Make A Resolution this 2014: I WILL HAVE BRUNCH!

new years 2014Aaahh, New Years, New Years sweet Ol’ New Years, why don’t you have a beloved harbinger of thy message of change and renewal! Yes, we would all agree Moet and Ciroc would be fitting but we think its time to grow up and throw some fancy savories around instead; anyone for tossing back a few tapas waltzing their way around a table, eventually to be devoured and scarfed down with a similar but more concentrated and explosive love then the chef who marvelously put it together?  Read on. Here’s our list of some new and some classic choices for the day after the Eve of 2014 brunch, breakfast or what have you.

Esperanto (

Get the fruit bowls if your up for that kind of thing. Otherwise a real recommendation from us would be the Feijoada (Brazilian Pork and bean stew with rice).

Coffee (which apparently is better than good) and drinks (mimosa’s, bloody mary’s,  screwdrivers) are included, however the brazilian favorite would be the Caipirinha at $40 a pitcher.

By the way, they will have live music playing ‘from romantic Boleros and Bossa-Nova to upbeat Rumba and Salsa’ so be prepared.

Norma’s (

Well this place is a little out of the way on most days but we would still recommend touristy lobby pictures with the shrimp frittata and the mimosas, oh yeah the caramelized chocolate banana waffle napoleon sounds and looks just as amazing as anything else.

Just a little heads up Norma’s does complicated real well and if your looking for something a little more familiar then they do have a scrambled egg and bacon breakfast quesadilla along with an assortment of fine French toast selections and a Norma’s super blueberry pancake – YES!

BBKING’S Club and Grill (

Get on line folks! It’s the Harlem Gospel Choir ready to bring good vibes and the word of ‘Love and inspiration’ to your hearts and souls!!  After you get the message through and through, try and remember the buffet menu (If you can recite it perfectly we’ll hook you and a friend up with dinner somewhere nice):

-Scrambled eggs
-Smoked bacon & sausage
-Cinnamon brown sugar French toast
-Aged cheddar baked macaroni & cheese
-Baked beans & smoked bacon
-Sliced baked yams w/ pecans & maple syrup
-South Carolina grits
-Classic Caesar salad w/ garlic croutons & shaved Parmesan
-Vegetarian pasta salad w/ basil & olive oil
-Cornmeal-crusted catfish w/ tartar sauce
-Shrimp & andouille sausage jambalaya
-Mild chicken wings w/ blue cheese dressing
-BBQ chicken w/ Memphis-style sauce
-Fresh fruit salad
-Mini bagels w/ cream cheese
-Buttermilk biscuits
-Fruit cobbler w/ pastry crust
-Brownies & chocolate chip cookies
-Orange, cranberry & grapefruit juices
-Coffee & tea

-Bottomless mimosa $15
-Strawberry Margarita $13
-Bloody Mary $12

That’s impressive.

Elephant and castle (

A few reasons to go to Elephant and Castle some people say that this place is ‘life changing,’ they use English cheddar and their bread is complimentary and it comes with both butter and jam.

We would recommend the eggs n’ apples benedict on french toast w/ maple syrup & added bacon,  Egg Fritatta with vegetables and roasted red pepper and the bottomless coffee.

Heads up to the impatient among you: the wait is usually what turns people off about this place and they don’t accept reservations.

Freemans Restaurant (

This place is a hidden gem with a large following based on impressive atmosphere and a spectacularly thought out menu. Some of our favorites are Grilled Cheddar Toasts, Hot Artichoke dip and the Three Cheese Mac and Cheese are all scrumptious, delicious, delectable, savory, flavorful, tasty and appetizing.

The best thing to do is get carried away when you get here, enjoy the scene and savor the food.

Hearth (

This place is deemed as the best in many things. Gnocchi is said to be their equalizer and you can find pictures of their notable charcuterie all over the place with selections ranging from Rabbit Ballotine and Cured Duck Breast to Chicken Liver Pate and Lardo Grilled Bread.  Along with their normal menu they will be offering a three course tasting menu and new additions to the menu, including a Pappardelle dish with wild mushroom and a creekstone beef rib French dip.

The tasting menu is going to have a pear and pecorino salad, a Cotechino Sausage and chocolate crème brulee for dessert.  All to be had for $38.  This is the first time they are having a special menu for New Years day so make sure to let them know what you think.

Happy Eating!

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a free christmas treeIf you happen to not have a dinner being prepared for your royal indulgences this Christmas Eve, here are some suggestions for all you hard at work preparing those ten year plans.  This is our list of the traditional and some new and tantalizing feasts to be had this season.

So cool down those engines and fire up the burners and get ready for a happy merry feast for all.


aquavitThey have a ‘Christmas plate’ choc-full of Herring, Vasterbotten, Swedish Meatballs and a traditional Christmas Ham.  Risalamande – a particularly Danish Christmas almond rice pudding is being offered and shouldn’t be missed.

This can be enjoyed anyday of the week except for Saturday and Sunday.

65 East 55th Street 212-307-7311


escaTheir renowned chef plans his dinner every afternoon at 4pm, however, their Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes is going to be preplanned for a whole five days! So get excited, this place knows the oceans inhabitants and how to cook ‘em! (count 52 dinner options) Oh yeah, expect a steep bill

W. 43rd St., 212-564-7272



left_hearth_01They are seasoned veterans of the beloved Feast of the Seven Fishes, so if you feel like having something a wee bit more ‘stick your bones’ and Italian prepare to shell out a worthy 92 dollars – hell it may be worth the extravagance.

403 E 12th St, New York, NY 10009 (646) 602-1300



back west forty diningA Jewish-Chinese dinner is being put together here. Sounds special and were definitely excited about more than the steamed star anise pork buns or the tea smoked duck.  It’s the Chocolate Babka with the Vanilla Ice cream that seems to be wooing us from this champion of a menu.

70 Prince St. @ Crosby St. (212) 219-8570

fatty-cue-wvIf you can hear your Grill compelling you to host another one your mid-winter BBQ bashes, then this place is for you.  Seriously, their Christmas Eve southern BBQ is being served by the half pound, at $18 for a half pound of pulled pork or $14 for a half pound of rib along with an enormous list of sides they might as well call this the “Return of the turkey Gobble 2.” So strap on those boots and take a little hike to good old BK or get on down to the Westside on that trusty yellow sleigh and chow down.

91 South Sixth St. Brooklyn, NY 11249 (718) 599-3090

50 Carmine St (bet. Bleecker & Bedford) (212) 929-5050


pioraClassic American is what’s going on at this fusion joint – Christmas Goose with Caramelized chestnuts, Barley and Thumbelina carrot. Top that off with an egg nog and your set.  By the way, just in case you happen to be making plans for a single dinner don’t make reservations from their website just call them and let them know.

 430 HUDSON ST (212) 960-3801


3-hangawi-vegetarianSTONE BOWL STONE BOWL STONE BOWL. If you haven’t been here before then Christmas might be a good time to sample their Prix Fixe menu.  It’s an exciting mix of Porridge, Kabocha pumpkin croquettes and vermicelli noodles – WHOA.  Oh yeah its all Vegan, so eat up.

12 E 32nd St (212) 213-0077

DailyFoodtoEat is the official blog of FoodtoEat, a sustainable online food ordering and concierge catering service featuring your favorite restaurants, food trucks and caterers. Check out the deliciousness here: