From the Die-hard to the Laid Back: Where You Should Watch the World Cup

By Emily Collins

It’s officially Summer in the city and the FIFA World Cup is in full swing! Now, we know there are varying degrees of fans during the World Cup; there are people who have been born and raised watching “football” and others who just enjoy a bit of eye-candy. At FoodtoEat, we love all kinds of fans! As such, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to watch the World Cup – no matter what kind of fan you are.

For the Experience: Under the Archway in DUMBO

Hundreds of World Cup fans watching under the archway in DUMBO | Photo credit: @DUMBOBID on Twitter.

On a huge screen with hundreds of fans, you can’t really go wrong with this free outdoor soccer celebration. Bring a blanket, some friends and enjoy the local food vendors under the archway on a huge projection screen.

For the Die-hard Fan: Mr. Dennehy’s

Mr. Dennehy’s | Photo credit:

This Irish pub in Greenwich Village is where huge soccer/football fans come out and cheer for their teams. If you’re looking for a rowdy experience with people who live and breathe the sport, Mr. Dennehy’s is the place for you.

For the Bandwagoner: Nevada Smiths

Where Soccer is Religion: fans at Nevada Smiths | Photo credit:

“Where football is religion” is the motto of this bar and it definitely shows. This consistently packed bar has its share of soccer lovers and people who are just along for the World Cup ride. The energy at Nevada Smiths is always through the roof, so be prepared for a rowdy experience.

For the Brit: The Red Lion

The Red Lion on Bleecker Street | Photo credit: The Red Lion NYC

This pub is the ultimate place to drink and watch soccer (but while you’re there, call it football!) with a slew of intense British fans that are obsessed with a bit of football. Enjoy traditional British food and drink great beer with some of the biggest supporters of the sport.

For the Fan with the Laid Back friends: Summer Garden & Bar at Rock Center Cafe

The Rock Center Cafe | Photo credit: The Patina Group

Embrace the beautiful weather and head over the Rockefeller Center for some World Cup viewing. It’s the best of both words: 6 big screens for World Cup viewing and great lounging areas. Try out festive World Cup themed cuisine, great drinks and incredible views!

Honorable Mentions:

Banter Bar in Williamsburg- They’re running a “World Cup Beer Passport” special. Try beers from 24+ of the World Cup countries and be entered to win discounts and prizes.

Jack Demsey’s – Another bar for die hard fans, especially if you’re American. When the US beat against Ghana, people rallied outside to celebrate.

Woodwork Brooklyn – Where soccer-obsessed Brooklynites celebrate. They’ve dedicated their entire website to the World Cup.

If screaming at your television and drinking beer isn’t quite your thing, maybe looking at the gorgeous men on the field is! Check out our FoodtoEat Original Quiz!


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3 Easy, Awesome, and Lazy Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

By Debra Liu

It’s December, which means a few things are inevitable: snow (maybe even a blizzard), the holidays (yes, gifts!), New Year’s (oh the resolutions) and freezing our butts off (not so fun). Unfortunately, the first three things are completely out of our control, but thankfully, we CAN help you prevent frostbite. Here are some of FoodtoEat’s tricks for staying warm and cozy this winter:

(1) Order in food from your favorite restaurants 

Pasta from Radicchio Pasta & Risotto

The great thing about ordering food delivered to your door is that you don’t have to go outside. The less time you spend outside, the warmer you’ll be. We’re GENIUSES. Also, it’s COLD outside and it might be snowing, which makes it dangerous to travel. When you order your food, you’ll stay warm, save travel time and save money (no 20% tip)!

(2) Eat hot foods and drink hot beverages. 

vegetable pho
Vegetable Pho

Seriously, any food that has been heated…like noodle soup. Yogurt doesn’t count. Neither does cold pizza. Now, if you ordered a piping hot pizza with ooey gooey melted cheese, that would do the trick! Trust me, noodle soup like pho usually hits the spot. Hot foods will warm you right up and also, make your stomach super happy.

(3) Skip food truck lines by pre-ordering online first with FoodtoEat 

Uncle Gussy
Uncle Gussy’s Food Truck (uhhh yeah you definitely want to avoid that line in the winter)

The saddest, more depressing thing about winter is having to wait in line for food at your favorite food truck, all the while, feeling your limbs go numb from the cold. Well, lucky you, if you order online first through FoodtoEat, you can skip the line and pick up your food when you want it. No hassle, no waiting, and most importantly, no freezing. #SkipTheLine

If you stick to these three super easy ways to stay warm, you’ll definitely avoid the ice, ice, baby.

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From Food Writing to Hosting Curated Events: Meet Caitlin Heikkila

This is the first article  in our series featuring influential New York City food bloggers, Food Bloggers in the City. We’ll be getting to know all your favorite food bloggers and writers, who bring you the newest and most exciting news on food and restaurants. If there’s a blogger you want us to write about, let us know by shooting an email to 

becomingbrooklyn logo

By Debra Liu

Caitlin Heikkila, the force behind the awesome food blog, Becoming Brooklyn, is one of our favorite NYC food bloggers. We had an opportunity to meet and learn more about her new exciting venture, The Sauce, a lifestyle club similar to a supper club, but with elements of wine, music and art folded into the delicious mix.

Caitlin Heikkila
Caitlin Heikkila

Growing up in a food-oriented household in New England, with a mom who is a caterer, Caitlin has had a passion for food for as long as she can remember. She went to school for writing and communications and blended her passion for food with her interest in writing when she began her blog shortly after moving to NYC post-college. In her blog, Becoming Brooklyn, Caitlin shares her experiences living, eating and experiencing Brooklyn, which she fell in love with immediately after escaping her super tiny Manhattan apartment.

Heirloom Tomato Pizza at Motorino Brooklyn
A Caitlin Favorite: Heirloom Tomato Pizza at Motorino Brooklyn

One of Caitlin’s favorite dining experiences has been at Aska in Williamsburg, which creates Scandivanian-inspired cuisine. “I’m actually Finnish so I was excited to try the food. It was seriously one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Every course was something I’ve never tasted before. There were these flavors that brought memories; kind of like a tie between food and memory so that was great,” Caitlin says. Some of her other favorite food spots in Brooklyn include Diner, Lucali, Seersucker and Colonie.

In addition to writing, Caitlin enjoys hosting events, which led her to co-found The Sauce. According to Caitlin, The Sauce is “a lifestyle club for people who are passionate about food, drink, art and music. So at each event we have all of those things.” The club introduces members to a curated social experience, exposing people to delicious foods prepared by experienced chefs as well as new art and music by rising artists and musicians, all in one night.

The Sauce’s first event was held on November 14;  it was a harvest themed 5-course supper celebrating the taste and foods of Fall, perfectly accompanied by wine and cider and held at Atelier Roquette, an absolutely gorgeous event space in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

A Caitlint Favorite: House Cured Scottish Salmon at Clover Club
A Caitlin Favorite: House Cured Scottish Salmon at Clover Club

And of course, we had to ask Caitlin about her favorite Thanksgiving foods as this is the holiday practically made for foodies. “I love simple, simply prepared vegetables like roasted Brussels sprouts or roasted sweet potatoes. I’m also into the traditional Thanksgiving pies like pumpkin, or even sweet potato pie, apple. I have at least two slices of every single pie. You have to try everything!”





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Competitive Eating & Lost Potential

By: Parth Mukhi

Competitive eating is one of the most gruesome, nauseating events to witness. Yet Major League Eating (MLE) continues to makes millions of dollars, holding around 80 events every year. Unfortunately, the sports greatest rivalry of Joey Chestnut vs. Takeru Kobayashi has been stalled since 2010.

Between the two, Kobayashi & Chestnut currently hold 29 world records with the MLE. The latter of which owning 25, but this is due to the to the ongoing contract dispute between Kobayashi & the MLE. This dispute is the reason Kobayashi has not competed in an official eating contest since 2010, but his own competitions, either by himself or with subpar competitors. Meanwhile, Chestnut has been tearing up the ranks of competitive eating. He’s won the granddaddy of eating events, the Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, a record seven straight times. Thus surpassing Kobayashi’s record of six straight.

The rivalry between Kobayashi (left) & Chestnut (right) was just growing into greatness

The main issues standing in the way of the contract between the two sides is that Kobayashi believes that, “the organization that produces the event cannot be the same agency that also owns the athletes.” Meaning, the MLE is the main body which contracts all their eaters, rather than the competitors having their own separate agents, like in most other sports. Kobayashi’s wish was for more freedom. He asked to be let go of the other three events he was set to compete in, and only enter the Nathan’s events. From what Kobayashi has said, the MLE countered with a $40,000 contract for the July 2010 & 2011 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, and stated that he could not compete in any other eating events for the year in the U.S. or Canada. His sponsorships were also limited to only MLE sanctioned companies.

For the sport, this dispute is a shame. The two top ranked eaters in the world, both in the prime of their careers. MLE President George Shea remains adamant that Kobayashi was offered $100,000 for 4 events, with $25,000 guaranteed whether he won or loss. While, Kobayashi feels like he’s fighting for the future of the sport and its competitors, Chestnut continues to dominate. Upon eating 68 hot dogs at Nathan’s in 2012, he declared, “I will not stop until I reach 70. This sport isn’t about eating. It’s about drive and dedication, and at the end of the day hot dog eating challenges both my body and my mind.” The following year he would break this record by eating 69 hot dogs. This was impressive, but it had already been done. Kobayashi ate 69, two years prior, at an off-site event, with independent judges there to establish the record.

Chestnut (left) has been making light of his competition due to Kobayashi’s (right) absence

Event by event, this sport is missing out on what should be it’s “Golden Era.” This should be the time period in which competitive eating rises among the ranks, starts to hold more and more televised events, begins to make more sponsorships, and attract new fans. The rivalry between Kobayashi & Chestnut could have the equal affect on competitive eating that Magic Johnson & Larry Bird had on the NBA. Potential being wasted due to this contract dispute is heartbreaking. Hopefully either Shea or Kobayashi will eventually come together, and put the sport above their beliefs, and realize the potential for greatness that is right in front of them.

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Debunking Some of the Common Myths about Food Trucks

For any cautious eaters out there choosing your first food truck can be a daunting task; between waiting in a long line, dispelling rumors of ‘grease trucks’ and ‘roach coaches’ and figuring out where to actually eat your food it’s a wonder anybody chooses these roving mobile eateries. But food trucks keep popping up against all odds in different cities around the country, and us skeptics must either face the trend head-on or find another way to eat. The questions below are all real concerns I’ve heard people voice about food trucks. I will try to dispel as many of these questions and rumors as I can, and hopefully create a few new food trucks fanatics along the way.

I’m afraid to eat anything at a food truck. I’ve heard their health inspections are up to a lower standard than restaurants and the word ‘roach coach’ freaks me out.

The term roach coach originated many years ago as a slang term for a food truck. Those trucks tended to be taco trucks or catering trucks that were among the first of their kind, typically seen throughout Los Angeles and San Francisco. At this time regulations on food trucks were very lax, and some of these trucks operated without proper licenses and in unsanitary conditions. Today food trucks are regulated to a much higher standard; in LA they are given the same health grades as restaurants, below a C rating and the truck will not be allowed to operate. In New York the lowest fine a food truck or cart can receive for any violation is $1000, significantly higher than the fees restaurants would pay. The simple truth is food trucks cannot afford to be unclean, and the gourmet food trucks that have been popping up recently are scrutinized by health departments and usually headed by former restaurant chefs who really know their way around a kitchen.

I can never find a food truck I like, they move around too quickly and I don’t use Twitter.

The reason food trucks move around so often is because it’s not easy to find legal parking in most cities. While rules are different depending on the area, most cities severely limit how long a food truck can spend at a certain spot, or relegate the trucks to just a few locations that always seem to be crowded. Combine that with random inspections and ticketing that force the trucks to move and it’s a wonder anyone can catch a meal. The trendier ‘gourmet’ food trucks began using Twitter to post and update their locations to their legions of followers, and it started to catch on across the country. For those of us who just aren’t that into social media, there are a number of apps you can download for your smartphone that track food trucks. These apps tend to differ by region; in New York Tweat.It and the New York Street Food app are two of the best. Most food trucks also post their weekly schedules online on their websites.

Union Square Food Trucks

You expect me to wait in that line? I don’t care how good the food is I only have short lunch break.

It’s true that some of the most popular food trucks have long lines, particularly during peak hours in the summer. But as food trucks continue to evolve technology is affording new ways to plan ahead and get past these lines. Many food trucks allow customers to call ahead their orders to pick-up on the spot, or accept online ordering so hungry customers can actually pre-order their meals and pick them up and pay at a convenient time. Best of all, some food trucks are even hiring deliverymen to get customer’s their food the same way a restaurant would.

So now that I’ve gotten my food where am I supposed to eat it? Food trucks don’t exactly have dining rooms

Ah, the great challenge of where to eat your food truck meal. Most of the time when I grab lunch from a food truck I take it back to my office or find a local park or seating area to devour my food. At night, food trucks can actually be a great place to meet people. I’ve found that some of the most interesting people congregate around food trucks at night, and they can really turn into an outdoor party atmosphere. If you’re still not convinced, new studies have shown that it might actually be healthier to eat standing up than sitting down. Standing up while eating can help people avoid acid reflux, head rushes, and can help you digest better. So now that you have a reason to eat standing up, head on out and order a meal from your favorite food truck. If you’d like help getting started I can make plenty of recommendations.

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