Havana Central: Cooking with Love

By Danielle Bimston

Keeping things fun and fresh are our friends at Havana Central, known for their exciting environment and delicious eats. Started in 2002 by entrepreneur Jeremy Merrin, this Cuban restaurant has become one of the best around!  People love having the ability to get large plates of rice and beans for reasonable prices, and that’s just what Havana Central strives to give their customers.

Photo Credit: newyork.seriouseats.com

Havana Central is such the people pleaser that they’ve managed to create a list of fun facts and restaurant accomplishments (that they thank their customers for!).  Check them out:

  1. Number of Mojitos sold: Over 700,000
  2. Number of Empanadas sold: Over 1 million
  3. Number of Cuban sandwiches sold: Over 800,000
  4. We cook over 4,000 pounds of pork a year
  5. We use over 130,000 limes a year – mostly for our Mojitos
  6. Our guests eat over 40,000 avocados a year
Photo Credit: newyork.seriouseats.com

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of any other place that sells so many Cuban sandwiches.  And, that’s not even all that they have on the menu! If you’re in the mood for a classic Cuban favorite, try the Arroz con Pollo or Pimiento Relleno.  Or if you’re dying to try a sandwich, try Sandwich de Pernil Asado, there are a ton of options!

Photo Credit: nydailynews.com

Wonder where these delicious dishes come from? Well, Cuban food is known for it’s many influences: Spanish, French, African, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese cultures (that’s alot!). Traditional cooking is primarily peasant cuisine that has little concern with measurements, order and timing, but oddly enough, that’s what makes the food so unique. In fact, most of the dishes are sautéed or slow-cooked over a low flame and rely on very basic spices.  Though they’re not the most complicated, intense recipes, it’s the love used when cooking that makes Cuban food so good!


Even though Cuban food is a melting pot of so many cultures, they can all seem to agree on one thing: it’s delicious! No matter what you’re craving, Havana Central has the best atmosphere; allow us to help you transport the good vibes to your office!

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