Explore Lebanese Cuisine Without Leaving Your Office

By Hannah Poss

Experience high end Lebanese right in the comfort of your own office. Al Bustan, located in Midtown East, serves amazing and authentic food that will transport you right to Beirut. They dish up traditional appetizers such as Hummus and Baba Ghannouj that are reminiscent of cuisines like Greek, Israeli and Turkish foods. Some of their popular dishes include chicken and beef Shawarma called Shawarma Dajaj and Shawarma Lahme, respectively.

Photo Credit: sideways.nyc

In addition, in keeping with traditional Lebanese cuisine, they prepare a large assortment of classic lamb dishes. Some of their classics include a minced lamb dish served with a pomegranate molasses called Kafta Khashkhash and a homemade philo dough stuffed with minced lamb, rice, peas and carrots called Kouzy.

NEW YORK - May 13: Pulse - Lamb terracotta at BUSTAN, 487 Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan.  May 13, 2014. (Photo by Gabi Porter)
Photo Credit: theepochtimes.com

These dishes are a must-try. They’re a perfect way to expand your palette without diving too far into the deep end. Have Al Bustan catered to your office to taste these dishes for yourself.

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Meet the New Truck On the Block: Yankee Doodle Dandy’s


By Emily Collins

This month, we’re starting a new series called Behind the Food Truck, where we meet the amazing men and women behind our favorite mobile cuisines and share their inspiring stories. At FoodtoEat, we’re lucky to have the best food trucks NYC has to offer in our family. Here are their stories.

Josh Gatewood, the southern gentleman behind Yankee Doodle Dandy’s

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting the southern gentleman behind New York’s most patriotic food truck, Josh Gatewood. Not only does Josh have making delicious southern fried chicken down to a science; he’s got an incredible story. He chose a life on food stamps and working as a fry cook over being a broker on Wall Street – all for the dream of opening his food truck.

Yankee Doodle Dandy’s, one of the newest food trucks to hit the streets, has been a long time coming. Josh admitted he spent more time thinking about his potential business than focusing on the Series 7. He would “Walk around Wall Street quizzing people, ‘what’s a better name for a chicken restaurant? Yankee’s Chicken or Yankee Doodle Dandy’s?’ ” With a stroke of luck and a $25,000 win from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Josh was able to give his dream some momentum.

Josh’s perseverance and dedication has brought him to where he is today – owning one of New York’s only authentic southern food trucks. Josh is committed to making his food the best it can possibly be and it definitely shows.

Their Winner Winner fried chicken special is everything you would want in a southern dish – juicy, well-seasoned and best of all: big portions. Along with four incredible chicken tenders, it is served with a giant slice of  grilled Texas toast, homemade potato salad and their original Spirit of ’76 sauce. Words cannot properly describe how delicious the Spirit of ’76 sauce is with the chicken tenders and fries. Josh says, “People come back just for the sauce.” At only $8.50, this special is a total “winner.”

Left: Love Me Tender chicken sandwich |Right: Chicken tenders with fries and Spirit of ’76 sauce

At the end of the day, Yankee Doodle Dandy’s is all about bringing southern hospitality and authenticity to New York City and hopefully expanding to other major cities. Josh said, “It was roller coaster getting here. Sometimes you have those introspective moments you feel super blessed to be doing what you’re doing.”

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New York’s Best Burgers for Your Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Fix!

By Emily Collins

Happy Memorial Day, foodies! Memorial Day Weekend is always filled with celebrations, patriotism and our favorite part: food. If you’re like me and don’t have access to a grill, worry not. We’ve compiled a list of some of New York’s best burgers! Just because we’re grill-less doesn’t mean we can’t eat like we have one.

Joy Burger Bar

Maxi Burger from Joy Burger | Photo credit: One Museum Mile

Joy Burger is best for the adventurous eater in you. Their menu allows you to pick from 3 different sizes, 9 sauces, and a ton of different toppings and sides, even gluten-free buns! These burgers are always cooked to perfection, juicy and will definitely leave you full.

 Jack’s Sliders and Sushi

Sliders and fries from Jack’s Sliders and Sushi | Photo credit: Sulav Darnal

Sushi and sliders? It’s not your every day food combo, but it definitely makes for an interesting meal! Their variety of different sliders and sushi can please anybody you’re getting a meal with. Not to mention, their plates are beautiful and are bound to impress.

Burger Heaven

Cheeseburger from Burger Heaven
Cheeseburger from Burger Heaven

The name says it all. With 70 years of burger making under their belt, it’s safe to say Burger Heaven does indeed live up to its name. If you’re looking for New York charm that can take you back in time, Burger Heaven is the place for you.

Uncle Gussy’s

Pita Burger from Uncle Gussy’s | Photo credit: BurgerWeekly.com

Uncle Gussy’s is traditional Greek food, but offers a unique take on the classic cheeseburger. Served on pita with tzatziki, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion, Uncle Gussy’s burger is one that you won’t forget.

The Counter

Veggie Burger Bowl from The Counter | Photo credit: quarrygirl.com

The Counter Burger is the burger equivalent to Meryl Streep; versatile, gorgeous and always consistently fantastic. In the burger world, their huge menu is a game changer. If you don’t feel like having a traditional burger, you can get a burger bowl!

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Which Food Trucks Would Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Absolutely Love?

By Emily Collins

Here in New York City, we’re lucky enough to have access to some of the most fantastic restaurants, food trucks and carts to exist. Unfortunately for Westeros, the food truck trend just has not caught on, but we’re dreamers here at FoodtoEat and matched a few of our favorite Game of Thrones characters with some of our local food trucks and carts.

Tyrion and Taco from Kimchi Taco Truck



Tyrion Lannister might be a small guy, but he certainly knows how to pack a big punch (or slap if you’re Joffrey). His personality always leaves you wanting to know more. This is exactly how we feel about spicy grilled chicken mini tacos from Kimchi Taco Truck. These tacos may be mini, but with ingredients like cilantro and kimchi chipotle aioli, they come with quite the kick.

Daenerys and Eggs from Eggstravaganza



If you follow Game of Thrones, you know Daenerys is the mother of dragons. Her dragon eggs are incredibly rare, but Daenerys managed to hatch three on the show. Luckily, here in NYC [chicken] eggs aren’t extinct (although dragon eggs are still hard/impossible to come by). If you share Daenerys’ passion for eggs, head over to the Eggstravaganza Cart! Every morning, they serve several different egg dishes: from classic western omelets to Mexican wraps with eggs, chorizo, potatoes and much more. We are certain Daenerys would be very pleased with Eggstravaganza.

Joffrey and Jerk Chicken from Veronica’s Kitchen


Veronica’s Kitchen Food Cart offers delicious Caribbean food with some of Joffrey’s most notable traits. Joffrey has quite a fiery personality, so why not try Veronica’s spicy curry? Knowing King Joffrey, he would pick a dish like stew “king” fish, but we see him as more of a “jerk” chicken kind of guy.

Win The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook! 

To celebrate the upcoming Game of Thrones season 4 premiere on April 6th, we are having a promotion this weekend. Don’t miss your chance to win The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook autographed by the authors!


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Happy National Grilled Cheese Month! 3 Ways to Revamp Your Favorite Classic

By Emily Collins

Grilled cheese: An American classic, a staple of your childhood. The tasty, quick meal has come very far in the past few years and even has the entire month of April to celebrate its deliciousness. We all have our tried and true favorites, but to celebrate the delightful sandwich, here are some great, new ways to revamp your classic comfort food!

1. The Grilled Cheese Roll

Grilled Cheese Rolls | Photo credit: gimmesomeoven on Tablespoon


First up is my personal favorite: the grilled cheese roll. They’re adorable, functional and only take about 10 minutes to prepare. These treats are perfect for a party appetizer or to eat on the go. If you like tomato soup with your grilled cheese, this recipe is the best way to maximize your dunking experience!


  • 2 slices of your favorite type of pre-sliced bread
  • 2 slices of American cheese
  • 2 tbsp of butter
  • Optional: a can of tomato soup


  1. Take your two slices of bread (or more if it’s for a party!) and cut off the crust.
  2. Use a rolling pin to flatten your bread. If you don’t have one, a wine bottle always works.
  3. Take your slices of American cheese and place them on the flattened bread.
  4. Take the bread and cheese and roll it very tightly.
  5. In the meantime, take your 2 tbsp of butter and let it simmer in a frying pan on medium heat.
  6. Make sure your grilled cheese rolls are nice and tight and place them seam down in the pan. This will prevent your grilled cheese rolls from unrolling in the pan.
  7. Once the edge is sealed, flip the rolls so they’re cooked evenly for 4-5 minutes.
  8. Serve on a plate with a bowl of tomato soup while they’re still hot!

2. The Lazy Grilled Cheese

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich 800 1581
Classic Grilled Cheese | Photo credit: Closet Cooking

Next up is what I like to call “the lazy grilled cheese.” We all have those days. You forgot to shop. Bread and cheese are your only options, turning on the stove feels like such a chore. But wait! There’s hope! Got a toaster? How about a microwave? You’re in luck! This recipe is a life saver if you’re too busy to cook or are just feelinga little lazy.


  • Two slices of white or wheat bread
  • Your favorite kind of cheese (I love to use shredded cheese for this quick recipe)


  1. Place 2 slices of bread in the toaster until it’s nice and crispy.
  2. Take toast and place the cheese between.
  3. Put the sandwich in the microwave about 15-20 seconds, no more than that!

3. Date Night Grilled Cheese

Tomato, Avocado and Jalapeno Grilled Cheese | Photo credit: Delicious-Delightful-Delovely


Now, we’re about to step up our game a little bit. This is our date night grilled cheese. Don’t know how to cook at all, but want to impress your date? This is the meal for you. It’s a tomato, avocado and jalapeno grilled cheese. It’s a spicy twist on your favorite classic and totally easy to make.


  • A thick bread, ideally French bread or Panini style bread. This is crucial to make your date fall in love with your grilled cheese in disguise
  • Sliced Mozzarella cheese
  • 4-5 cilantro leaves. Whole or chopped
  • Chopped and seeded jalapenos, as many or as little as you want
  • Thinly sliced avocado
  • Thinly sliced tomato
  • Butter


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Place a frying pan on the stove at medium heat.
  3. Butter the outside of both slices of bread.
  4. Place buttered bread onto frying pan.
  5. Start to layer your ingredients, cheese first.
  6. As the cheese is melting, lay the tomato, jalapenos, cilantro and avocado gradually. Be sure to check the bottom of the bread and make sure it is not burning.
  7. Add another layer of sliced mozzarella cheese and place the other slice of bread atop the sandwich.
  8. Once the bottom layer is melted, slowly flip your sandwich to the other side.
  9. Apply pressure to the sandwich gradually. Once the cheese is melted and warm, take your grilled cheese and place it onto a greased cooking pan.
  10. Place the sandwich in the oven for about a minute to ensure the cheese is completely melted.

Still want to celebrate National Grilled Cheese month, but don’t want to cook it? Click here to preorder online from The Milk Truck and get your grilled cheese fix!

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Jane Poretsky is the Epitome of Caramelized Sarcasm

By Debra Liu

Jane Poretsky is FoodtoEat’s resident chef and baker extraordinaire and writer of the food blog, Caramelized Sarcasm. From delicious savory dishes like Chicken with Olives & Lemon Thyme Sauce to scrumptious sweets like Chocolate Cinnamon Cake with Marshmallow Frosting, Jane wows our taste buds on a daily basis (we’re seriously spoiled!).

Jane Poretsky
Jane Poretsky

She started her blog in 2011 after her experience studying abroad in Tel Aviv, where she didn’t have a kitchen for four months. When she came home she had an urgent desire to cook. Her friends and family often asked her for recipes so starting Caramelized Sarcasm was the perfect way to build an online roster of all her creations to share with those around her.

In terms of her most memorable food experience, Jane says, “I love authentic food and recently had the most glorious Georgian bread/cheese with poached eggs. Let’s just say grilled cheese pales in comparison. It was from Tone Cafe in Brighton Beach… what I like to call ‘The Motherland'”.

Her top 3 dining spots are:

  1. Cherry next door to the Dream Hotel. According to Jane, the atmosphere is lovely and although the appetizers are on the pricey side, the dumplings filled with sour cherry and liver pate are a must-try. “They also have a house-crafted sesame bourbon that puts the classics to shame,” she adds.
  2. Maison Kayser for their pistachio eclairs, which “will have you hallucinating the Tour D’Eiffel outside the window”.
  3. Peter Luger Steakhouse. She loves the old world feeling of this classic steakhouse. “It’s a taste of nostalgia, and the best steak I’ve ever bit into. Vegans, beware. The tomato salad is the simplest thing you will ever order, but oh the freshness.”
Jane's Eggplant Timbale
Jane’s Eggplant Timbale

Jane  has an extensive cooking portfolio and enjoys making all sorts of dishes ranging from Eggplant Timbale (she’s obsessed with Italy!) to Russian Yeast Pancakes (Oladushki) in honor of her Russian heritage. She makes an amazing mushroom crepe cake that’s always been a hit at parties. Her go-to dessert to make is a pumpkin spice cake that is moist and studded with pineapple and coconut (yum!).

In her spare time, when she’s not cooking and feeding us, she spends a lot of time with family. She enjoys reading, hot yoga, bike riding and escaping to her country cottage on summer weekends. She likes exploring new restaurants and bars with friends. An interesting tidbit is that Jane can speak a handful of Italian, Hebrew and French and is pretty darn great at all 3 accents.

As for the future, Jane says, “I’m not sure where I’ll be tomorrow, and especially not 10 years from now. I hope to continue writing about food and sharing my passion for cooking with friends and strangers alike. Maybe one day I’ll own a restaurant, or have a cooking show. Who knows…Any Food Network recruiters reading this: that spice cake is yours if you hire me!”

Jane's Russian Yeast Pancakes (Oladushki)
Jane’s Russian Yeast Pancakes (Oladushki)

To learn and see more of Jane, check out her awesome how-to cooking videos on the FoodtoEat YouTube Channel

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From Food Writing to Hosting Curated Events: Meet Caitlin Heikkila

This is the first article  in our series featuring influential New York City food bloggers, Food Bloggers in the City. We’ll be getting to know all your favorite food bloggers and writers, who bring you the newest and most exciting news on food and restaurants. If there’s a blogger you want us to write about, let us know by shooting an email to debra@foodtoeat.com 

becomingbrooklyn logo

By Debra Liu

Caitlin Heikkila, the force behind the awesome food blog, Becoming Brooklyn, is one of our favorite NYC food bloggers. We had an opportunity to meet and learn more about her new exciting venture, The Sauce, a lifestyle club similar to a supper club, but with elements of wine, music and art folded into the delicious mix.

Caitlin Heikkila
Caitlin Heikkila

Growing up in a food-oriented household in New England, with a mom who is a caterer, Caitlin has had a passion for food for as long as she can remember. She went to school for writing and communications and blended her passion for food with her interest in writing when she began her blog shortly after moving to NYC post-college. In her blog, Becoming Brooklyn, Caitlin shares her experiences living, eating and experiencing Brooklyn, which she fell in love with immediately after escaping her super tiny Manhattan apartment.

Heirloom Tomato Pizza at Motorino Brooklyn
A Caitlin Favorite: Heirloom Tomato Pizza at Motorino Brooklyn

One of Caitlin’s favorite dining experiences has been at Aska in Williamsburg, which creates Scandivanian-inspired cuisine. “I’m actually Finnish so I was excited to try the food. It was seriously one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Every course was something I’ve never tasted before. There were these flavors that brought memories; kind of like a tie between food and memory so that was great,” Caitlin says. Some of her other favorite food spots in Brooklyn include Diner, Lucali, Seersucker and Colonie.

In addition to writing, Caitlin enjoys hosting events, which led her to co-found The Sauce. According to Caitlin, The Sauce is “a lifestyle club for people who are passionate about food, drink, art and music. So at each event we have all of those things.” The club introduces members to a curated social experience, exposing people to delicious foods prepared by experienced chefs as well as new art and music by rising artists and musicians, all in one night.

The Sauce’s first event was held on November 14;  it was a harvest themed 5-course supper celebrating the taste and foods of Fall, perfectly accompanied by wine and cider and held at Atelier Roquette, an absolutely gorgeous event space in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

A Caitlint Favorite: House Cured Scottish Salmon at Clover Club
A Caitlin Favorite: House Cured Scottish Salmon at Clover Club

And of course, we had to ask Caitlin about her favorite Thanksgiving foods as this is the holiday practically made for foodies. “I love simple, simply prepared vegetables like roasted Brussels sprouts or roasted sweet potatoes. I’m also into the traditional Thanksgiving pies like pumpkin, or even sweet potato pie, apple. I have at least two slices of every single pie. You have to try everything!”





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The FoodtoEat Team is Grateful For Mashed Potatoes, Fall Leaves, Family and More…

Thanksgiving is definitely one of our favorite holidays here at FoodtoEat. Mostly because it’s celebrated by bringing family and friends together over delicious, comforting, elastic waistline stretching food. Meet the FoodtoEat team and find out what our favorite Thanksgiving foods and memories are. We want to hear yours too – comment below! 
Deepti’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Stuffing
Deepti Sharma Kapur, Founder & CEO
Deepti Sharma Kapur
On Thanksgiving, Deepti is known for making delicious mashed potatoes and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. She is grateful for her family, friends and the team at FoodtoEat.  Also, fall leaves make her super happy. “Abhinav’s family does Thanksgiving at their house every year. Waking up at 7am and cooking with his mum and sister all day is probably one of my favorite things ever,” Deepti says.
Diana’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Mashed Potatoes
Diana Truong, Director of Operations
Diana Truong
“So simple, but so delicious. I can eat my family’s homemade mash all day long,” Diana says. She’s famous for making really yummy deviled eggs. One of her best memories of Thanksgiving as a child was going around the table with her whole extended family and saying what each person was thankful for. “It was always really silly or really sweet,” Diana recalls. She’s grateful that Thanksgiving brings people together.
Alex’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Turducken
Alex Reiss, Catering Coordinator
Alex Reiss
“Turducken! Turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken- it’s a Texas favorite,” says Alex, who hails from Houston. She is known for making a scrumptious stuffing every Thanksgiving. Her favorite holiday memory is when her mom let the family dog (a maltese!) sit at the table during dinner. She’s incredibly grateful for having parents who have supported her move to NYC post-college. She’s loving her new life and her new job. “I feel very fortunate to actually enjoy the company of my coworkers and look forward to coming into the office with my team everyday,” Alex says.
Ashwin’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: To Be Determined
Ashwin Hamal
Ashwin Hamal
Ashwin hasn’t had a chance to have a real Thanksgiving yet (don’t worry – we plan to make sure he does!). He really likes Japanese food though. He’s (in)famous for making an amazing hot sauce. He remembers his first Thanksgiving: “Freshman year in college dorm. Two months into the US. The whole town left for home. Didn’t see a face for 2 days straight and was feeding off of 50 cent ramen from a nearby 7-11.” Ashwin is grateful that he’s come a long way since those ramen-eating days.
Pinky’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Corn/Stuffing
Prisuja Nepali Rajak
Pinky had her first Thanksgiving last year with her old roomies and had a great time. “Last year was my first Thanksgiving that I celebrated in American style, and I made brownies. Everyone ate it, so I guess it was good,” she says. She is grateful to be around the best people on Earth. She says the Team is awesome and obviously, we think Pinky is really awesome too!
Div’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Post-Thanksgiving Sandwiches
Divaker Sharma
Divaker Sharma
In addition to post-Thanksgiving sandwiches, Div loves Thanksgiving sides including candied yam, mashed potatoes with gravy and really buttery corn on the cob. Back in college, he was in charge of making the turkey, but now he dreams of baking pecan pies (we’ll be the taste testers). He thinks making hand Turkeys in kindergarten was awesome and totally wants the entire team to make them now. He’s incredibly thankful for “having a wonderful family and a few close friends to share my problems with and the American farmer for bringing delicious produce to my table.”
Debra’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Stuffed Mushrooms
Debra Liu, Marketing & Social Media Intern
Debra Liu
Debra’s a big fan of trying new recipes for Thanksgiving. Last year, she made Baltimore-style lump crab cakes and a poached pear almond tart. Her favorite memory is that of when she was little and she, along with her siblings and cousins would play hide-and-seek after eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Now that they’re all much older, running around has become laying around in a food-induced coma. Debra is grateful for how lucky she’s been to have had all the opportunities she’s had in her life!
Now it’s your turn! Tell us your favorite Thanksgiving memory and what you’re most grateful for – comment below!
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Meet MasterChef Junior Finalist Alexander Weiss!

Alexander Weiss, MasterChef Junior Finalist  PHOTO CREDIT:  Greg Gayne/FOX
Alexander Weiss, MasterChef Junior Finalist

By Debra Liu

Tonight, the entire nation will see Alexander Weiss, one of the remaining two finalists on MasterChef Junior, compete for the $100,000 prize on the show’s finale, which will air at 8PM on FOX.

Alexander, 13,  grew up in New York City and his adventures into cooking started at the early age of 5 when he began baking with his mom. As he got older, he learned how to cook savory dishes with his dad. “After that, I took what my parents taught me how to cook and made my food more elevated and complex. I had also watched the Food Network and cooking shows on TV. I have always been so fascinated by cooking and trying new things,” Alexander says. 

Alexander shares with us here at FoodtoEat what inspires him, what his favorites foods and recipes are, and what he hopes for the future:

FoodtoEat: What inspires you to cook?

Alexander Weiss: I’m inspired by the chefs I see cook on tv; such as Gordon Ramsay, Jacques Pepin, Daniel Boulud and by Anthony Bourdain, he doesn’t cook on tv, but his passion for food is inspiring, and of course my parents as well as knowing that I can make fresh tasty food instead of eating what’s in the frozen section of the market.

If you could choose any chef to cook with, who would it be and what would you cook?

Gordon Ramsay is still my number #1 choice. I’ve been trying to perfect his sticky toffee pudding recipe, but can’t quite nail it. I would love to learn the tricks from “the man” himself.  I  would also love to learn to make classic French dishes such as escargot and fois gras from Daniel Boloud.

What is your favorite recipe?

The next one I’m going to make. I have lots of favorites, but exploring new dishes is really the most fun.

Do you have a favorite type of cuisine to eat? Favorite type of cuisine to cook?

To eat- French & Italian  To cook- Italian

What is the most unique and fun dish you’ve ever created?

Vanilla bean roasted chicken and treacle ice cream in an almond tulle cup.

What is the one food you cannot live without, something that you could eat every day and never get sick of?


Do you have a favorite restaurant in NYC? Why?

Jones Wood Foundry. It’s all amazing to me; especially, fish and chips, sticky toffee pudding, fresh crumpets with lemon curd and compound butter, beef and kidney pie, bubble and squeak.

What has been the most memorable part of being on MasterChef Junior?

Meeting all my great new friends and all the knowledge I’m taking with me from the MasterChef Junior kitchen.

What have you learned while being on the show? Any cool, awesome kitchen tricks? Were you nervous in the beginning?

I have learned how to work like a professional chef and how to be more organized, making aioli in a food processor, baking cakes in a bain marie (water bath) and a much better way to hold my knife. I was very nervous because all the other kids really looked like they knew their stuff.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Being the chef/owner of my own NYC restaurant.

Can you cook for our office one day?! Only half joking. It would be amazing to try your food one day!

For sure!!!

See Alexander cook to impress tonight on the MasterChef Junior Finale on FOX. We know we’ll be glued to the TV!

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patron saint of san gennaro

I welcomed myself to the 87th annual San Gennaro festival with a large warm marinara slice.  As I walked through Mulberry street I was amazed with the depth of the non-food vendors present this year.  Chinese men and women selling Buddha figurines with silk prints right alongside African jewelers and veteran NYC t-shirts vendors. Amazing.  I bought a ‘nice’ godfather tshirt, a pair of shades and moved onto the fresh lemonade lady, eager to squeeze out a soothingly sweet lemon for my cold beverage. Tangy!

This year, the patron saint of Naples blessed the street fair with many hard working sausage extraordinaire’s.  I’ve never watched these guys with a keen observant eye, so I decided to check out some of their famed skills.  I made my way through the carnies – won a goldfish – and diligently looked out for a grill master and stood there and carefully noted his loving surgeon like handling of those large monstrous sausage rolls.

The grill was sizzling at this point and it scared me whenever he diverted himself to grab some fries or fried chicken for another hungry customer.  Why wasn’t he worried about that grill burning those wondrous cellulose encased trifectas of delicious meatiness? I decided to question him. Mistake – he gave me a quick shrug and a nonchalant dismissive grin. I’m sure if I looked deep into his eyes he would’ve been burned a hole in my already shaken confidence.  So I waited and watched him shuffle the meat around the grill.  Then he flipped it, carefully, just long enough for my eyes.

Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy, New York City

Now I don’t believe that it’s right to give away trade secrets, but if something is going to benefit all mankind then it deserves to be known to the masses. Ok, are you ready for this? Those ginormous sausages are actually cooked on top of a layer of onions and peppers! Giving them the tender sweetness of the peppers and keeping them at the perfect temperature for that perfect snap as you bite into a sausage and pepper hoagie.  So there you go folks you don’t ask a professional why he does what he does. Especially when the line is a staggeringly deep into an overpopulated nyc street filled with who knows how many mafioso’s.

Happy cooking!

P.S. Next year im going to figure out, just how they make those gigantic cannoli’s and also just how fresh are those fried crab and lobster fingers? Stay tuned.

san gennaro gian cannoli man

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