Chipotle Celebrates Earth Day by Giving Away Free Burritos

This Earth Day there’s no better place to celebrate all the wonders of our planet then at your neighborhood Chipotle. Chipotle has just announced that they will be giving away FREE burritos this Earth Day (Sunday, April 22nd), though there is a catch…

In order to receive your free burrito, you must first purchase one of Chipotle’s new limited addition reusable bags. The bags largely resemble lunchboxes, and you probably wouldn’t be able to use them for much else besides lunch. They also have Chipotle written on them, which might detract some people who aren’t interested in broadcasting what they eat, and they cost $18 apiece. On the bright side though, they’re made entirely of old Chipotle billboards, making each bag completely unique, and they are completely recycled, meaning that purchasing one is something to feel good about.

Considering the price of a burrito nowadays, purchasing a recyclable bag may not be such a bad investment, not only do you save on your burrito with a barcode you receive when you purchase your bag, but you can also use the bag to store your lunch, plan a picnic, or just look stylish an day of the week. If you’re into helping the environment, and don’t mind paying $18 for a $10 burrito, than you purchase your reusable Chipotle bag here.

*CORRECTION: You may only receive one free burrito with purchase of a reusable bag. Those who purchase a lunch bag from the online Chipotle store will receive a card containing a barcode, which customers must present on Sunday, April 22 (Earth Day) to redeem their free Chipotle menu item.