Clarke’s Standard: Your Friendly Neighborhood Burger Joint

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By Debra Liu

If you’re craving a juicy, flavorful, and affordable burger, head to Clarke’s Standard because the moment you step into this relatively new fast-casual restaurant, you’re immediately brought back to the old, nostalgic days of New York’s classic neighborhood butcher shops, where high quality, fresh meat was the object of affection.

“We wanted to do a fast-casual concept that would provide the guests with amazing food, great ingredients, and as local as possible. Again, not forgetting the old times of butcher style shops,” says Dafna Mizrahi, Manager of Clarke’s Standard’s Union Square Location.

The Standard Cheeseburger and Fries
The Standard Cheeseburger and Fries

Currently, there are five locations in Midtown, Midtown East, Financial District, Columbus Circle, and Union Square.

According to Dafna, it’s the freshly ground beef that makes Clarke’s Standard stand out from all the other burger places in NYC. The beef is 100% USDA-verified Natural Angus free of hormones, antibiotics and preservatives.

The most popular items on the menu include The Standard Cheeseburger, the original burger with American cheese, The Cadillac, which is a burger with smoked bacon and cheddar cheese, and the Brooklyn Au Poivre, a burger with cracked pepper sauce, cheese, Jimmy peppers and savory onions. They also have  a great house-made veggie burger!

Danfa’s favorite burger is The Cadillac but she says, “Honestly, all of our burgers…our meat is amazing so I would eat them without anything. I would always recommend the Green Chiles and Cheese burger or The Cadillac.”

NY Standard Dog with Fries
NY Standard Dog with Fries

In addition to burgers, Clarke’s also serves homemade hot dogs, little Clarke’s ice creams, and sandwiches. The Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is a big seller. “It’s kind of like wings on a sandwich but made with chicken breast,” Dafna describes. “The sweet potato fries are great; so that’s very unusual and unique to a fast food place,” she adds.

Clarke’s Standard mission is to bring back the feeling of a neighborhood restaurant serving delicious, high quality burgers. “Everyone loves it because it’s become a neighborhood joint. The staff is very friendly; they learn their [the customers’] names. We have a guy who comes every single day. He sits at the same table and orders the same food, so as soon as he walks in, we already have his order.”

So the next time you want to chow-down on a burger, go to Clarke’s Standard and get The Cadillac (or any of their other delicious items), and you’ll feel like you’re being transported back to a time where meat was real, natural and glorified and you’ll end up feeling gloriously satisfied.

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Shake Shack Prepares to Invade London

Fast-casual restaurant chains are exploding in popularity, and Shake Shack has risen to become one of the most recent successes combining the fresh ingredients and trendiness of the fast-casual restaurant with the reinvigorated popularity of the gourmet burger chain. Now Shake Shack is preparing to open its 19th location, 3,500 miles east of where it started.

Shake Shack opened its first location in downtown Manhattan less than a decade ago, and their new location in London shows just how far the chain has gone in a short period of time. Shake Shack owner Danny Meyer recently confirmed in a press release that Shake Shack will open a London location in mid-2013 in the London neighborhood of Covent Garden inside the historic Market Building.

Shake Shack has actually opened two overseas locations already in the Persian Gulf, but local operators there handle most of the brand’s logistics. Therefore the world will be watching the new London location to see whether Meyer will be able to maintain consistent quality across the globe and replicate his success in the United States.

“For years an enormous number of friends in London have asked us when we would bring our first restaurant to their home,” Meyer said in the press release. “We’ve looked high and wide for just the right time and spot, and at last we’ve found it. We’re positively in love with London’s thriving food culture, and are humbled and excited to bring Shake Shack to the UK.”

Similar restaurants like Chipotle and Five Guys have been very successful since expanding into London, and Shake Shack is expecting no less. The burger and fries chain should fit into the UK’s food scene with ease, especially since McDonald’s, Subway and Starbucks have all revealed plans to open hundreds of new stores in the UK over the next few years. At this rate, Shake Shack of growth we’re expecting Shake Shack to become a global brand sooner rather than later.

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