FoodtoEat: Where We Began and Where We’re Going

By Emily Collins 

As you may have noticed, we are undergoing a few changes here at FoodtoEat! Our new website is another step to help our mission of making online food ordering as easy as possible. In 2012 our CEO, Deepti Sharma Kapur, felt her stomach growling, went to get food and realized how long the line was at her favorite food truck. They say it only takes one spark to start a fire (or in this case, a growl to start a roar) and Deepti took advantage of this hunger and started something great.

Valducci’s Pizza | Photo credit: Sulav Darnal

As we embark on a new chapter in our business, we want to bring it all back to where it began and what we continue to strive for. FoodtoEat, at its very core, is about social responsibility. We want our vendors to thrive in a business that can be dangerously competitive. Our mission is to help local restaurants, food trucks and caterers get more business by putting their products online and ready to order at the tips of your fingers. While our competitors are charging 15-18% per order, we only charge 10 cents – you can order knowing you’re putting money back into the vendors’ pockets. New York City is a bit of a food mecca; keeping the food culture alive is important and taking large amounts of money from hardworking vendors is not a way to do that.

Not only do we give our vendors an easy online ordering platform, we also provide them with corporate catering connections. By signing up with FoodtoEat, vendors and clients have the chance to be a part of our growing concierge catering service. Unlike your typical online food ordering service, we help our vendors flourish by exposing their food to offices around the city. We also help our clients by bringing incredible food to their offices. Whether it’s an ice cream bar, build your own burger or a food truck directly to your office, we’re always finding ways to help our vendors cater to our awesome clients like Tumblr and Hulu.

Ordering with friends made easy on our new website.

Because of our connections and low fees, we are able to make online ordering not just easier on the vendor, but for the customer. This month, we launched our brand new website that features social ordering.

Split the bill at the press of a button!

How many times have you wanted to order food with a friend and splitting the bill is an absolute disaster? We’ve solved that. You can invite your friends into an order from different computers and you can buy delicious food together.

Our new chat feature lets you interact with people while you’re ordering together.

At the end of the order, all you need to do is click a “split bill” button and voilà! You no longer need to walk to Duane Reade and buy a pack of gum to break your $20. You can order from your office computer with co-workers or on your iPad in your dorm, it’s just as simple as the click of a button.

At the end of the day, we want to make online food ordering the best it can be. Help us feed you by ordering today.

For the launch of our new website and social ordering feature, we are running a promotion. Invite your friends, family, co-workers, dogs, anyone to order with you and you can receive 20% off the entire order!

Join the party! Make a social group order with your friends and receive 20% off the entire order.

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Eat, Sleep, Read and a Baby: The FoodtoEat Team’s New Year Resolutions!

New Year, New You, New FoodtoEat! Yes, we made those resolutions too. Here are the FoodtoEat Team’s 2014 resolutions:

Deepti: Eat more from #foodtrucks. woot woot

Torta Pastor_Mexico Blvd
Torta Pastor from Mexico Blvd Food Truck

If you’re like Deepti, and want to experience and eat food truck food, just click here to preorder from your favorite food trucks: Order Now

Diana: Spend 2014 perfecting my Vietnamese cooking and having a baby (already 7 months pregnant)! 

Vegetable Pho
Vegetable Pho

If you also want to perfect your cooking like Diana, get inspiration from trying out all the amazing restaurants on FoodtoEat!

Pinky: Being more productive & healthy.

Kale salad
Kale salad

Being healthy is so important. It’s possible to order in healthy food as well. Check out our selection of healthy restaurants on FoodtoEat.

Alex: Sleep more.  ZZzZzzz

Adorable puppy sleeping. Photo:
Adorable puppy sleeping. Photo:

Debra: Read at least 1 book a month. No more of that Tsundoku (The act of leaving a book unread after buying it).

Cute baby reading! Photo:
Cute baby reading! Photo:

Jane: “Find adventures in my own backyard” – i.e- be happy with the moment I am in and appreciate what I have. Find travels without actually “traveling”. i.e- randomly spending a day at a museum I’ve never been to or exploring a new park. Ya feel me.

Louvre. Paris, France
Louvre. Paris, France

Rosie: Meet new people and drink more water!

water, the healthiest liquid on earth
water, the healthiest liquid on earth

Sulav: Follow a strict and disciplined workout. 

No Pain, No Gain
No Pain, No Gain

Now it’s your turn! Tell us what you have in store for 2014.

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6 Resolutions You Should NOT Make in 2014

By Rosie O’Regan

New Year’s is right around the corner, and for many 2014 represents the chance to leave behind the trials and tribulations of 2013 and focus on becoming a brand new you. For those of you resolving to quit smoking, lose weight and spend more time with friends and family—I salute you!

Turning over a new leaf, starting a new chapter, having a fresh start—great. However there are some resolutions that you absolutely must avoid, because you will just be setting yourself up for failure.

Help yourself, your friends, and your family avoid uttering the following phrases:

“In 2014, I’m going to ______”

1. “Stop eating chocolate.” 

I wish you luck with this one but first you have to stop by The Cupcake Stop and try any of their chocolaty-goodness cupcakes. From Chocolate Caramel Pretzel to S’mores to Nutella Crunch, this place is heaven for any chocoholic.

Cupcakes from the Cupcake Stop…impossible to eat just one!

2. “Drink less”

Juice cleanses, kale smoothies, vitamin-infused water, oh my! When the latest liquid diet craze starts to overwhelm you, pop into Ryan Maguire’s for a good old-fashioned standby.

A nice cold beer from Ryan Maguire’s

3. “Eat less junk food and desserts”

Do I want to eat healthier? Yes. Can I ever say no to Coolhaus’s architecturally delicious ice cream sandwiches? No. The eternal struggle continues.

Endless cookie sandwiches from Coolhaus

4. “Go vegan or vegetarian”

Every now and then I consider being a vegetarian, but then I pass by Phil’s Steaks and find myself unable to pass up their mouthwatering Whiz Steak.

Whiz Steak from Phil's Steaks
Whiz Steak from Phil’s Steaks

5. “Cut down on caffeine”

Nuchas is known for their empanadas, but they also sell a variety of breakfast items—and what kind of breakfast is complete without a steaming cup of joe? Their delicious coffee and espresso is supplied by La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

La Colombe coffee from Nuchas
La Colombe coffee from Nuchas

6. “Cook more and eat out less”

Dying to try that homemade pizza recipe? Knock yourself out but first take a look at how Valducci’s Original Pizza does it…

Classic slice from Valducci's
Classic slice from Valducci’s

Having said that, allow me to dial back the cynicism and say that yes—you will defy all expectations and get through 2014 without breaking a single resolution. We believe in you, we do! Just promise that you’ll indulge yourself in a last supper with some of the foods above before embarking on your journey to self-improvement.

So, if you’re feeling on the fence about your New Year’s resolutions visit us at and we’ll help you break them! Check out our site to see if any of these delicious treats are near you.

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FoodtoEat: Our 2013 Year in Review | New Team Members, Exclusive Interviews, Concierge Catering and more…

Looking back at some of our biggest and most exciting moments from

2013 in fruit

This past year at has been amazing – thank you for riding along with us! We’ve grown and matured as a company and wanted to share our most memorable moments with you because YOU have been instrumental in helping us get to where we are today.

We look forward to an even more exciting and delicious 2014!

New Team Members

team photo (640x461)
FoodtoEat Team

Our team is growing and we’re super excited. Diana Truong has joined us to head up Operations, Alex Reiss  has joined to manage our Concierge Catering Department, and Ashwin Hamal is leading our Technology Department.

In the Press

FoodtoEat in Forbes!

Our CEO, Deepti Sharma Kapur, was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30: Food & Wine and in a Forbes interviewThis 20-Something Ditched Law School and A Life in Politics for a New York Cupcake.   

FoodtoEat Cares Initiative

FoodtoEat donated $500 to the Food Bank for NYC
Back in November, we announced that we would be taking the 10 cents we charge restaurants and donating it to the Food Bank for New York City. To date, we have donated $500 – all because of our amazing customers, restaurants and food trucks. Read more on DailyFoodtoEat

We Got a Website Makeover!

website screenshot 2013-12-17 at 6.15.04 PM
FoodtoEat’s New Look

Our website got a makeover this year and we’re looking better than ever! We hope to continue to make our website as friendly andeasy-to-use for our customers as possible so please feel free to let us know what you think.In the New Year, we’ll be adding even cooler features to our site, so be sure to check us out (wink wink)!

FoodtoEat at Events!

We went to The Oscars of Food Trucks
We went to The Oscars of Food Trucks

We went to the Vendy Awards, the Oscars for Food Trucks and our team also volunteered at the Slice Out Hunger event this past October. Literally the biggest, most delicious pizza party ever, the event raise $20,000 – which helped to sponsor 100,000 meals for the hungry and homeless in New York City.

Concierge Catering

We cater lunches for tumblr and fab!
We cater lunches for tumblr and fab!

By working closely with our food trucks and restaurants, we’ve been feeding corporate offices all over the city including  Tumblr and Fab.comIf your company would like delicious FoodtoEat catered to you in 2014, just contact us at

We interviewed MasterChef Jr Champion Alexander Weiss


So yeah, that was pretty awesome. If you haven’t had a chance to yet, check our must-read interview with the young and talented MasterChef Junior winner, Alexander Weiss, on DailyFoodtoEat

DailyFoodtoEat is the official blog of FoodtoEat, a sustainable online food ordering and concierge catering service featuring your favorite restaurants, food trucks and caterers. Check out the deliciousness here: