12 Days of Food TrucksFoodtoEat’s 12 Days of Food Trucks holiday countdown will highlight some of our amazing Food Truck partners. And the best part is, we get to hear from you! How well do YOU know your food truck food?

We’ll post a food photo from one of our food trucks every weekday from December 6, 2013 through December 23, 2013 via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (don’t forget to follow us @FoodtoEat!). You then respond with the name of the food truck you think the food is from, and if you guess correctly, we’ll send you a promo code ranging from 10-25% off your next food order. Best part is, you can play every day for 12 days!

At the end of each day, we’ll update this post to include the Food Truck of the Day. By the twelfth day, all 12 food trucks will be featured in this blog post!

December 6, 2013, Day 1: Uncle Gussy’s

Combo Platter from Uncle Gussy's
Combo Platter from Uncle Gussy’s

Uncle Gussy’s Food Truck serves fresh, authentic, delicious Greek platters and combos. Be sure to check them out on 51st street and Park avenue! If you want to order from Uncle Gussy’s for delivery or so you can #SkiptheLine, click here: Order Now

December 9, 2013, Day 2: Neapolitan Express

di PARMA D.O.P. Neapolitan Express
di PARMA D.O.P. pizza from Neapolitan Express

The Neapolitan Express pizza food truck not only serves delicious Neapolitan-style pizza made famous by legendary chef Raffaele Esposito, but this mobile pizzeria is also solely run on Compressed Natural Gas and Solar Power, which makes it the food truck with the lowest carbon footprint in the nation. Check out their menu and feel environmentally good about pre-ordering your mouthwatering pizza today: Order Now

December 10, 2013, Day 3: Sweet Chili Food Truck

Bean Sprout Salad from Sweet Chili Food Truck
Bean Sprout Salad from Sweet Chili Food Truck

The Sweet Chili Food Truck is the brain child of Chef Lisa Fernandes, a Top Chef finalist in season 4, Chicago. The truck creates delicious Thai-Vietnamese fusion food. With offerings like Miso Glazed Silken Tofu and Honey Chili Pork, you can’t help but get addicted to the food. Their truck, named Betty White, is set to retire soon so Sweet Chili has started a kickstarter campaign to fund her replacement – make a pledge today. They also do catering – contact us at info@foodtoeat.com if you would like to have them cater your next office meeting or party. And don’t forget, you can pre0rder from Sweet Chili to #SkiptheLine!

December 11, 2013, Day 4: Milk Truck

Grilled Cheese from Milk Truck NYC
Grilled Cheese from Milk Truck NYC

The Milk Truck got its start in 2010 at the indoor Brooklyn Flea and since then has been serving mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwiches, soups, salads, mac & cheese and even milkshakes to hungry New Yorkers all over the city. If you haven’t tried the Milk Truck Classic grilled cheese made with Aged Wisconsin Gruyere and caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms as optional add-ons, you haven’t tried a real grilled cheese yet. They make every sandwich by order, from hand. Remember, you can always preorder your grilled cheese from Milk Truck on foodtoeat.com!

December 12, 2013, Day 5: Nuchas

Empanada from Nuchas
Empanada from Nuchas

Nuchas is much more than just empanadas; this food truck goes beyond the traditional meat and cheese filled empanadas by combining unique and innovative flavors. They offer empanadas in assorted dough varieties including rosemary, parmesan and spinach. A food truck that will satisfy everyone’s desires, Nuchas has delicious food for veggie-lovers and meat-lovers alike. They have 4 meat empanadas including short rib, which is a slow braised meat empanada with onions, peppers & fresh herbs on a rosemary dough. For vegetarians, they have 3 flavors including a shiitake curry empanada. And let’s not forget the sweet empanada – perfect for dessert on-the-go – which is filled with granny smith apples, cranberries, pear, nutella and chocolate in a white almond dough. Doesn’t this all sound amazing? Preorder here: Order Now

December 13, 2013, Day 6: Valducci’s Food Truck

Pizza from Valducci's Mobile Pizzeria
Pizza from Valducci’s Mobile Pizzeria

An offshoot of a Staten Island pizza place, Valducci’s Original Food Truck serves delicious pizza. Specialty pies include vodka pie, meatball & ricotta pie, Sicilian oreganata and a white pie. They also offer a meatball sandwich made on homemade semolina bread and a parm sandwich. You can preorder with FoodtoEat for a quick pick-up: Preorder Now

December 16, 2013, Day 7: Palenque Food Truck

Costena Arepa from Palenque Food Truck
Costena Arepa from Palenque Food Truck

The Palenque Food Truck, founded by two Colombian women, offers gourmet homemade Colombian food made using the finest and freshest ingredients. They serve arepas, which are a bread patty made from corn and water. But they also have non-traditional arepas made from quinoa and arepas made from brown rice. You can choose your toppings: beef, chicken, shrimp, portobella mushrooms, organic vegan Italian chorizo and many others. If you haven’t had a chance to try their arepas, you must do so!

December 17, 2013, Day 8: Big D’s Grub Truck

Spicy Chicken Grinder from Big D's Grub
Spicy Chicken Grinder from Big D’s Grub

Did you know Big D’s name is Dennis? Growing up in Queens, New York, Big D was highly influenced by the diversity of food and flavors around him. Big D’s Grub Truck offers a fusion of food with bold flavors for breakfast and lunch. The breakfast menu includes Spanish Omelettes and Jalapeno corn cakes. For lunch, there’s tacos, grinders and platters, with your choice of bulgogi spicy pork, ginger chicken, or spicy chicken. And the sides are delicious too: pork and chive dumplings, crispy delicious yuca fries, and old bay or sazon flavored fries. Get some Big D’s Grub today: Preorder now!

December 18, 2013, Day 9: Mexico Blvd

Torta Pastor_Mexico Blvd
Torta Pastor from Mexico Blvd Food Truck

Mexico Blvd Food Truck’s motto is “Eat, Enjoy, Come Back” and that’s truly what everyone does after they’ve tried their scrumptious food. They have tacos and tortas and you get to choose your own meat: adobo (a slow roasted pork loin), pastor (marinated pork tenderloin), tinga (organic white meat chicken in chipotle and tomato sauce), and bistec (top round steak in drunken beer and chile sauce). For the vegetarians out there, they offer an avocado torta, crispy quesadillas and potato & black bean flautas.

December 19, 2013, Day 10: Bian Dang

Pork Chop over Rice with Tea Egg from Bian Dang Truck
Pork Chop over Rice with Tea Egg from Bian Dang Truck

The recipes for Bian Dang’s delicious offerings are a family recipe, passed down from the founders, Diana and Thomas Yang’s grandmother. The most popular items are the Fried Pork Chop over Jasmine Rice and the Fried Chicken over Rice with pickled mustard greens and their famous minced pork sauce. They also sell Tea Eggs, hard boiled eggs infused with black tea leaves, spices and soy sauce. They’re usually parked on 53rd Street between Park and Lexington Avenue, Monday through Friday from 11:30am – 2:30 pm. If you’re in the area and craving some pork chop, you can always preorder on FoodtoEat.com to #SkipTheLine!

December 20, 2013, Day 11: Fun Buns

Beef Shank Bun from Fun Buns
Beef Shank Bun from Fun Buns

Fun Buns is a cart that serves Taiwanese-style buns filled with meat and veggies. The braised pork belly bun is slow-cooked with Taiwanese spices and topped with picked mustard greens, crushed peanuts and cilantro. The spicy beef shank bun is similar but the meat is stewed with star anise, cinnamon and cloves. The chicken curried bun is made with a light curry. You can get each bun for $3. They also offer combo deals; for $9, you can get 2 buns with chips and a drink. To #SkiptheLine, preorder here: Order Now!

December 23, 2013, Day 12: Wing’n It

Wings and Mac & Cheese from Wing'n It Food Truck
Wings and Mac & Cheese from Wing’n It Food Truck

Wing’n It is NYC’s first and only chicken wing food truck. They have grilled, baked, fried and steamed chicken wings with 6 different types of sauces listed (one sauce is called Apricot Maple Whiskey!). They have a few sides including Mac & Cheese, Wing’n Tots and Fried Rice – and even some breakfast items! Next time you have a wing craving, check out the Wing’n It truck for your chicken wings fix!

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3 Easy, Awesome, and Lazy Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

By Debra Liu

It’s December, which means a few things are inevitable: snow (maybe even a blizzard), the holidays (yes, gifts!), New Year’s (oh the resolutions) and freezing our butts off (not so fun). Unfortunately, the first three things are completely out of our control, but thankfully, we CAN help you prevent frostbite. Here are some of FoodtoEat’s tricks for staying warm and cozy this winter:

(1) Order in food from your favorite restaurants 

Pasta from Radicchio Pasta & Risotto

The great thing about ordering food delivered to your door is that you don’t have to go outside. The less time you spend outside, the warmer you’ll be. We’re GENIUSES. Also, it’s COLD outside and it might be snowing, which makes it dangerous to travel. When you order your food, you’ll stay warm, save travel time and save money (no 20% tip)!

(2) Eat hot foods and drink hot beverages. 

vegetable pho
Vegetable Pho

Seriously, any food that has been heated…like noodle soup. Yogurt doesn’t count. Neither does cold pizza. Now, if you ordered a piping hot pizza with ooey gooey melted cheese, that would do the trick! Trust me, noodle soup like pho usually hits the spot. Hot foods will warm you right up and also, make your stomach super happy.

(3) Skip food truck lines by pre-ordering online first with FoodtoEat 

Uncle Gussy
Uncle Gussy’s Food Truck (uhhh yeah you definitely want to avoid that line in the winter)

The saddest, more depressing thing about winter is having to wait in line for food at your favorite food truck, all the while, feeling your limbs go numb from the cold. Well, lucky you, if you order online first through FoodtoEat, you can skip the line and pick up your food when you want it. No hassle, no waiting, and most importantly, no freezing. #SkipTheLine

If you stick to these three super easy ways to stay warm, you’ll definitely avoid the ice, ice, baby.

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Drink, Eat and Drink Some More. It’s Thanksgiving!


“The culprit”

Celebracione! Let’s do it up this Thanksgiving with some hardcore Mexican action! This is sure to make you run through the memories of spring break ’09 and start working on the next batch (hint- STRENGTH in numbers)

Heres the recipe:



Cafe brulot
The french invasion

Ok, so this is a French edition of spiced coffee (warning: for adults). The recipe has a warm and soothing ingredient list…amazing as a pick me up.  Give it a try this season, who knows you might keep it in the family recipe bin for years to come.



This is a simple recipe and has just the right amount of spice to kick start your night or uplift your moral after you’ve stuffed the last piece of pie in your face.


  1. 4 Tea bags – we recommend a strong blend (red label or Tetley works just fine)
  2. 3 tablespoons of sugar or sweetener of choice.
  3. 4 cups of water
  4. 2 whole cardamom pods, opened and de-pitted.
  5. a small thumb of ginger (literally the size of your thumb – unless youre andre the giant then a half a thumb works)
  6. ½ cup of milk – if you want it creamier than use  more milk


  1. Get the water to a boil and seep the tea bags in the water according to your preference of strength.
  2. Add cardamom and let it simmer for about 3-4 minutes. Then add the ginger.
  3. Add milk and bring to a boil. Just be careful to not have the tea spill over the edge of the pot onto the stove – it will happen quick after you get it to a rolling boil – to avoid a huge mess.
  4. Serves around four people.
The Sweetheart

If you like your tea a little spicier go ahead and add a few cloves or a stick of cinnamon after you seep your tea  bags.


  1. 1 pint of vanilla bean ice cream
  2. 2/3 cup of whole milk
  3. 1 tsp. Vanilla extract
  4. 1 tbls honey/agave
  5. 1 frozen banana
  6. 3 large chocolate chip cookies. keep some crumbled chocolate chips on the side.
  7. 4 tbsp of marshmallow fluff
  8. 2 toasted marshmallows (to top off the milkshakes)
choco chip milkshake
The Yumminator!

Put it in a blender and press on.  When finished, set a toasted marshmallow right on top and the crumbled cookies.  Serve immediately.

For those that prefer alcohol in their drinks, just remember the golden rule: Kahlua.




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The FoodtoEat Team is Grateful For Mashed Potatoes, Fall Leaves, Family and More…

Thanksgiving is definitely one of our favorite holidays here at FoodtoEat. Mostly because it’s celebrated by bringing family and friends together over delicious, comforting, elastic waistline stretching food. Meet the FoodtoEat team and find out what our favorite Thanksgiving foods and memories are. We want to hear yours too – comment below! 
Deepti’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Stuffing
Deepti Sharma Kapur, Founder & CEO
Deepti Sharma Kapur
On Thanksgiving, Deepti is known for making delicious mashed potatoes and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. She is grateful for her family, friends and the team at FoodtoEat.  Also, fall leaves make her super happy. “Abhinav’s family does Thanksgiving at their house every year. Waking up at 7am and cooking with his mum and sister all day is probably one of my favorite things ever,” Deepti says.
Diana’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Mashed Potatoes
Diana Truong, Director of Operations
Diana Truong
“So simple, but so delicious. I can eat my family’s homemade mash all day long,” Diana says. She’s famous for making really yummy deviled eggs. One of her best memories of Thanksgiving as a child was going around the table with her whole extended family and saying what each person was thankful for. “It was always really silly or really sweet,” Diana recalls. She’s grateful that Thanksgiving brings people together.
Alex’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Turducken
Alex Reiss, Catering Coordinator
Alex Reiss
“Turducken! Turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken- it’s a Texas favorite,” says Alex, who hails from Houston. She is known for making a scrumptious stuffing every Thanksgiving. Her favorite holiday memory is when her mom let the family dog (a maltese!) sit at the table during dinner. She’s incredibly grateful for having parents who have supported her move to NYC post-college. She’s loving her new life and her new job. “I feel very fortunate to actually enjoy the company of my coworkers and look forward to coming into the office with my team everyday,” Alex says.
Ashwin’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: To Be Determined
Ashwin Hamal
Ashwin Hamal
Ashwin hasn’t had a chance to have a real Thanksgiving yet (don’t worry – we plan to make sure he does!). He really likes Japanese food though. He’s (in)famous for making an amazing hot sauce. He remembers his first Thanksgiving: “Freshman year in college dorm. Two months into the US. The whole town left for home. Didn’t see a face for 2 days straight and was feeding off of 50 cent ramen from a nearby 7-11.” Ashwin is grateful that he’s come a long way since those ramen-eating days.
Pinky’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Corn/Stuffing
Prisuja Nepali Rajak
Pinky had her first Thanksgiving last year with her old roomies and had a great time. “Last year was my first Thanksgiving that I celebrated in American style, and I made brownies. Everyone ate it, so I guess it was good,” she says. She is grateful to be around the best people on Earth. She says the Team is awesome and obviously, we think Pinky is really awesome too!
Div’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Post-Thanksgiving Sandwiches
Divaker Sharma
Divaker Sharma
In addition to post-Thanksgiving sandwiches, Div loves Thanksgiving sides including candied yam, mashed potatoes with gravy and really buttery corn on the cob. Back in college, he was in charge of making the turkey, but now he dreams of baking pecan pies (we’ll be the taste testers). He thinks making hand Turkeys in kindergarten was awesome and totally wants the entire team to make them now. He’s incredibly thankful for “having a wonderful family and a few close friends to share my problems with and the American farmer for bringing delicious produce to my table.”
Debra’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Stuffed Mushrooms
Debra Liu, Marketing & Social Media Intern
Debra Liu
Debra’s a big fan of trying new recipes for Thanksgiving. Last year, she made Baltimore-style lump crab cakes and a poached pear almond tart. Her favorite memory is that of when she was little and she, along with her siblings and cousins would play hide-and-seek after eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Now that they’re all much older, running around has become laying around in a food-induced coma. Debra is grateful for how lucky she’s been to have had all the opportunities she’s had in her life!
Now it’s your turn! Tell us your favorite Thanksgiving memory and what you’re most grateful for – comment below!
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Be Smart Be Safe.

black baby in pumpkin

Halloween season is our favorite, why? Umm, the possibility of getting tricked or treated is always our prerogative.  Which is why we think it’s important to keep safe and smart during the festivities.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends particular guidelines and these are our favorites:

  1. When shopping for costumes, wigs and accessories look for and purchase those with a label clearly indicating they are flame resistant.
  2. If a sword, cane, or stick is a part of your child’s costume, make sure it is not sharp or too long. A child may be easily hurt by these accessories if he stumbles or trips.
  3. To keep homes safe for visiting trick-or-treaters, parents should remove from the porch and front yard anything a child could trip over such as garden hoses, toys, bikes and lawn decorations.
  4. Candlelit pumpkins should be placed on a sturdy table, away from curtains and other flammable objects, and should never be left unattended
  5. Restrain pets so they do not inadvertently jump on or bite a trick-or-treater.
  6. Only go to homes with a porch light on and never enter a home or car for a treat.
  7. A good meal prior to parties and trick-or-treating will discourage youngsters from filling up on Halloween treats.
  8. Stay in a group and communicate where they will be going. Remain on well-lit streets and always use the sidewalk. Always know where your kids are going to be.

white baby in pumpkin

Here are some of our own suggestions for Halloween and for life:

  1. Don’t wait on lines; it’s easier to get eaten by mini zombies
  2. Wait till you get home to eat your boootiful bounty, arrr matey!
  3. Don’t forget to share; showing love to your fellow ghouls is always the right thing to do.

For more information, check out these really important safety guidelines:


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