By Maria Laposata


Maybe before he concocted his scheme to give all New Yorkers one enormous sugar high, Dominique Ansel took an economics course. Why? Well, making between 200 and 250 cronuts a day almost guarantees a shortage. Of course, Ansel only makes a limited quantity because it takes three whole days to make a cronut. But still, I wonder, if Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme decided they were only going to sell 200 donuts a day, wouldn’t New Yorkers have an equally rabic reaction?

Hmm…that can’t be his real mouth…

Wouldn’t sadistic bosses send their employees to wait in line at 6AM for the donut they’d been eating every morning for years thinking nothing of it then beyond “This is bad for me?” Wouldn’t a lucky 200 sheeples pay upwards of $20 for what was once a dollar?


Despite the wait, a couple hundred crazed individuals line up every day at the crack of dawn–well before the bakery opens–to tempt fate with a diabetic coma, to say sorry, to give a friend the ultimate birthday treat, or to resell the cronuts for an 800% mark up.

Between the scalpers, the craiglist ads (this had to be our favorite:, and the new cronut delivery service charging $100 per cronut, $1,500 for 10 cronuts, or $5,000 for 20 (New Yorkers can’t do multiplication…), New York should be gaining 10 pounds per capita within the next week or so.

ImageThis next paragraph was supposed to tell you exactly how bad a cronut is for you. Unfortunately, Dominique Ansel hasn’t released the nutrition information for his creation…very smartly. Especially considering that the usual fads sweeping this city usually involve the words “organic” and “juicing.” Also, “cupcakes,” but that’s not helping my point.

Someone needs to stage an intervention for the sake of society, so I’d like to personally ask Mayor Bloomberg to organize a viewing of The Biggest Loser in Central Park this weekend to put a stop to this nonsense. Really, it’s right up your alley Mr. Mayor. We’ll make sure we’ve only got tiny cups of soda for the audience to wash down their cronuts.


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LA City Council Endorses Meatless Mondays

The Meatless Monday campaign has gained and lost popularity over the last few decades, originating as a way to support the troops during World War II, and reemerging in 2003 in a promotion by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Now the City Council of Los Angeles is working to integrate this meatless trend into the homes of more people.

The Los Angeles City Council has already come a long way in banning trans-fats and opposing fast-food restaurants. Now they are aiming to make city residents feel guilty about what they eat with a Meatless Monday resolution On Friday the resolution passed in a 14-0 vote officially urging residents to adopt a personal pledge to avoid meat on Monday’s. This resolution is a far cry away from New York City’s mandatory soda ban, and the police will not be legally enforcing this resolution, checking packed lunches and banning the purchase of meat. Ultimately the resolution should start a trend in the city to make residents healthier and reduce environmental waste.

Councilwoman Jan Perry was instrumental in passing this resolution, and also called a ban on new fast-food restaurant in South Los Angeles as a method to curb obesity. Perry said “we can reduce saturated fats and reduce the risk of heart disease by 19 percent. While this is a symbolic gesture, it is asking people to think about the food choices they make. Eating less meat can reverse some of our nation’s most common illnesses.”

Other councilmen have joined with Perry in supporting Meatless Mondays, including a councilman whose son was recently diagnosed with diabetes. The Food Policy Council initially developed this proposal, part of a larger agenda to encourage healthy foods in Los Angeles.

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New Study Pays $3500 to Eat Fast Food for 3 Months

Washington University in St. Louis is conducting a study on obesity, asking participants to take part in it with a hefty bribe to destroy their bodies for a mere three months.

The school is offering participants the opportunity to eat all the fast food they want for three months, and in return receive $3,500 for their trouble. During the course of the study participants have to gain five percent of their body weight during the duration of the study.

Dr Sam Klein has organized the study, and sees fast food as a necessary means to measure weight gain. “By choosing fast foods, we can regulate that food intake much better than trying to tell people to try and decide on their own eating food at home, which require judgment and education on what you’re eating. By going to eat fast food, we know exactly what they’re eating.”

The study aims to differentiate why some overweight people develop diabetes and other cardiovascular risk factors, while others do not.

In order to take part in the study, participants must be between 18 and 65 years old, non-smokers, non-diabetic and already be at least thirty pounds overweight. After the study culminates in three months, participants will be entered into a weight loss program to lose it.

The study allows participants to eat from the following list of fast food restaurants. To sign up for the study click here.

– McDonald’s
– Taco Bell
– Burger King
– Pizza Hut

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Paula Deen Comes Clean

Confirming the rumors that have been persistent for several days, Paula Deen does in fact have Type 2 Diabetes, which she has known about for over three years. Deen has gained celebrity-status in recent years for her excessive cooking style, and most recently for being named Maxim Magazine’s ‘Hottest Female TV Chef”.

Deen has received both praise and criticism for her unhealthy cooking habits, but after the revelation about her diabetes, her reception has turned largely critical. Paula Deen announced her diagnosis Tuesday morning on the TODAY show, also mentioning the endorsement deal she signed with pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. In waiting so long to reveal her illness, while still cooking with excess fat and butter, Paula’s critics say she waited until an opportune time to reveal her diagnosis without any regret or sense of responsibility. Chef Anthony Bourdain summarized the sentiments best, tweeting “Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later.”

Paula stated that the reason she waited so long to reveal her diagnosis was because she was not properly armed with the knowledge necessary to inform her fans about the disease. Now she claims she has the necessary information to make a positive impression, and with her new endorsement deal from Novo Nordisk, no doubt she will be touting the diabetes medication she takes and her steps to a healthier lifestyle.

This reasoning makes sense to an extent, however Deen has known about her diabetes for over three years, has continued to cook with massive quantities of fat and sugar, and has not shown any regret for her cooking style, saying “I’m your cook, not your doctor”. She seems to have shirked any responsibility in the unhealthy lifestyle she has promoted to her fans through her cooking and endorsement of products like Smithfield ham and Philadelphia cream cheese by claiming that she has always promoted moderation.

The reason so many critics find Paula’s announcement ill-timed and irresponsible is because of her ability as a chef to make positive changes in her lifestyle, and act as a dietary role model to her audience. By continually shrugging off notions of her food being unhealthy, Paula has helped to shape the diets of countless Americans, in a country already suffering from an obesity epidemic. While Paula’s cooking is meant for entertainment purposes, as a chef she has access to fresh ingredients with the full ability to pick and choose what she cooks with to promote a healthier lifestyle.

No doubt diabetes is a difficult disease to live with, and Paula Deen will hopefully begin to preach moderation more to her fans and raise awareness about the causes and effects of diabetes. Deen has already pledged to donate some money from her drug endorsement deal to the American Diabetes Organization, and will be making many more public appearances to talk about the disease. Though she may not have to be a role model for Americans, it’s still our belief that Paula should have come clean about her diagnosis back in 2008; the excuse that she needed three years to learn how to live with diabetes just doesn’t hold water.

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