Pizza from the Heart!

The literal meaning of the title
The literal meaning of the title…

By: Gabby Zilkha

Valducci’s is about more than just pizza. When you purchase a slice of pizza from the Valducci’s food truck you are buying the love and culture of a family shared to the world. And it isn’t just any type of love… it is pizza love and nothing is better than that?! *Please note that any attempt to argue is futile*

Mike the proud owner and even prouder father, is taking a step back from the business and passing it on to one of his daughters Christina who he jokingly referred to as Mike Jr. given their personality similarities.

When Mike spoke about his daughter Christina during the interview, you could feel his admiration through his words. He raved about how she had been working with him since she was just four years old. Christina would stay late at night and help out in the morning too he said. When she was really young, she would even get up on her chair and bang on the dough to help make the pizzas. The business is hers now.

Meet Tina!

In addition to running the business, Christina has been taking classes in English rhetoric and helping as a writing coach for students who speak English as their second language. This girl has drive and is getting things done with the help of her very large and loving Italian family.

The Valducci family’s passon is whole-heartedly reflected onto the food. One sweet example was during the hurricane Sandy aftermath, Valducci’s and other food trucks and restaurants teamed up to give out over 1 million meals.

Next time you bite into a slice of Valducci’s pizza you are not just eating pizza but also exploring family tradition, passion, and philanthropy.



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The Lasting Cupcake Culture

Cupcakes have taken on a whole new persona in recent years, from miniaturized cake-bites often served to children or at parties, to gourmet individualized treats served at the finest bakeries and appearing on hit television shows. Some say that the cupcake culture has always been prevalent in the United States, but a recent explosion in cupcake popularity and steady sales even after this initial surge suggest that cupcakes are a permanent fixture in how we eat. Cupcake recipes first began to appear as miniature cakes in cup-sized containers in the late 18th and 19th centuries. From October 2010 to October 2011, 669.4 million cupcakes were sold, demonstrating the lasting popularity of cupcakes appearing in specialized bakeries, food trucks and other outlets. In fact, cupcakes have been largely credited with the rise of specialized bakeries, giving consumers an opportunity to purchase an individualized, gourmet treat at an establishment a step above the common drug store or candy store. With the current state of the economy, cupcakes fit perfectly into most people’s budgets and appeal to their spending needs. Purchasing a cupcake from a bakery or a cupcake truck creates a profoundly different emotional reaction in consumers than buying a candy bar or a packaged dessert from a local convenience store. Ultimately this gives people an affordable means to reward themselves or others. According to consumer trends analyst Chris Carbone, cupcakes appeal to a post-modern culture that values creativity, authenticity, personalization and locally sourced materials. Cupcakes offer more than just a sugary treat, but an experience. By patronizing a boutique cupcakery, consumers become part of a larger story. Cupcakes also give consumers an opportunity to discuss what they’re eating, and share opinions and photos through social media. Less favorable opinions about cupcakes dub them as part of the ‘me-generation’, giving people the ability to self-soothe with a sugary treat, and contribute to a sense of isolation and loneliness. Cupcake haters can be just as vocal as cupcake supporters, blaming a slew of problems from obesity to depression on personalized treats like cupcakes. In moderation, experts say there is no harm in indulging in cupcakes. And while personalized, they tend to reveal a great deal about peoples’ personalities, based upon their many different flavors. In the end, cupcakes continue to be a multimillion dollar industry, and certainly seem to have staked a place in our world of food.

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