And The Vendy Goes To…

Next month on September 15th, the 8th Annual Vendy Awards will take place on Governors Island. Many of the popular food trucks that we see parked on the streets of New York City and buy delicious, savory lunches from every day are expected to attend.

In recent years, the food truck/cart culture of the city has exploded. New food trucks are popping up very frequently, serving foods of various ethnic cuisines from around the world, novel and unique fusion dishes, and scrumptious desserts. The Vendy Awards were initiated to celebrate just that. Street vendors compete  to see who will be determined the best street food vendor in NYC each year. The proud and talented chefs that run these food trucks and food carts compete head-to-head in an intense cook-off, after which the judges and attendees will vote for who they think serves the best food. This street food vendor will then be titled Vendy Award winner and given a Vendy Cup as their prize. Other awards that will be given out include the Dessert Category Winner, Rookie Vendor of the Year, Market Vendor Award, and Peoples’ Taste Award Winner.

Past Vendy Cup winners include Solber Pupusas, King of Falafel, NY Dosa, and Hallo Berlin. Other vendors who have attended and competed include Eggstravaganza, Cinnamon Snail, Sam’s Falafel, Biryani Cart, Wafels & Dinges, Kwik Meal, Mexicue, and Guerrilla Ice Cream.


The Vendy Awards also serve as an opportunity to raise money for the Street Vendor Project, a non-profit organization that defend the rights and promote the special interests of street vendors throughout New York City. While the number of street vendors in urban cities throughout the country has been growing, opposition from wealthy corporations and individuals has also increased. The Street Vendor Project’s mission is to aid in the growth of street vendors as small businesses and emphasize how they contribute to our cities each and every day.

A $95 ticket (Early Bird special $80) includes all the food you can eat plus both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that will be served at the event. Attendees will enjoy live performances while they indulge in the incredible meals and snacks that New York’s best street vendors prepare and serve. Thousands of New Yorkers venture out of their offices every day just to visit their favorite food truck or cart for a satisfying lunch, and this is the one day that we can show them how much we appreciate their culinary talents. But don’t worry, if you miss this exciting event you can always visit your favorite food truck on the streets!

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