How FoodtoEat can Help You Survive as a Vegetarian in NYC

Blogged by Margaret Lu

We all know that being a vegetarian isn’t easy. But certainly anything is possible in the Big Apple, a city where “people are tolerant of your beliefs and judgmental of your shoes,” (An ad for Manhattan Mini Storage) so it can’t be too get the nutrition you need without having to resort to meat. However, many vegetarians find it difficult to find things they can eat, since so many food products have been modified to include animal products these days.

However, FoodtoEat is here to help. We work closely with gourmet food trucks and restaurants to help you order food, cater your events, or help you have the best birthday or wedding ever! The list of possibilities is endless. can provide all sorts of different foods to fit any sort of needs. Kosher, vegetarian, vegan, you name it, and FoodtoEat can find the perfect gourmet food truck or restaurant to provide food for your event. Trucks such as The Cinammon Snail provide delicious vegetarian and vegan food that can be appreciated by all.

Though we do a variety of services, our online food ordering is our main focus and is the heartbeat of our company. We are the first online ordering service to work with gourmet food trucks, many of which can have long lines, but are oh-so-crave-able and worth the wait. FoodtoEat takes the wait out of lunch, or even dinner for that matter. Get the food you want, when you want it.

Ordering from a sustainable online service like us can help anybody, especially vegetarians, maintain a steady routine for retrieving food that takes little time or effort. Getting your food how you want it, when you want it, is invaluable and can help assure steady sources of balanced nutrition.

Small tips for vegetarians: Believe it or not, Taco Bell’s new Cantina Bowl is a great vegetarian option. Teany, a tea café in the Lower East Side, has vegetarian and vegan options that are delicious, and are pleasing to meat-eaters as well. When I first tried Teany’s chicken salad sandwich, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t chicken! A food truck in midtown Manhattan called Bian Dang has a vegetarian rice dish that is an excellent snack or small meal. Located in Chelsea (but technically the Garment District) is a hole-in-the-wall called Loving Hut that carries an almost entirely vegetarian selection. They whip up a mean veggie burger that is filling and jam-packed with flavor.

So whether you’re a veggie lover or a carnivore, make a part of your daily lunch ritual!

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The FoodtoEat Experience: How It Works

Blogged by Margaret Lu

So if you’re reading this blog post right now, you’ve heard of You’ve heard the tag lines and slogans – “Fast, free, and easy,” “The first online ordering system for food trucks,” “We only charge 10 cents per order, opposed to our competitors such as Seamless,” “We are free for you to use,” “We focus on sustainable online food ordering,” and so on and so forth. You may be wondering, is this all true? What does it all mean?

I can answer truthfully, as a intern, that everything we claim is true. What it means is, quite frankly, is that we are the better choice when it comes to online food ordering websites. If you ever use our competitors Seamless, Grub Hub,, you are helping to pay for those giant advertisements they have on the subway, on TV, in magazines, and on other types of media. That’s where your money is going – the restaurants you are ordering from are taking a hit on their bottom line, essentially losing money each time you order online. These restaurants are paying our competitors for every order, which can be up to 20% of the transaction. Instead, FoodtoEat charges a measly 10 cents per order, which is nothing compared to the high costs other companies will charge for the same service.

I’ve been working here for almost a month, and I need to eat lunch just like everyone else. I have a limited amount of time to get lunch, and I usually try to sample food from around my office’s area, so as not to waste too much of my valuable eating time. I was surprised that until yesterday, I had never utilized the services of the site that I am working for and promoting. At around 1:30, my stomach began to grumble, and I wanted to order Okadaman’s takoyaki while I had the chance. Although I knew I wanted Okadaman for sure, I also knew for a fact that they take a their time preparing their food. If there are people in front of you in while waiting line, forget about it. This isn’t because of bad service, but in fact the opposite: they make their dishes from scratch, and cook their ingredients thoroughly and with care. I was left with a dilemma: I wanted Okadaman, but I didn’t want to risk waiting in line, or wait for my food when I was so ravenously hungry.

I was momentarily frustrated with my dilemma, until I realized: what kind of company do I work for? What do we do? And then it hit me. I had my ah-ha moment. An epiphany, if you will. I hit my FoodtoEat bookmark button, inputted my address, clicked on food trucks, indicated I wanted pick up and not delivery, to find the newly added Okadaman on the list. I clicked order now, which directed me to a menu page, and I ordered my desired dishes. I can barely express how incredibly easy the entire process was: it took like then 3 minutes – I didn’t even need to input a credit card number, having utilized the nifty “Cash Payment Option” which required no extra data from me. I set the time that I wanted to pick up my food (about 45 minutes away, which I thought was more than enough of an allowance for the food to be prepared) and showed up on-time, almost on the dot. To my delight, my food was prepared and in the bag, ready to go with utensils and napkins included. All I did was conduct the transaction and the food was mine, along with the satisfaction of not having to sit around idly. The sweetest part, perhaps, was the look on people’s faces when I breezed straight past them in line to collect my ready-to-go food. – It really works, take it from me!

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Let Plan Your Wedding or Special Event!

Blogged by Margaret Lu

Looking to plan the perfect wedding? With all the things to do these days, and with all of the things that are required of us, it’s hard to find time to make sure every detail of your wedding is thought of and taken care of! But that’s what wedding planners are for, to save the day. Though we all think that we can do the multitude of tasks that are required, it’s quite unrealistic, especially if you have a full-time job.

We’re all familiar with some of the basic tasks that wedding planners do, such as organizing invitations, logistics, and other things, but one of the most important things a wedding planner has to do is to organize catering. Food is a vital part to any celebration, especially your wedding day. Food can set the tone for the celebration, and can help to make lasting impressions on your guests. These are just some reasons why food is so important to a wedding, besides the fact that it is necessary for life!

The problem is, catering can be expensive. Weddings are pricey enough as it is, and there are plenty of other things to think about when you are about to embark on the next phase of your life, including Honeymoon costs, bills, mortgages to pay, etc. Yet of course, no one wants to sacrifice quality in exchange for value. That’s where food trucks come in – food trucks are a fun, cool, and different way to bring some of your favorite food to your guests.

Finding the right food trucks, and for the right price, can be a tedious process. takes the hassle out of finding the perfect caterer for your wedding, at an affordable price. works closely with food trucks and restaurants to provide to you the best catering experience possible. You can have your favorite food trucks drive to your wedding and serve your guests your favorite foods, and spend a fraction of the price you would pay for other catering options. can find food trucks that serve kosher, vegetarian, or any type of food you can think of. Chances are, there is a gourmet food truck that specializes in just the kind of food you want!

FoodtoEat is not only the practical way to cater for your wedding, but it’s also unique and will be sure to leave your guests with memories to last a lifetime. Do something different for your wedding that can still be delicious – is the solution for your wedding or special event catering needs.

A Perfect Food Truck Wedding

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Veronica’s Kitchen Warms the Soul Near Wall Street

Blogged by Margaret Lu

I chose Veronica’s Kitchen from the myriad of food trucks in the surrounding area because of a recommendation from a friend, saying that “Veronica’s is the best.” Following her advice, I walked over and took a look at their extensive menu and tried to decide what I wanted. After asking what chicken dish wasn’t spice, I settled on the chicken curry with yellow rice and squash. To drink, I took a chance on their ginger beer, which was home-made.

The “small” that ordered did indeed looked petite, but their looks were deceiving. The dish filled me up and then some! Huge chunks of chicken with just enough curry sauce were placed over yellow rice, and squash in the corner. The chicken fell of the bone and was a generous portion for a small. The ginger beer had quite a kick to it, and was very potent. I could feel myself soaking up the benefits of this healthy home-made brew!

Overall, it was a very pleasing meal. There portions were generous, prices reasonable, not to mention the chicken was delicious the sides complimented the dish perfectly. However, the only gripe I have is that there was a quite a wait just to order (although the actually food itself didn’t take long to receive) but there were so many people in line! I guess this is a testament to Veronica’s Kitchen’s quality and a result of their loyal customers.

Veronica’s Kitchen

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Tanaka Serves a Respectable Sushi Lunch

Blogged by Margaret Lu

I originally though that Tanaka fell under the category “nothing to write home about,” yet here I am writing about it, because it pleasantly surprised me. It’s located pretty close to my office, and also a beautiful garden/park area, which is perfect for lunch dining. I decided to give it a try, as I pass by it almost every day and I am an avid sushi eater. I got a Sushi Regular to go, which was $10.95, which I thought was a bit steep for a mid-level sushi joint at first. But then I tried the food, and my mind changed. The Sushi Regular came with 5 pieces of sashimi, and a California roll. Also included was miso soup and salad.

Starting with the appetizers, the soup really hit the spot and was just the right temperature. It complimented my meal nicely, and was not overly salty or diluted. There were also sufficient amounts of seaweed and tofu, which was a nice touch. The salad was sufficiently fresh, and had a little plastic tub of dressing hiding at the bottom of the containter. I also was surprised with a lone cherry tomato, which I didn’t expect but was happy to see.

The sushi exceeded my expectations in the best possible way. The California roll had large, filling pieces, and was well made and tasted better than most. Unlike California rolls that I’m used to which have more of a dominating cucumber flavor, this roll was well balanced. Also a plus, the crabstick was a pleasant texture – not overly firm or gooey, but just right.

The actual pieces of sushi were the best part, like the headlining act at a rock concert. The Sushi Regular came with tuna, salmon, mackerel, shrimp, and red snapper. All were a good size, longer than most, and delicious to match. The salmon looked especially fresh, and I devoured it happily. The red snapper was also a treat, as it was succulent and flavorful, yet simultaneously airy and light. The whole meal certainly satisfied me and filled me up adequately. Overall, the sushi was above average quality with fresh fish, and a chef that knew how to prepare it.

Tanaka’s Sushi Regular and Sashimi Regular Lunch

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Bian Dang: Dumplings with a Bang

Blogged by Margaret Lu

I was dragged to Bian Dang by a coworker, which is something I am now grateful for. “Bian dang” is Chinese for “lunchbox,” and the truck serves lunch until 2:30. We caught Bian Dang on a Friday on 47th and Park Ave. Though there aren’t too many choices, it’s just right and not too overwhelming. They make a few things, and they’re good at what they make.

Although I debated over getting the pork chop or the chicken leg over rice, I opted instead for the “Snack Platter” since I wasn’t too hungry. It turned out to be the perfect choice for me, as it was not too much but at the same time still filled me up to my satisfaction. The Snack Platter consisted of rice, pork sauce (a good amount of it too) and a Tea Egg. I had never previously heard of a Tea Egg, but my coworker enthusiastically informed me that it was a hard boiled egg boiled in tea to soak up the flavors. The plate cost a very modest $4, and was a steal for the large platter, served in a round white plastic container.

To compliment my Snack Platter, I ordered a serving of dumplings, 4 for $3. This was another steal! The dumpling shell was similar to that of wonton soup, but in the best possible way. The warm gooey dumplings were packed with pork meat and flavor, and made my taste buds very happy campers. Using that as my meat, I dumped the dumplings (no pun intended) onto my snack platter and hungrily devoured my lunch that I had long anticipated. The combination was a home run – I had my meat (the dumplings) plenty of rice, and even a bit of veggies with the pickled cabbage mixed with the pork sauce. The tea egg was a nice touch of a bit of extra protein.

Overall, Bian Dang is a filling, tasty, reasonable lunch. For $7 I got more food than a typical NYC lunch, and one that really was really packed with flavor. Also, the service was super speedy and it took less than 3 minutes for me to receive my order, a major plus. I would certainly return, and order the exact same thing with no desire or want to try anything else!

Bian Dang Snack Platter

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Mike N Willie’s Draws A Crowd And Doesn’t Disappoint

Blogged by Margaret Lu

I had Mike N Willie’s the other day for lunch at Hudson Square. I heard rave reviews about the place beforehand from a co-worker, so I decided to go see what all the commotion was about. I was not disappointed. I got the beer-battered fish taco, which was cod (very fish and chip-esque) and it was everything I hoped for it to be and just a bit more. The fish was soft, not too oily, and bursted with flavor. It wasn’t too salty at all either, like cod can be.

However, the only problem was that it took forever to wait in line, and even more time to receive my food. I thought, there has got to be a better way then this! Waiting about 30 minutes just to order was not ideal for me, and really cut down on the time I had to eat lunch. Waiting an additional 5-10 minutes also wasn’t really convenient either.

While I was in line, I was approached from some people giving out flyers about a website called, which allows you to order from food carts online. Finally, an answer to my prayers! I was told that you can place your order online and pick it up when you get there, allowing you to skip the line! This is definitely a huge lifesaver and would help me have a longer, more relaxed lunch break. I saw this video that explains more about what FoodtoEat does on YouTube,…. It was very well done and I love the concept, and how it can save me so much time!

Mike N Willie’s Fish Taco

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