FoodtoEat’s 10 Sexiest Foods Alive for Valentine’s Day – All Under $10

By Rosie O’Regan

For centuries, aspiring Casanovas have viewed certain foods as aphrodisiacs used to spice up the mood.  From chocolate to oysters, and everything in between, FoodtoEat has done some sleuthing to uncover the effect that these so-called sexy foods can have on your love life. We are proud to present our list of the Top 10 Sexiest Foods Under $10. Listed in order of price, these romance-inducing treats range from “adding an extra spring in your step” to “splurging on an all-you-can-eat love buffet”.

1. Almond Stick ($2.66) from Pie Face

Treat yourself and your loved one to a buttery pastry filled with almonds and custard.

Aphrodisiac Level: Almonds are rich in zinc, selenium, and vitamin E, which are important minerals that boost sexual health and reproduction.

Sexy Level: Accidentally getting shocked from brushing past a stranger—it’s electric!

Almond Stick from Pie Face

2. Orange Cranberry Scone ($3.50) from The Squeeze

This organic and gluten-free citrus scone is bound to have you starting your morning off right.

Aphrodisiac Level: Citrusy fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and folic acid, which are consequentially essential for men’s reproductive health.

Sexy Level: Sharing a coy look across a crowded room.

Orange Cranberry Scone from The Squeeze

3.  Vodka Slice ($5) from Valducci’s Original Pizza Truck download

We’re counting this decadent combination of vodka, crushed tomatoes, cheese and bread as alcohol because it’s sure to make you feel drunk on love.

Aphrodisiac Level: Imbibing in moderation is known to relax and lower your inhibitions. Alcohol has the added benefits of raising HDL “good” cholesterol and reducing the chance of blood clots. Just don’t over do it—no one wants to be the one with the messy date!

Sexy Level: Scoring that cute guy or girl’s number from the bar.

Vodka Slice from Valducci's
Vodka Slice from Valducci’s

4. Takoyaki (Fried Octopus Balls in Batter) ($6) from Okadaman 

Oysters are the most commonly praised seafood aphrodisiac, but we much prefer this Japanese-style fried octopus dish to set the mood.

Aphrodisiac Level: Seafood contains libido-boosting zinc and oily fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are needed to maintain a healthy heart.

Sexy Level: First date movie night…watching Shame with Michael Fassbender.

Takoyaki from Okadaman

5. Le Triomphe Crepe ($6) from The Crepes Truck                                              

Chocolate-covered strawberries are undoubtedly clichéd…switch things up with this decadent crepe containing strawberries, nutella and bananas—oh my!

Aphrodisiac Level: Throughout history chocolate has been thought to hold romantic properties, and while not an actual aphrodisiac, it does contain phenylethylamine, tryptophan, and serotonin—substances thought to enhance both sexual arousal and the feeling of falling in love.

Sexy Level: Having them cook your favorite meal.

Le Triomphe Crepe from The Crepes Truck

6. 305 Rib-Eye Steak Pressed Sandwich ($7) from Miami Food Machine

If you’re feeling ravenous for romance, try this hand-pressed sandwich with thin sliced rib-eye steak sautéed with garlic, herbs, and chili flakes with chimichurri.

Aphrodisiac Level: Steak is loaded with zinc and iron which is believed to enhance your sex drive. It’s also a healthy source of protein and B vitamins which will leave you completely sated. Plus, the sound of sizzling steak just screams passion.

Sexy Level: Making out in the rain, The Notebook-style.

Ribeye Steak Pressed Sandwich from Miami Food Truck

7. Spicy Seared Pork (3 for $7) from Kimchi Taco

Rubbed with Korean spices, marinated with red pepper paste, and topped with pico de gallo and fresh kimchi, this pork tenderloin is guaranteed to get you going.

Aphrodisiac Level: Spicy foods are believed to be an aphrodisiac because they mimic signs of arousal by increasing your heart rate and making you sweat.

Sexy Level: Shopping for lingerie for your significant other.

Spicy Seared Pork Tacos from Kimchi Taco

8. Ginger Chicken Tacos (3 for $7) from Big D’s Grub Truck 

In order to set the mood, choose to fill your grinder sandwich with tender chicken mixed with ginger sauce and served with fresh cilantro.

Aphrodisiac Level: Ginger’s most important romantic property is its ability to increase circulation and increase sensitivity in the erogenous zones.

Sexy Level: Indulging in a candlelit bubble bath.

Ginger Chicken Tacos from Big D’s Grub Truck

9. Tacos, Quesadilla, or Burrito with Avocado Delight Sauce ($9) from Taco Bite

Top off your dish with the truly delightful Avocado Delight Sauce. It’s a great alternative to standard guacamole and is sure to sink your mind straight into the gutter.

Aphrodisiac Level: Being rich in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fat makes avocados great for your heart and your arteries. Not too sexy, right? Wrong. Anything that keeps the heart strong keeps the blood flowing…to all the right places.

Sexy Level: Rose petals strewn across your bedspread.

Avocado Delight on a taco from Taco Bite

10. Sweet Chili Chicken ($9) from Sweet Chili

Feeling really bold? Ignite your passion with chicken topped with house sweet chili, tamarind, and scallions. It’s a surefire way to sate your food cravings and rev up some cravings of a different nature.

Aphrodisiac Level: The hot capsaicin in chilis is also believed to heat up your sex life; capsaicin stimulates nerve endings, increases heart rate, and triggers the release of endorphins, giving you a natural high.

Sexy Level: Let’s just say that you’ll be going aallll the way…

Sweet Chili Chicken from Sweet Chili

So there you have it, our list of scandalously scintillating under $10 dishes that put the “food” in foodporn.

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Semi-Organic anyone?

I love the Internet’s ability to give me what I want, when and how I want it.  So I decided to trust it with my lunch.  Could an image search wield a results page leaning towards my own inkling of a thai infused daikon curry kebab on a hogie?  I put Google to the test and they came up with onion rings, pizza pies, roast pig, donuts, spoiled bananas, a food art inspired fruit salad, Jelly beans and baby eating baby food.  I give up.

I jogged through my recent lunch encounters and decided that I wouldn’t mind another chipotle salad.

Being outside of NYC is difficult, but with my brand spanking new 4G mobile network, life becomes manageable. I did a quick search and found a site near my GPS location and astoundingly, a “chipotle music video” to complement my mood for the walk over to their most convenient location.  I was pumped.Chipotle burrito in a bowl

The music video ended up being a short set to the Willy Wonka theme song.  Now I don’t know why exactly it got me so excited in the first place, but it did leave some unanswered questions.  If any of you haven’t seen it, it’s viral – get on it.  Here’s the skinny, a farmer-scarecrow lugs around all day in a pink slime factory trying to establish the meaning of his life amongst the exceedingly corporatized management of milking cows and plumping up chickens.  When he returns after his day long sob story he gets inspired to do something out of the box and decides to open up a ‘farm fresh’ eatery mimicking my neighborhood Chipotle. Really touching, but i’m already on queue to order my salad bowl and catch up on commentary about this hot little viral number.  I’m a busy man.

Brandon Oldenberg (one of the co-directors of the short) states  “It’s a universal concept about an unlikely hero up against a big problem making a decision to do something about it.”(1)  He lays down the premise of this real world ordeal with spectacular imagination in his film. There is a world of hidden costs behind the way our lunch is manufactured. That whole landscape of over fed livestock and modified agricultural messes is what were putting into ourselves and essentially cheating the natural order of its methods. All this leads to madness, causing an imbalance at the expense of maintaining economic sustainability, in the meantime we overly neglect the long term movement towards living a greener and healthier lifestyle.  Unfortunately the less familiar leave it at that. So will I for the sake of terseness – maybe next week we’ll talk about cow milk-puss and clone tomatoes attacking my jedi-ish body mind chakra.

Organic food header

The whole issue is profound and very unlikely to be tackled by corporate offices, but Chipotle believes they can help raise a certain level of awareness through discourse and calculated restructuring of resources.

The Food with integrity campaign launched in 2010 has made a significant impact to Chipotles bottom line, pushing them into new territory, while also bringing a certain degree of skepticism to their initiative.  Since they began marketing themselves as ‘more than just aware’ of the sustainability issues, they’ve moved towards naturally raised meats and organic locally grown ingredients where “at least 35 percent of one of their produce items were sourced from smaller local farms (defined as within a 350 mile radius of the restaurant).”(2) This alone has pumped their corporate structure to strive towards a national awareness across all of their establishments.

Many believe this claim to be unsupported because they haven’t been through independent inspections and those same people claim that a lot of their reports on company specifics are obscure.  Whatever the case may be, it’s commendable that they’ve implemented multilevel campaigns to raise awareness for customers and the industry.

I want to believe them, every bit of those luscious corn kernels and that big glop of guac had me wanting more.  Why should I have to worry about whether or not one of my favorite food vendors is a hundred percent on board the gravy train towards a more expensive organic market?  Is it ok that only 38.53 percent of their ingredient list is put together at a local farm rather than having a dedicated corn kernel factory somewhere along the supply chain? Am I just blowing it up? I took another seemingly massive bite and moved to the issue of personal health and mindfulness of our earth.the face of organic cows

Ive spent the past seven years of my life eating organic locally produced produce – I can trace my morning glass of milk to a single cow and the farm that supplies my groceries is a brisk half hour ride from my residence.  My corn comes from my neighbor’s backyard and from time to time my own garden supplies many of the foods I eat. The benefits are immense, not only am I cultivating the earth for future generations to come, but the sense of peace I get from supporting my local growers is rewarding.

Im at peace with MY world. Can your local Mcdonalds give you that? Chipotle believes it. Lets see where their going with this.

  1. Cheney, Alexansandra. “The Story Behind That Fiona Apple Chipotle Ad.” Speakeasy RSS. Wall Street Journal, Sept.-Oct. 2012. Web. 20 Sept. 2013.
  2. Beylis, Bettina. “How Chipotle’s ‘Food with Integrity’ Strategy Can Really Succeed.” Triple Pundit RSS. Triple Pundit, 15 Oct. 2012. Web. 20 Sept. 2013.

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Vegetarians Rejoice…Tofu To [Likely] Join Chipotle’s Menu Soon

Chipotle, the “Mexican” chain loved by vegetarians and omnivores alike will be testing a “sofritas” option, or tofu shredded & sauteed with tomatoes, poblano peppers, and chipotle sauce, in select San Francisco locations in February.

Chipotle prides themselves off of using sustainable sources and has always provided options to satisfy customers maintaining plant based diets. All of Chipotle’s fixings are vegetarian with the exception of the pinto beans, which are cooked with bacon.

The Denver based chain is looking into including tofu as a menu option as meat prices rise due to increasing hay and feed prices.

Depending on the success, Chipotle could expand the tofu option to 1,200 additional locations.

This is not the first time Chipotle has catered to vegetarians and vegans. In 2009-2010, various stores in the Northeast tested serving a “Garden Blend” which was a “vegan blend of plant proteins, grains and vegetables marinated in our chipotle adobo, then grilled.”


Chipotle has about 1,350 restaurants with locations in the US, Canada, London, and Paris and plans to open an additional 165-180 this year.

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Fast Food Restaurants Imitate Chipotle to Modernize

Months ago we reported on the proposed changes fast-food restaurants like Wendy’s and Taco Bell were undergoing to modernize their brands and attract demographics they might have lost to more upscale quick service restaurants. Now it appears that many of these brands are exclusively targeting Chipotle as the model for their changes. Taco bell unveiled it’s ‘Cantina Bell’ menu to emulate the more upscale Southwestern options available at Chipotle. Similar styles have been observed at new fast food locations around the world with designs including broad panes of glass, hard wood surfaces, metal poles and blocks of metal and concrete.

The original design of Chipotle’s restaurant locations was created by an architect named Brand Gould in 1996. The design was used at Chipotle’s second location in Denver, and stressed natural colors, raw materials and high seating. This new design had a huge impact with customers, giving them the feel that they were eating at a far more authentic restaurant with modern look. This design is also far more cost effective for the restaurant’s the shinier designs used by Chipotle’s competitors. For instance, Wendy’s new design cost only $750,000 to build per location, compared to the $1 million plus it previously cost the brand.

“Chipotle and Panera, these guys raised the bar and changed what consumers expect,” said Craig Bahner, Wendy’s chief marketing officer. “That inspired us to try to offer a fast-casual experience at quick service prices.”

Ultimately this imitation by other fast food brands may disrupt Chipotle’s enormous growth over the past few years. Customers may be less willing to pay more than $10 for a burrito with guacamole if they can get a similar product and experience for much less at a restaurant like Taco Bell. However Chipotle is continuing to push forward in its design initiatives, hiring New York architect Thaddeus Briner to design a fresh look for a location in Manhattan. Briner has already removed any extra decorations from the stores, leaving just the concrete floors, plywood wall coverings, high wooden tables and metal light fixtures.

“We thought about how Chipotle makes their food. They do a few good things, and they do them well,” said Briner. “So in that first restaurant – and there were these discrete parts – there was this queueing wall, there was this storage box with seating and condiments in it. There was fast seating and slow seating. There was an idea about how to use art. So we had these five or six key things, and they had relationships to each other, but you could go into any kind of space and apply the strategy to all these different kinds of spaces.”

In 2009 Chipotle made this design the new standard for all of their locations. This minimalist design actually requires more work from the designers to make them thoughtful rather than sterile and cold. Taco Bell recently boasted that their new look was designed without the help of any architects at all.

Ultimately Chipotle’s prices are still far above those of any of it’s would be competitors, including Taco Bell, and the direct correlation between design and an increase in business cannot be determined. Since redesigning their restaurant locations, Wendy’s has observed a 20 to 25% growth in sales in its first renovated location.

Taco Bells Reveals New ‘Gourmet Mexican’ Menu

With the recent success of Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos, the fast food chain has big plans to continue its success by launching a brand new menu. The new ‘Cantina Bell’ menu is inspired by casual dining chains like Chipotle and Qdoba, which are known for their high quality ingredients. The new menu was created by celebrity chef Lorena Garcia who will appear on “Top Chef Masters” this summer, and will be unveiled at Taco Bell’s 5,600 locations sometime in July.

Taco Bell classifies this food themselves as “gourmet Mexican”, and new items on the menu will feature cilantro rice, black beans, citrus and herb marinated chicken, and cilantro dressing. Taco Bell executive Brian Niccol says the move comes from customers increasingly expecting more than just a quick bite on the go. Of course Taco Bell standards like burrito’s, chalupas and nachos will remain on the menu for the restaurant chain’s devoted following of young-adult customers.

The new Cantina Burrito Bowl and Cantina Burrito will be pricier than Taco Bell patrons are accustomed to, and will sell for around $5 each. Customers can also choose from new side dishes including chips and pico de gallo, guacamole, and black beans and rice. Taco Bell executives acknowledge that these new menu items may draw skepticism from some critics, but they are ultimately hoping to increase options for customers and attract new ones as well. In addition, Taco Bell will refund customers or offer them replacements if they are not satisfied by the new Cantina Bell dishes.

The Cantina Bell menu has already been tested at several locations in California, and the brand has seen an increase in lunch and dinner business as well as more female customers. Taco Bell is hoping to capitalize on a niche that may desire food more substantial than Taco Bell’s regular menu, without paying the higher prices at Chipotle and Qdoba.

Taco Bell will spend over $20 million on advertisements for Cantina Bell once the items are released nationwide, and hopes to continue the momentum that it has had in 2012. After a yearlong lawsuit alleging that Taco Bell’s meat contained too many additives to be called beef, its sales have finally rebounded, and it plans to offer its breakfast menu nationwide by 2014.

Taco Bell currently account for 60% of the sales of its owner, Yum Brands Inc., which also owns Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut.

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Chipotle Celebrates Earth Day by Giving Away Free Burritos

This Earth Day there’s no better place to celebrate all the wonders of our planet then at your neighborhood Chipotle. Chipotle has just announced that they will be giving away FREE burritos this Earth Day (Sunday, April 22nd), though there is a catch…

In order to receive your free burrito, you must first purchase one of Chipotle’s new limited addition reusable bags. The bags largely resemble lunchboxes, and you probably wouldn’t be able to use them for much else besides lunch. They also have Chipotle written on them, which might detract some people who aren’t interested in broadcasting what they eat, and they cost $18 apiece. On the bright side though, they’re made entirely of old Chipotle billboards, making each bag completely unique, and they are completely recycled, meaning that purchasing one is something to feel good about.

Considering the price of a burrito nowadays, purchasing a recyclable bag may not be such a bad investment, not only do you save on your burrito with a barcode you receive when you purchase your bag, but you can also use the bag to store your lunch, plan a picnic, or just look stylish an day of the week. If you’re into helping the environment, and don’t mind paying $18 for a $10 burrito, than you purchase your reusable Chipotle bag here.

*CORRECTION: You may only receive one free burrito with purchase of a reusable bag. Those who purchase a lunch bag from the online Chipotle store will receive a card containing a barcode, which customers must present on Sunday, April 22 (Earth Day) to redeem their free Chipotle menu item.

The Great Burrito Faceoff

In Manhattan, Chipotle seems to run the show when it comes to Burrito chains, with their many locations and loyal, almost cult-like following. However Qdoba is also fairly widespread with at least eight locations in Manhattan, and one conveniently in my path on the way to work every day. With two burrito titans in such close proximity, it seemed only logical to compare a standard burrito from each restaurant to determine which the all around better buy is.
My all time favorite burrito chain is a regional restaurant primarily located in upstate New York called Moe’s Southwest Grill. I use Moe’s as my basis for comparison because of the plentiful meat they stuff in every burrito, the sheer size of the burrito, and the bargain they offer (free chips and salsa with every burrito).

I started my burrito quest at the local Qdoba, and ordered a standard grilled steak burrito with cilantro lime rice, black beans, the spiciest salsa they had, cheese and lettuce. The total for the burrito came to $9.78 with tax, a little more than I planned to pay for just one burrito. I tried to add multiple salsas to my burrito but the Qdoba employees forbid from adding extras unless I was willing to pay more.

The burrito itself was large and pretty heavy, but definitely did not enough chunks of steak inside it. The salsa was blander than I had hoped, and all the ingredients were so segmented that half of my bites were just tortilla, lettuce and rice. In fact the whole burrito was blander than I had hoped, not exactly the bold southwestern flavor I was expecting. On the plus side I was given a Qdoba Rewards card, with a free chips and guacamole once I activated it!

After a somewhat disappointing experience at Qdoba, I turned my attention to Chipotle. I’ve always been wary of Chipotle because of the enormous lunch time lines, but I went at 2PM and found that there was no wait at all. I tried to order the exact same burrito that I did from Qdoba, with grilled steak, cilantro lime rice and black beans. Immediately I noticed that they gave me more steak than Qdoba, so I decided to push my luck by asking for the mild salsa with big chunks of tomatoes as well as their hottest salsa. The girl making my burrito immediately obliged, and gave me a handful of shredded cheese too, as well as my lettuce.

At an even $9, this burrito was huge; so huge that I was impressed my burrito-maker could wrap it at all. The burrito felt like a rock in my hand, but infinitely more flavorful than my Qdoba burrito. The cilantro lime rice tasted like it actually had cilantro and lime in it, and the steak was far more plentiful and flavorful. The salsa was perfectly spicy, and even when the bottom of my burrito ripped open, I didn’t let any of the fillings go to waste and gladly finished it with a fork.

Trying these two different burritos gave me some great perspective on what it is I look for in a quality ‘Southwestern grill’, and that something is FLAVOR. Chipotle truly is made from fresh ingredients, and the proof is in the taste. Though still not up to par with my beloved Moe’s, I can see what all the buzz is about.

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