Bring the Pool to the Office: Great Summertime Themed Lunch Ideas

By Danielle Bimston

Everybody loves a day of fun in the sun, so why not bring the pool to the office?! Thanks to our vendors offering bite size treats, you can! Nothing says relaxation and sends fun vibes like finger food does; it’s fast, delicious, and the best part…fun to eat! We’re so excited to be able to offer you a wide variety of little bites that will satisfy your team as well as bring variety and the feelings of summer to your work space. Below are some fun options:

Two Great Tastes… That Taste Great Together?

Two Great Tastes… That Taste Great Together?: Jack’s Sliders and Sushi

Nothing says a summertime bash like sliders… and sushi? At Jack’s Sliders and Sushi, you can find both miniature sized bites as well as a variety of other tiny foods.  Even though it’s rather unique to serve both sliders and sushi together, it definitely offers a fresh and interesting touch to a lunch menu.  Everyone finds it more fun to eat with their hands so why not make a day at the office a little bit more exciting by including some of these bites in your lunch menu.

Indulging Your Guilty Pleasure:

For a healthier option, try it baked! Indulging Your Guilty Pleasure: Potatopia

Even though not everyone will admit it, it’s almost impossible to turn down french fries! They’re the ultimate finger food for snacking, salty and savory.  So why not bring them to the office with Potatopia, the ultimate potato heaven?  Whether you’re into sweet potato fries or just regular tater tots, they have something that will hit the spot. And what’s even more awesome is the endless number of toppings and delicious sauces that they offer!

Throwback! Kid’s Food That Never Gets Old:

Throwback! Kid’s Food That Never Gets Old: The Nugget Spot

Since we were young, chicken nuggets have always hit the spot. (Some things will never change!) Bring this classic finger food from the pool to the office with The Nugget Spot; they offer more than 10 kinds of chicken, both fried and baked! They’re easy to pop in your mouth and release a burst of flavor whether or not you choose to immerse them in a sauce.  They’ll truly make your employees have flashbacks of their childhoods, long days at the beach and relaxing afternoons at the pool.

To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth:

To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Sweet Generation

Finally sum up your poolside meal with a sweet treat from Sweet Generation.  They bake a variety of mini cupcakes, a perfect little one bite only treat.  Just like the end of a long day at the pool, these satisfying treats keep you longing for the next time you will indulge yourself in something you love.

Even though the office can seem a bit dreary, especially after working day in and day out, there are exciting ways to bring a summer spirit into the workplace.  Let FoodtoEat help you conquer this task by providing your team with a delicious, pool party inspired bites. Remember, even though you’re in the office, a relaxing day at the pool is always in your heart!

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Is that Pie on your Face???

Pie Face Logo

By: Sumayyah Hailey

… about 10 minutes after meeting Tennille Scicluna, Senior Marketing Manager at Pie Face, it was all over my face!  I fiendishly shoved tasty little pies in my mouth in the name of  “tasting”.  I felt joy each time I tried a new pie; the vegetable tandoori, Thai chicken curry, minced beef, BBQ pulled pork, chunky steak and finally the Philly cheese steak.  I looked up a few times with happy nods, smiles of amazement and a few lines of extreme gratification; All the while I was thinking, “THANK YOU sweet baby jesus for immigration!”

Pie Face is an Australian café specializing in savory and sweet pies.  They started expanding to North America, specifically New York in 2013 and are coming with a vengeance.  They have opened 5 locations so far and are serving up pie and “flat whites” 24 hours a day.

PieFace_PiesIn case you are as ignorant about Australian food as I am; pies in Australia are what hot dogs and hamburgers are to America. You can find them at sporting events and family and social gatherings.  It is a culinary pride for Australia.  Speaking of pride, Pie Face makes all their pies by hand and bakes them fresh throughout the day. They are made with fresh ingredients, Aussie beef and a flaky crust.  They are damn tasty!  All of the pies come with a unique hand-drawn face on them that tell you what’s inside.  The key is in the mouth, S = steak, M = Mince, V = veg… How cute!  If you have a sweet tooth, they also have an assortment of sweet pies and pastries.  I had the pleasure of tasting the mini chocolate pie and pecan pie, oh my!

PieFace_CoffeeIn addition to the amazing assortment of savory and desert pies, Pie Face serves up coffee designed to kickstart your senses.  One of their specialty drinks is a “flat white”, which is pretty much equivalent to a cappuccino.  I recommend trying it out one sluggish morning. They also offer unique coffee blends such as “Kick My Arse”, “Start My Heart”, “Open My Eyes” and “Still Asleep” that range from a strong kick to a more mellow, gentle kick.

Pie Face has a monthly “Pay with a Tweet” program where if you visit a Pie Face location on the first Tuesday of every month, you can pay for the featured pie with a Tweet, Facebook post or Instagram pic.  It’s that simple.  Next on the tasting block is my favorite, the Tandoori Vegetarian pie on September 3, 2013.

To learn more visit:

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Insomnia: the Sweet Infection

Samvida Patel

And another Manhattan neighborhood is down with Insomnia.  No, not sleeplessness—every New Yorker is afflicted with that (hence the whole coffee-in-the-hand thing).  We mean the only place that will deliver freshly baked cookies to your door until 3 a.m.  So for those of you insomniacs who don’t live near NYU or any of the other 4 locations, the company has opened up a rather convenient location in midtown, on 53rd street between 3rd and 2nd avenues.


Photo by

The best part is, it doesn’t end at cookies.  You can get brownies, ice cream, and of course, some milk to wash down the sweet treats with.  And we all know that along with new beginnings comes celebration.  Whether you never tried insomnia or are a chronic insomniac, you can take part by going to their FaceBook fan page and scrolling down to print the free cookie coupon and 3 for $2 deal coupon to use at the new store.  Honestly, no other cookie bakery will cut that much slack, so why not use both deals?  Separately, of course.  For the grand opening of the new location, just “like” their page and follow their website—you’ll find yourself on top of every sweet deal all the while staying up and giving yourself insomnia.  Pun totally intended.


Photo by

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Happy National Doughnut Day!

National Doughnut Day 2013

Samvida Patel

ImageDoughnuts…  they’ve been around for seventy-five years now, ever since women served them to the American army during World War I.  Famously associated with cops, but a dependable treat for all of us who need a nice dose of sugar in the morning. Alas, with countless bakeries and cafés finding home in New York City, desserts with an air of sophistication, including cupcakes, macarons, and crepes became more of the thing to have.  In fact, the need to refine simple breads into exquisite desserts is plain to see in Dominique Ansel’s sweet innovation, ‘Cronuts.’

ImageThey are fresh croissants, fried like donuts, with crème filling piped in, a glaze applied around the pastry, and topped with flavored icing.  The new craze has given New Yorkers a reason to willingly wait in line at 6:00 a.m.—a whole two hours before Dominique Ansel Bakery actually opens.


With 200 of these pastries selling out in 30 minutes and other locals creating knock-off versions for quadruple the selling price, Cronuts have not only become the new “hot cake,” but have given the classic doughnut a new sense of importance.

The latest upgrade in the doughnut world is by none other than Dunkin’ Donuts, which put eggs, bacon, and cheese in between two halves of its renowned glazed doughnut, to create “The Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich.”


We’d say, it’s two heart attacks in a meal, but it’s definitely an interesting mix of sugary and savory that leaves customers curious and tempted.

 Doughnuts nonetheless, remain a national favorite, with the ever-present Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme, as well as specialty shops like The Donut Pub, The Doughnut Plant, and Wonder City Café and Donut Bar.  And to celebrate the evergreen sweet, here are some doughnut giveaways you don’t want to miss out on!

Dunkin’ DonutsWith a purchase of any beverage, you get a free doughnut.  Offer applies all day!

Krispy KremeIn participating locations only, free doughnut giveaway with no purchase necessary!  New York City, the place to go is 2 Penn Plaza, Amtrak Level.

Tim HortonsLike their FaceBook page and print out their coupon for a free doughnut, with a purchase of any other item.  New York City locations include 50th Street & 7th Avenue, 42nd street and Park Avenue, 2 Penn Plaza, and 9th Avenue between 50th and 51st streets.

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The Lasting Cupcake Culture

Cupcakes have taken on a whole new persona in recent years, from miniaturized cake-bites often served to children or at parties, to gourmet individualized treats served at the finest bakeries and appearing on hit television shows. Some say that the cupcake culture has always been prevalent in the United States, but a recent explosion in cupcake popularity and steady sales even after this initial surge suggest that cupcakes are a permanent fixture in how we eat. Cupcake recipes first began to appear as miniature cakes in cup-sized containers in the late 18th and 19th centuries. From October 2010 to October 2011, 669.4 million cupcakes were sold, demonstrating the lasting popularity of cupcakes appearing in specialized bakeries, food trucks and other outlets. In fact, cupcakes have been largely credited with the rise of specialized bakeries, giving consumers an opportunity to purchase an individualized, gourmet treat at an establishment a step above the common drug store or candy store. With the current state of the economy, cupcakes fit perfectly into most people’s budgets and appeal to their spending needs. Purchasing a cupcake from a bakery or a cupcake truck creates a profoundly different emotional reaction in consumers than buying a candy bar or a packaged dessert from a local convenience store. Ultimately this gives people an affordable means to reward themselves or others. According to consumer trends analyst Chris Carbone, cupcakes appeal to a post-modern culture that values creativity, authenticity, personalization and locally sourced materials. Cupcakes offer more than just a sugary treat, but an experience. By patronizing a boutique cupcakery, consumers become part of a larger story. Cupcakes also give consumers an opportunity to discuss what they’re eating, and share opinions and photos through social media. Less favorable opinions about cupcakes dub them as part of the ‘me-generation’, giving people the ability to self-soothe with a sugary treat, and contribute to a sense of isolation and loneliness. Cupcake haters can be just as vocal as cupcake supporters, blaming a slew of problems from obesity to depression on personalized treats like cupcakes. In moderation, experts say there is no harm in indulging in cupcakes. And while personalized, they tend to reveal a great deal about peoples’ personalities, based upon their many different flavors. In the end, cupcakes continue to be a multimillion dollar industry, and certainly seem to have staked a place in our world of food.

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Vegan Bakeries Going Incognito to Build Business

Blog- Vegan Bakeries Going Incognito

Vegan bakeries recently began to advertise their establishments in new ways to draw more customers and to avoid the reputation that comes with making vegan food.

Vegan bakeries have experienced a great deal of success lately, winning Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” two times consecutively while growing quickly in many locations throughout the country. Vegan products are free of animal-made products, including milk, eggs and honey. However, vegan bakers are still wary of advertising themselves as vegan for fear of scaring off potential customers. Many bakeries simply use terms  like “egg-free” and “dairy-free”, knowing that vegans will read the labels and understand that the food is truly vegan.

Some bakeries, like Pattycake Vegan Bakery in Columbus, Ohio, opened with a strong political message proudly advertising that their food was vegan. While the concentrated vegan population of Columbus bought good there frequently, outsiders rarely ventured to the bakery. At last owner Jennie Scheinbach removed “vegan” from the company name, signs and advertisements, and slowly experienced an increase in sales.

Other vegan bakeries have chosen not t deny their political message, like Danielle Konya who operate Vegan Treats, distributing her vegan baked goods in bags marked with “vegan” and “compassion never tasted so delicious.” Ms. Konya believes that covertly, vegan bakeries will accomplish little to change the world around them.

In the past vegan recipes used primitive means to replace animal products, such as tofu instead of eggs lending a ‘cakey’ taste to vegan foods. However new cooking methods have vastly improved the quality of vegan cooking, such as flax seeds, coconut oil and soy.

Though many people now agree that vegan baking has significantly approved, it seems that the negative connotation of vegan food is still instilled in many potential customers, prompting some vegan bakeries to adopt new ways of marketing their animal-product free food.

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