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Foodies of New York: Ava Hariri-Kia

Ava Hariri-Kia
Ava Hariri-Kia

By Rachel Wells 

Part of a series that documents real New Yorkers and their love affair with food. 

Meet Ava: a spunky, fun and super-smart fashionista from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She’s a high school freshman at the Spence School who dances, acts and sings. She’s involved in all aspects of the performing arts at school  – and for good reason. She’s a talented lady who focuses on being happy.

She prefers ordering online, and does so frequently. When she goes out, Ava’s favorite place to eat is Momoya, a gorgeous sushi bar with two convenient locations; one in Chelsea and one on the Upper West Side. Ava adds that both locations are equally great. She discovered the restaurant on a lunch-date with her sister. Since then, she’s been hooked! She always orders the crispy rice – “it’s truly amazing!” She has yet to try a food truck other than Mister Softee, the soft-serve ice cream truck, but isn’t opposed to the option. With FoodtoEat’s list of food truck vendors, finding a great place to nosh isn’t hard at all.

Momoya’s “Lobster Tempura, Spicy Scallop and Spicy Tuna Roll” (photo credit: freerangechowhound.wordpress.com)

She believes that the social scene’s deep-rooted connection to food is a special and characteristic part of New York City living. “There are so many different types of grub from all over the world in one place – on one little island! Where else could you stop for a legit Italian coffee, have an authentic Japanese lunch and then have homemade gelato for dessert – all in a 5-block radius?” She suggests that tourists try one of the Shake Shack locations before leaving – but to call ahead and to make sure they’re serving the iconic “wavy fries.” The Shack Burger is a New Yorker fave, and isn’t all that big, so make sure to grab a shake with your order. Also – be prepared to wait on-line. It’s no secret that this place rocks!

Shake Shack's "Burger and Fries" (photo credit: hashtagphoebe.blogspot.com)
Shake Shack’s “Burger and Fries” (photo credit: hashtagphoebe.blogspot.com)

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