So, How Exactly Does Social Ordering Work?

By Emily Collins & Debra Liu

Our brand new website has an incredible new feature: social ordering. This feature gives you the power to follow your friends, become a part of a social network of foodies and order food with a group without the stress because you can literally split the bill right on our website. Check out our step-by-step guide to the social ordering process.

Step 1: Get an account. You can sign up directly on the website or sign up via Facebook. Make sure to verify your email before you start an order. Please enjoy the throwback picture.

Step 2: Invite your friends. If they don’t have an account already, have them sign up. Once you’re all signed up, you can follow each other. To find your friends on FoodtoEat, you can search by name or by email.


Step 3Find a place to order from. When searching for a place to order from, make sure the address you’re using is where the delivery is going. If the address is different, the restaurant may be out of the delivery zone.


Step 4: Start your own order. Once this order is started, you can invite as many people as you want ! If they’re not signed up on FoodtoEat, you can send them an invite via email. If they’re already signed up, just search their name and click to send them an invitation to join your order.



Step 5: Start choosing the food you all want. While you’re selecting your food items, a chat feature will pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Everybody in the order can freely chat and update each other on the status of the order.


Step 6: Once everybody is done adding food to the cart, the Order Owner will click “check out” and this will bring everybody to a new page to pay the bill.


Step 7: Paying the bill. There are 3 options for bill payment. The Order Owner has the power to decide what happens:

(1) Cash – you’ll need to gather up cash to pay for the food when it arrives,

(2) Credit Card – by clicking on Credit Card, the Order Owner is paying for the entire bill his/herself  (so generous!), and

(3) Split Bill – the Order Owner has to add their friends to the bill split by clicking on the friends’ profiles on the left hand side of the screen.

  • The bill can be split evenly by clicking on “Split Evenly” or everybody can pay for what they ordered individually by clicking on “Pay Your Own”.
  • Each person puts in their credit card number and once it is confirmed, each individual will have “ √ PAID” next to their name.



Step 8: Once everybody has paid, the order will go through to the vendor. If there are any special requests, these can be put in before the order is paid and confirmed.


Step 9: You’ll receive an email confirmation summarizing your order. If you have any urgent changes to the order, please contact the vendor you ordered from directly – this will be the most efficient way to update/change your order.


Step 10: While you’re waiting for your food to arrive, share your order on social media! Social ordering is more than just splitting a bill between friends; you are now able to follow your friends, check out where they’re ordering from, share on social media and even favorite restaurants.

On your homepage, you can see who is following you, who you’re following and their recent activity. This means you can see where your friends are ordering and who they love! It makes choosing a restaurant just a little bit easier.


Since Debra L. is following me, I can check out her recent orders, favorites and followers. Debra seems to be a bit addicted to Decadent Donuts…


Once you’re done social ordering with your friends, you can tweet or share it on Facebook! Let people know where it’s best to order from in the city.
follow4Share the food love over social media! We love getting tweets and pictures of your orders. Now, all you need to do is click a button and you can automatically share your social order on Facebook and Twitter.


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FoodtoEat: Where We Began and Where We’re Going

By Emily Collins 

As you may have noticed, we are undergoing a few changes here at FoodtoEat! Our new website is another step to help our mission of making online food ordering as easy as possible. In 2012 our CEO, Deepti Sharma Kapur, felt her stomach growling, went to get food and realized how long the line was at her favorite food truck. They say it only takes one spark to start a fire (or in this case, a growl to start a roar) and Deepti took advantage of this hunger and started something great.

Valducci’s Pizza | Photo credit: Sulav Darnal

As we embark on a new chapter in our business, we want to bring it all back to where it began and what we continue to strive for. FoodtoEat, at its very core, is about social responsibility. We want our vendors to thrive in a business that can be dangerously competitive. Our mission is to help local restaurants, food trucks and caterers get more business by putting their products online and ready to order at the tips of your fingers. While our competitors are charging 15-18% per order, we only charge 10 cents – you can order knowing you’re putting money back into the vendors’ pockets. New York City is a bit of a food mecca; keeping the food culture alive is important and taking large amounts of money from hardworking vendors is not a way to do that.

Not only do we give our vendors an easy online ordering platform, we also provide them with corporate catering connections. By signing up with FoodtoEat, vendors and clients have the chance to be a part of our growing concierge catering service. Unlike your typical online food ordering service, we help our vendors flourish by exposing their food to offices around the city. We also help our clients by bringing incredible food to their offices. Whether it’s an ice cream bar, build your own burger or a food truck directly to your office, we’re always finding ways to help our vendors cater to our awesome clients like Tumblr and Hulu.

Ordering with friends made easy on our new website.

Because of our connections and low fees, we are able to make online ordering not just easier on the vendor, but for the customer. This month, we launched our brand new website that features social ordering.

Split the bill at the press of a button!

How many times have you wanted to order food with a friend and splitting the bill is an absolute disaster? We’ve solved that. You can invite your friends into an order from different computers and you can buy delicious food together.

Our new chat feature lets you interact with people while you’re ordering together.

At the end of the order, all you need to do is click a “split bill” button and voilà! You no longer need to walk to Duane Reade and buy a pack of gum to break your $20. You can order from your office computer with co-workers or on your iPad in your dorm, it’s just as simple as the click of a button.

At the end of the day, we want to make online food ordering the best it can be. Help us feed you by ordering today.

For the launch of our new website and social ordering feature, we are running a promotion. Invite your friends, family, co-workers, dogs, anyone to order with you and you can receive 20% off the entire order!

Join the party! Make a social group order with your friends and receive 20% off the entire order.

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FoodtoEat takes on Internet Week New York: Day 1

By Emily Collins

In case you didn’t know, yesterday kicked off Internet Week New York (#IWNY)! All week (5/19-5/22), we have the pleasure of feeding and mingling with some of New York’s finest business people, innovators and Internet all-stars. We’ll be collaborating with our vendors to provide delicious food for #IWNY. Check out some of our pictures below and on our Instagram.

Jonah Peretti, the CEO of Buzzfeed speaking about how he found success on the Internet.
Jack’s Sliders and Sushi provided the hungry people of IWNY with some fantastic eats!
The lovely ladies of loved their food from mamagyro.
The IWNY cafe, sponsored by FoodtoEat!
Salad Pangea providing IWNY with a variety of awesome salads.
IWNY Cafe presented by: FoodtoEat!
Nadia’s Moroccan Kitchen provided IWNY with Moroccan meatballs over couscous today.

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Four Grilled Cheeses That We Wish Were Dateable

By Emily Collins

If you’re anything like me and would rather stroll around Central Park with a nice, warm grilled cheese than a significant other, you’re in luck! Our grilled cheese dating profiles give you the lowdown on some of the best grilled cheeses New York City has to offer. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a grilled cheese date, does it?

1. Mexican Grilled Cheese from Eggstravaganza Cart

Not to be confused with a breakfast sandwich, the Mexican Grilled Cheese from Eggstravaganza Cart will put a little kick into your day! Skip the line by pre-ordering this spicy sandwich online.

2. Bacon Cheddar Blue grilled cheese from The Milk Truck


The Milk Truck specializes in packing a ton of ingredients into one, harmonious, cheesy sandwich. With New York aged cheddar and Wisconsin blue cheese, you can’t go wrong with the Bacon Cheddar Blue. Order this delicious grilled cheese online today!

3. Mr. Otto from La Maison Du Croque Monsieur


This grilled cheese is a little bit of everything: sweet, sour and savory. The fanciful Mr. Otto combines roasted pork, pickled pear and Tickler aged cheddar to make for a sophisticated take on a classic.

4. Shroom Grilled Cheese from The Melt Shop


Melt Shop is a grilled cheese enthusiasts dream – it’s got 3 locations for easy access grilled cheese and offers a ton of different options. The Shroom is just one of many noteworthy grilled cheeses Melt Shop has to offer.

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Which Food Trucks Would Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Absolutely Love?

By Emily Collins

Here in New York City, we’re lucky enough to have access to some of the most fantastic restaurants, food trucks and carts to exist. Unfortunately for Westeros, the food truck trend just has not caught on, but we’re dreamers here at FoodtoEat and matched a few of our favorite Game of Thrones characters with some of our local food trucks and carts.

Tyrion and Taco from Kimchi Taco Truck



Tyrion Lannister might be a small guy, but he certainly knows how to pack a big punch (or slap if you’re Joffrey). His personality always leaves you wanting to know more. This is exactly how we feel about spicy grilled chicken mini tacos from Kimchi Taco Truck. These tacos may be mini, but with ingredients like cilantro and kimchi chipotle aioli, they come with quite the kick.

Daenerys and Eggs from Eggstravaganza



If you follow Game of Thrones, you know Daenerys is the mother of dragons. Her dragon eggs are incredibly rare, but Daenerys managed to hatch three on the show. Luckily, here in NYC [chicken] eggs aren’t extinct (although dragon eggs are still hard/impossible to come by). If you share Daenerys’ passion for eggs, head over to the Eggstravaganza Cart! Every morning, they serve several different egg dishes: from classic western omelets to Mexican wraps with eggs, chorizo, potatoes and much more. We are certain Daenerys would be very pleased with Eggstravaganza.

Joffrey and Jerk Chicken from Veronica’s Kitchen


Veronica’s Kitchen Food Cart offers delicious Caribbean food with some of Joffrey’s most notable traits. Joffrey has quite a fiery personality, so why not try Veronica’s spicy curry? Knowing King Joffrey, he would pick a dish like stew “king” fish, but we see him as more of a “jerk” chicken kind of guy.

Win The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook! 

To celebrate the upcoming Game of Thrones season 4 premiere on April 6th, we are having a promotion this weekend. Don’t miss your chance to win The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook autographed by the authors!


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Pulled Pork Waffle from Wafels & Dinges

The Wafels & Dinges Truck has been a favorite New York food truck of mine since I first noticed their iconic yellow trucks and carts. I’m not a huge fan of desserts, but something about the way the truck seems to care about its city got my attention. Wafels always sets up a garbage can outside its truck to keep the streets clean, they allow you to take whatever utensils and napkins you might need to not be so wasteful, and the guys on the truck generally have great attitudes and seem to thoroughly enjoy their jobs. Given my appreciation for the truck, I was shocked to find out they offered a pulled pork waffle and I didn’t know about it.

For $10 I got a pulled pork waffle and an iced coffee, a little more than I would’ve liked to spend on lunch but for some food trucks I can make an exception. The waffle itself wasn’t huge, and I was a little worried that I would be hungry afterwards. The idea of mixing sweet and savory also had me a little skeptical about this waffle, but once I took my first bite all my fears disappeared.

The waffle was a perfect mix of savory and sweet, kind of the way you always wished a McDonald’s McGriddle would taste. The waffle has a light syrupy flavor to it which complemented the barbecue sauce and natural sweetness of the pulled pork. Towards the back of the waffle was a mound of fresh cole slaw that was a perfect antidote to the richness of the waffle and pulled pork. I needed a fork and knife to eat this meal, and by the end I was perfectly content.

Wafels & Dinges never ceases to disappoint for a great meal. The even provided a small spekuloos wafer as a dessert, and anyone who has tried Wafels’ spekuloos spread knows how great this unique Belgian sauce is. The pulled pork waffle was just as rich as any dessert, but savory too which made it the perfect lunch. Some people might still be hungry after a lunch like this, but I found it to be a perfect medium between filling me up and keeping me awake enough to get some work done after lunch.

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How Not to Cut a Food Truck Line

Anderson Cooper’s new show ‘Anderson’ recently snagged some footage of a paid actor cutting lines at a crowded food cart in New York City. In the video the actor casually cuts close to the front of the line while talking on his cell phone, acting completely oblivious to his surroundings. The actor was closely watched by producers throughout the shooting of the video, just in case things got out of hand.

The New Yorkers getting cut in line at the food cart are less hostile to the undercover actor than expected. Many of them complain about how long they have been waiting in line, but some even allow him to remain in line despite his obnoxious behavior.

Ordering online or calling ahead and pre-ordering from food trucks or carts is a simple way for hungry patrons to get their food ahead of other customers, just the way making reservations at a restaurant allows you to skip a lengthy wait on a busy evening. However in these scenarios a customer would walk directly to the window of the food cart and receive their food, rather than blatantly join the line somewhere near the middle. To the customers who waited over an hour for their food and still let someone cut them on line, there is something to be said about their patience.

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When All Else Fails, Partnership Calls Food Carts an ‘Eyesore’

Food trucks and carts have been given a wide variety of reasons for why they are no longer welcome in Midtown, Manhattan. Most of these reasons relate to an outdated court ruling, or complaints by rent-paying brick and mortar restaurants, but this is the first complaint we’ve heard that has ostracized food carts based upon their physical appearance.

A new campaign by neighborhood business owners and members of the 34th Street Partnership have called out food and street vendors for being rude, obnoxious eyesores that are cluttering the streets. Dan Biederman, who heads the Partnership as well as the Bryant Park Association said “The problem is really simple: the food vendors, with about five exceptions, are the ugliest collection of miserable-looking vehicles we’ve ever seen. The vendors are almost exclusively terrible citizens, they litter with impunity and are generally rude to anyone who asks them to clean up.”

The partnership has taken action by asking city officials to reduce the amount of street vendors in Midtown, and effectively take away licenses and relocate them to ‘better’ places. Biederman claims the street vendor problem has worsened since many vendors began putting flashing signs on their carts. This, in conjunction with excess smoke, odd smells, piles of trash on street corners and the general aesthetic appeal of carts have made the streets in midtown unpleasant for residents, tourists and office workers. The group mentioned that several carts do look physically attractive, such as Wafels & Dinges and the Fruit-n-Juice cart on West 35th and Broadway.

The Street Vendor Project, which helps street vendors identify their rights, has responded to this most recent charge by this campaign. “It’s a little bit crazy to call vendors ugly and take them away from their neighborhood,” said Street Vendor Project attorney, Matthew Shapiro.

Shapiro argues that vendors provide important jobs to immigrants, and offer more affordable food for people who cannot afford the high priced options in Manhattan. “They can’t afford to invest in their business and make them looks better because they’re always getting slammed with fines. When people think of New York, they think of street vendors, they think of the hot dog cart. It’s part of the city.”

Biederman sees city organizations as a means to regulate the food trucks, though they are already heavily regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. With litter, crime and graffiti disappearing from the city, Biederman now sees food trucks and carts as the single biggest complaint, which the city has a responsibility to address.

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Thai Street Food by Tuk Tuk Boy

Today’s lunch was the Chicken Pad Thai from the new Thai Street Food Cart on 51st and 6th ave. Since the cart first came to midtown a few weeks ago, I’ve gotten to know the owner, Jay, pretty well. One of my favorite things about the cart is that they leave individually packaged containers of hot sauce by the pickup window, so it’s easy to regulate how spicy you want your meal to be.

The Pad Thai was packed with a decent amount of chicken, cut in large chunks. It also came with crushed peanuts, scallions, bean sprouts, eggs and possibly some cucumber (I ate it too quickly to be sure). The Pad Thai was flavorful enough on its own, but with some hot sauce mixed in it quickly reached a new level. The Thai Cart takes its time to prepare all of its dishes, which definitely shows in the taste. It’s easy to tell that the ingredients in the Pad Thai weren’t pre-mixed, with each separate item having its own texture and crunch, and the rice noodles soft and well cooked.

My only complaints about the food would be that for $6 the portions aren’t exactly huge compared to the average chicken and rice vendor. But for Thai food from a cart, the portions were adequate and the taste was definitely restaurant quality. I’ll be going back soon to try their appetizer rolls and maybe even their mock duck.

You can pre-order your food and pick it up in no time right here

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Wall Street Protests Wearing Thin on Food Vendors

Although the occupy Wall Street movement intends to stand up for small business owner like New York’s street vendors, those who sell food around Zucotti Park have been less than understanding of the protestor’s goals. Street vendors have recently complained that they have been losing all their business due to the influx of protestors, repelling their regular crowds and not purchases themselves.

The street vendors are mostly Arab and Egyptian, and though the protests have been compared to the Arab Spring and Tahrir Square, the vendors fail to see the similarities between events. While the protestors have exhibited a certain level of destitution, begging for coffee and hunting for money, streets vendors have failed to see the parallels between the Wall Street protests and uprisings in Third World countries. Egyptian street vendor Zizi Elnagouri said, “We were fighting for a big, big thing: for life, to eat, against a giant snake that would kill us. Here, they’re not fighting to eat, say, regular bread, but … special bagels or something.”

The feelings of disconnect between street vendors and protestors extends to brick and mortar business owner as well. Many have reported lower sales as customers are driven away by the protestors, as well as having issues with protestors damaging their bathrooms. For some vendors closely surrounded by protestors it is difficult to move their carts in and out of the park, resulting in all night vigils guarding their carts in Zucotti Park.

Though many street vendors sympathize with the goals of the Wall Street protests, they cannot help but hope that they come to an end soon. A falafel vendor named John from Alexandria had this to say, “This is terrible business. I hope they get the money they’re protesting for, then they can give me some.”

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