Mayor Bloomberg’s New York City Soda Ban Overturned!

New York City’s now infamous soda ban has raised a lot of important questions and become one of the most polarizing topics of 2012. Mayor Bloomberg’s ruling was set to take effect on March 12th, until Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling overturned the ruling. The beverage industry, small businesses and several interest groups rallied together to sue and keep the city from enforcing the drink regulation while the case was deliberated on. At last, Judge Tingling declared that “The loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the stated purpose of this rule.”

Mayor Bloomberg and city officials felt that the soda ban was a huge move for public health, aiming to lower obesity rates and thus decrease obesity-related illness costs by close to $2.8 billion annually in New York City. The soda ban was only the latest of Bloomberg’s motions to create a healthier New York. In previous years he compelled restaurant chains to post calorie counts on their menus, banned artificial trans fats from restaurant food, and even limited the amount of salt food manufacturers would use.

Supporters of the Mayor’s health initiatives make the case that sugary drinks are clearly tied to weight gain, and now nearly 24 percent of the city’s adults are obese, up from 18 percent in 2002. City lawyer Mark W. Muschenheim said the soda ban will “have significant public health effects, and the sooner that happens, the better.”

However critics of the soda ban have been far more outspoken, calling it arbitrary in that it applies to only some sugary beverages and allows other beverages to be sold only in certain stores. Critics also stated that the City Board of Health went beyond its jurisdiction in approving this size limit rule. The elected City Council did not preside over the initial ruling, instead a panel of doctors and health professional appointment by Bloomberg approved the soda ban.

While meant to curb obesity, the soda ban would hurt many businesses that relied on beverage sales and would have to retool their menus and change inventory with no compensation, while other established businesses like grocery stores would be allowed to carry on selling large sugary beverages.

Although Bloomberg’s health initiatives may have hit their first real hitch, the Mayor seems unfazed by the judge’s ruling. Shortly afterward he tweeted “We plan to appeal the sugary drinks decision as soon as possible, and we are confident the measure will ultimately be upheld.”

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Coca-Cola Launches New ‘Dasani Drops’

Beverage companies have been experimenting with a lot of new products recently, and many have been alternatives to the common prepared drink. Kraft launched a beverage flavoring drop called MiO in March last year, and Starbuck’s launched a variety of new powdered products. Now Coca-Cola has launched a new ‘alternative beverage’ called Dasani Drops.

These drops can be squeezed into water to instantly add flavor to a beverage, and Coca-Cola believes this may be just the beginning of this new products potential. According to John Roddey, Coca-Cola’s vice president of water, tea and coffee businesses in North America, the liquid drops may soon expand beyond just flavored water. Liquid drops could eventually come in tea form, because drinks with higher sugar content are more difficult to turn into a liquid concentrate.

These new drop products are popular because people can easily carry them from place to place and use as much or as little as they like to suit their own tastes. Powdered drink packets tend to restrict how much a person flavors their drink, and the drops can also make approximately 32 servings, making them remarkably cost efficient.

Dasani Drops will sell for about $4 a bottle, and will be released in early October. Coca-Cola hopes to make this new product as widespread as possible, meaning that the drops will be seen wherever Dasani bottled water is sold. The drops will debut in just four flavors, but more will be introduced next year.

John Roddey admitted to seeing the early success of other brands with similar products, and realized the growth potential for a similar Coca-Cola product. Kraft’s MiO sales have recently spiked, doubling its previous growth to over $100 million in just half a year. For Coca-Cola however, Dasani Drops may have a noticeable effect on its wide range of products. For example, giving people the option to flavor their own water might reduce sales of VitaminWater, another popular Coca-Cola product.

The brand ultimately hopes that Dasani Drops will boost consumption of Dasani bottled water, give the assumption in the products name. With bottle water sales growing, this may be a good time for Coca-Cola to break try this new product. Dasani Drops are artificially sweetened, and contain zero calories.

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The Future of Coffee is Here

With technology and food coinciding more and more as a recent trend, it was only a matter of time before someone took coffee to the next level. The Scanomat TopBrewer is that next level, with a flawless design, remarkable speed and ability to control it with an iPhone.

This new coffee machine offers a sleek design with all of its working parts concealed behind the counter. The TopBrewer focuses on the actually brewing process, offering users the ability to customize every brewing parameter of their coffee or espresso. Coffee brews in just 15 seconds, and espresso brews in just 25 seconds; though the TopBrewer is a single-serve device, all it takes is a push of a button and the machine can make four cups of coffee in just one minute.

The Scanomat TopBrewer takes cares of all of its own maintenance, making it remarkably easy to use. It grinds its own coffee beans, measures out ingredients and foams milk. The machine is also capable of cleaning itself throughout daily use, and can instantly switch between hold and cold beverages. The machine comes with a stainless steel tap remains exposed while underneath your counter the machine is busy making you a delicious cup of coffee. You can even dispense cold milk or water, hot chocolate and even carbonated water from the same spigot.

Lastly, the Scanomat TopBrewer can be controlled via an app on your iPhone or iPad. Customers can create a beverage of their choice remotely, and watch while the TopBrewer prepares it in just seconds.

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