The Future of Coffee is Here

With technology and food coinciding more and more as a recent trend, it was only a matter of time before someone took coffee to the next level. The Scanomat TopBrewer is that next level, with a flawless design, remarkable speed and ability to control it with an iPhone.

This new coffee machine offers a sleek design with all of its working parts concealed behind the counter. The TopBrewer focuses on the actually brewing process, offering users the ability to customize every brewing parameter of their coffee or espresso. Coffee brews in just 15 seconds, and espresso brews in just 25 seconds; though the TopBrewer is a single-serve device, all it takes is a push of a button and the machine can make four cups of coffee in just one minute.

The Scanomat TopBrewer takes cares of all of its own maintenance, making it remarkably easy to use. It grinds its own coffee beans, measures out ingredients and foams milk. The machine is also capable of cleaning itself throughout daily use, and can instantly switch between hold and cold beverages. The machine comes with a stainless steel tap remains exposed while underneath your counter the machine is busy making you a delicious cup of coffee. You can even dispense cold milk or water, hot chocolate and even carbonated water from the same spigot.

Lastly, the Scanomat TopBrewer can be controlled via an app on your iPhone or iPad. Customers can create a beverage of their choice remotely, and watch while the TopBrewer prepares it in just seconds.

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