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Is that Pie on your Face???

Pie Face Logo

By: Sumayyah Hailey

… about 10 minutes after meeting Tennille Scicluna, Senior Marketing Manager at Pie Face, it was all over my face!  I fiendishly shoved tasty little pies in my mouth in the name of  “tasting”.  I felt joy each time I tried a new pie; the vegetable tandoori, Thai chicken curry, minced beef, BBQ pulled pork, chunky steak and finally the Philly cheese steak.  I looked up a few times with happy nods, smiles of amazement and a few lines of extreme gratification; All the while I was thinking, “THANK YOU sweet baby jesus for immigration!”

Pie Face is an Australian café specializing in savory and sweet pies.  They started expanding to North America, specifically New York in 2013 and are coming with a vengeance.  They have opened 5 locations so far and are serving up pie and “flat whites” 24 hours a day.

PieFace_PiesIn case you are as ignorant about Australian food as I am; pies in Australia are what hot dogs and hamburgers are to America. You can find them at sporting events and family and social gatherings.  It is a culinary pride for Australia.  Speaking of pride, Pie Face makes all their pies by hand and bakes them fresh throughout the day. They are made with fresh ingredients, Aussie beef and a flaky crust.  They are damn tasty!  All of the pies come with a unique hand-drawn face on them that tell you what’s inside.  The key is in the mouth, S = steak, M = Mince, V = veg… How cute!  If you have a sweet tooth, they also have an assortment of sweet pies and pastries.  I had the pleasure of tasting the mini chocolate pie and pecan pie, oh my!

PieFace_CoffeeIn addition to the amazing assortment of savory and desert pies, Pie Face serves up coffee designed to kickstart your senses.  One of their specialty drinks is a “flat white”, which is pretty much equivalent to a cappuccino.  I recommend trying it out one sluggish morning. They also offer unique coffee blends such as “Kick My Arse”, “Start My Heart”, “Open My Eyes” and “Still Asleep” that range from a strong kick to a more mellow, gentle kick.

Pie Face has a monthly “Pay with a Tweet” program where if you visit a Pie Face location on the first Tuesday of every month, you can pay for the featured pie with a Tweet, Facebook post or Instagram pic.  It’s that simple.  Next on the tasting block is my favorite, the Tandoori Vegetarian pie on September 3, 2013.

To learn more visit: http://www.piefacenyc.com/PAY-WITH-A-TWEET_Tandoori-Veg-Sep

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Luca & Bocso: An Ice Cream Lover’s Dream Come True


By: Debra Liu

Finally, there is an ice cream worth screaming for! With flavors like Smoked Milk, and Rosemary Olive Oil with Spicy Cashew Caramel, Catherine Oddenino and Ruthie Vishlitzky’s Luca & Bosco is a culinary delight, specializing in hand-crafted ice cream that transports the ice cream lover to a world of flavors beyond vanilla. The business name was inspired by their adorable dogs; Luca is the name of Catherine’s white Maltese and Bosco is Ruthie’s chocolate Lab.

Prior to becoming ice cream extraordinaires, Catherine was in online media and Ruthie worked in city government. It all began two years ago when they felt something was missing in ice cream; Catherine wanted more unusual flavors and toppings, while Ruthie was looking for something not so overly sweet. They started experimenting and eventually got the opportunity to work out of Hot Bread Kitchen, an incubator kitchen (check out our blog post on HBK here).

Luca&Bosco maplebacon

You may have noticed Luca & Bosco scooping it up for eager fans all over NYC, including the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg in Willliamsburg as well as the LES Film Festival and the New Amsterdam Market. Soon, we’ll be able to find them permanently at the Essex Street Market.

Their amazing blend of flavors and textures is what makes Luca & Bosco stand out. Currently, there are 50 flavors (and growing!) including Peanut Crack, which according to Catherine, “is a toasted peanut ice cream, rather than using peanut butter, we put toasted peanuts and peanut brittle inside it and so then the brittle starts to melt a little bit but still has a touch of crunch left.” That definitely sounds addictive! Spice Magic, another flavor, is a perfect blend of warm spices and anise liqueur and has been likened to feel like a “warm mink coat.” Crowd favorites include Whiskey Fudge Rebellion and Drunk and Salty Caramel.

What inspires these Luca & Bosco flavors that are out-of-this-world? Catherine and Ruthie are constantly finding inspiration and ideas from travels, foods, and dining experiences. The Rosemary Olive Oil with Spicy Cashew Caramel flavor came from a spiced nut that Catherine makes for friends every holiday season.

Luca&Bosco milkytea

Something they get asked frequently is what their favorite flavors are. Catherine is a big fan of bacon (she hosts a bacon party every year! How awesome is that?!) so one of her favorites is Maple Bacon and for Ruthie, Toasted Coconut Vanilla Bean. It’s a really hard question to answer, Catherine says, because each flavor is like a baby they’ve nurtured so they truly love them all.

When it comes down to it, for Catherine and Ruthie, it’s all about bringing smiles to people’s faces. When Luca & Bosco opens at Essex Street Market this week, they plan to serve 6-8 rotating flavors to keep people smiling all day long. Their ice creams, toppings and cookies are gluten-free too. Be sure to check them out! We know we will.

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Imperial Woodpeckar’s Bad A** Sno-Balls

 snoball logo

By: Sumayyah Hailey

Take a casual stroll down the cobble stone streets of the ultra trendy meat packing district, with its side walk cafes, rooftop bars and designer boutiques and you will find the cutest sno-ball stand ever!  It is a mini storefront set up with a pushcart, a colorful, handwritten board listing the flavors, and outdoor seating for your enjoyment. But, don’t be fooled, Neesa Peterson is serving up some BAD A** sno -balls at Imperial Woodpecker Snow-Balls; they will make you slap your momma! They are so bad A** in fact, she has been written up by the likes of Eater.com, Glamour, Southern Living, and now us!

So what makes her sno-balls so bad A**? 

IW_SnoBall2First, Neesa and her sno-balls hail from N’awlins (That’s New Orleans for the faint of heart), Louisiana.  The sno-balls are made using Shave ice and not the run of the mill “shaved ice” that you are probably used to. It is much better in my opinion than the crushed ice of a snow cone.   The Shave ice is much finer and absorbs the syrup much better than crushed ice.  It is shaved from a giant block of ice, often using a special machine that was invented in Louisiana.  Who would have thunk it that sno-balls are a big part of the New Orleans culinary scene?  Well, I am glad they are and I am equally glad that she brought those bad A** sno-balls to New York City… Yum!

Second, she has an extensive and delicious flavor list (over 80 flavors!).  You can find bad A**, tantalizing flavors such as Watermelon-Jalapeño, Meyer Lemon Basil, Mojito, Orchid Vanilla Cream, Birthday Cake or classic flavors such as strawberry daiquiri, root beer and lemonade.  She makes the syrup fresh daily as only a real bad A** would.   The prices range from $3 to $9 and you can add additional toppings such as condensed milk, marshmallow fluff or vanilla ice cream for $1.IW_Board Lastly, what says “I’m a bad A**” more than “Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls” ? Absolutely nothing!  So if you are feeling like a real bad A** one day, stop by the Imperial Woodpecker Sno-ball stand at 55 Gansevoort and pick up one of those bad A** sno-balls; you are what you eat.

But hurry soon!  This is the third and last summer that Neesa will provide New York City her delicious, bad A** sno-balls.  She will be closing shop Sept 15th.  But, she is available for private parties and catering in case you go into withdrawal after the 15th.  To learn more: http://iwsnoballs.com/

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Architecture Meets Ice Cream


By: Gabby Zilkha
Edited by: Diana Truong

Coolhaus… I get it! It’s because the ice cream sandwich looks like a house and it’s cold! Right you are…well sort of…kind of…maybe 1/3 right. The name is in fact a triple Entendre! So while an ice cream sandwich is essentially a cool house, its meaning also stems from some super cool Architecture history.

Bauhaus is a design movement of the 1930’s that connects art and design, which is essentially what Coolhaus has done with their ice cream sandwiches. It is also named for the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas who challenged architectural concepts. The ice cream gurus make the point to connect architecture into Coolhaus encompassing all of their passions.


If you ever go onto a Coolhaus truck you will see the homage to architecture and great architects. They have flavors named after famous architects all over New York City, for instance they have a flavor for the guy who designed the highline (left)! They love to get a conversation going about the ice cream and architecture.


Natasha (left) actually got her masters in architecture and she loved the idea of incorporating food into design. She saw food as a medium that promoted comfort and one that created strong happy memories. Natasha wanted to make architecture more mainstream and keep awareness for the beauty of it going.


The outreach is working too! Natasha told me a funny story about a time when she was on the streets of New York in the Coolhaus Truck. There was a huge line for the ice cream sandwiches when all of a sudden Sofia Vergara (right) and a large crowd of her friends wearing fancy Versace dresses come up to the truck. Sofia stood in front of the truck and just started reading the flavors and the people the flavors were named after. As she reads them in her nice heavy accent, Sophia, her friends, and everyone in line is laughing at the way she’s pronouncing the flavors. Between Sophia Vergara and the long line, that was some of the best advertising ever for the truck.

Coolhaus done something revolutionary with a simple ice cream sandwich. So swing by next time you are in the city. They have their locations posted on their website for the week. Who knows maybe you will end up running into Sofia Vegara and if not I guess it will be okay getting a chicken and waffle ice cream sandwich anyway while having a nice conversation about architecture.

Tempted to order? We thought so- http://bit.ly/14CRVzW


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Fast Food Advertising – Too Good To Be True

By: Parth Mukhi

Have you ever just stared at your fast food meal and thought, “Wow, this is not at all what I was expecting.” When you go to order fast food, you look at the displays they have outside their store. You gaze back at the large, bold font words entrapping your attention. “Succulent”, “Tender”, “Delicious”, is what they say. To top it all off, the food in the picture’s always look even better than the words can describe. All that anticipation & excitement comes crashing down when the cashier hands you the food, you unwrap it, and you see mushed up pile of bread-meat-bread.

How do McDonald’s, Subway, Wendy’s, Taco Bell do this? In the same manner that film companies put their actors & actresses through hours of make up to get them perfect for the screen, these food companies go through extensive preparation for the advertisement of their food. Burgers, tacos, and salads all go through a photo shoot where they are touched up to look like the perfect product.

The food itself is prepared at the studio. From there, the food stylists take over. For burgers, they’ll push all the main ingredients to the foreground, making them standout. Cheese & patty are steamed to make them seem more appetizing. Following this, skewers are placed in the burgers to keep everything in an attractive, upright position. Subway sandwiches always look much more bulky in the commercials because the studios will add cardboard or foam in between the layers. Fast food salads will never look like they do in the ads, and have never tasted like an normal salad should. In order to give them that fresh & tasty look, they are sprayed with a bottle of glycerin. Finally, all the food is fixed up with photoshop, to enhance every last detail.

Company respond to these claims by saying that the food moves, or that the packaging & backing may cause for the food to be squashed. Though the companies are including everything in the burger that they claimed would be there, people still preach false advertising is in play. Technically, these companies are doing nothing legally wrong, and day after day people go back to these fast food restaurants and buy their food. At the end of the day, false advertising can be shouted from the mountain tops, but will it ever effect whether people decide to go out and buy fast food?

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Fender Vendor or Vendy is Trendy

Vendy AwardsBy: Samvida Patel

And the New York City VendyCup of 2013 goes to…

Considering they have yet to take place, I don’t have an answer. But I will have one on September 7, 2013, after having tasted the food, dessert, and drinks of twenty-three food trucks and carts. Recipe for foodbaby-making you say? Well I call it a day of tasting talent.

I don’t know about you, but instead of wondering about the teamwork, effort, and stress infiltrating the surroundings of Food Network Star contenders, I sit and wonder how I can be one of those audience members who get to sample one of the menus in the Food Truck Faceoff Round. It’s not that much of an out-of-scope question. After all, the contestants are people just like you and me, with a passion to share their culinary prowess with the world. The Vendy Awards resemble this Food Network Star challenge, except that the merriment contained in ticket to the former is endless. Attendees can fill their stomachs to their heart’s content from any of the food truck finalists, while enjoying an open bar of beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and of course, live music and performances. At the very end, you’ll find vendors clutching their steering wheels and cart ends, hoping that the esteemed judges in you will give them a vote for the People’s Taste Award.

Now in its Ninth Year, The Vendy Awards has come a long way to having twenty-three finalists from only having four in 2005. The growth and success of the awards have stemmed from the endless efforts of The Street Vendor Project, a nonprofit organization geared towards ensuring legal rights and providing financial support to struggling street vendors. With this group of individual benefactors and private sponsors, more food trucks and carts have become more self-sustaining, adding to the street food culture of New York City. Today, so many diverse trucks and carts exist, paving way for more Vendy categories like Rookie, Dessert, Market Vendor, and Best of New Jersey, aside from the overall VendyCup and People’s Taste.

In fact, two of the Rookie Finalists, Nuchas and Toum are partnered with FoodtoEat, allowing their respective Argentinean and Lebanese foods to be ready for pick up with a click of a button. Ariel Barbouth, owner of Nuchas, bakes fresh empanadas, a popular Latin American snack that can either be savory or sweet. ???????????????????????????????
The other food truck, Toum, happens to be New York City’s only Lebanese cuisine on wheels, offering zesty specialties like the “Grilled Kefta Sandwich.” The brilliant chefs behind the creation are husband and wife, Rodrigue and Christine Chebli.

Trend has it that tickets sell out before the date of the Vendy Awards so get yours today at http://nycvendys2013.eventbrite.com/!

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Coming Soon: The Vegan Reality Food Truck Show

By: Gabby Zilkha

Coming soon: the Vegan Reality Food Truck Show!
Coming soon: the Vegan Reality Food Truck Show!

The Squeeze has a dream to make it on the big screen! Yes, that is right! One day, the raw vegan food truck the Squeeze will have its chance at stardom.

You may be saying, “It’s a truck eat truck world”! “The Squeeze better have an agent”! But don’t you worry, owner and founder of the Squeeze Karliin Brooks used to work in the Entertainment industry and this is actually what she had in mind when she started the truck back in May of 2012.


Karliin wants to create the first Vegan based reality TV show. She saw an opportunity in Food Trucks to bring that idea to life. She could travel around the country and provide juicing and healthy foods to people all across America.

Currently, Karliin says that she is focusing on establishing the food truck business and maybe even a wholesale network.

What makes this truck so special you may ask? Well it offers a large array of cold press juice cleanses in delicious flavors. (fun fact: cold press juicing is super cool and keeps all of the enzymes alive longer as opposed to the more common centrifugal juicer which has a enzyme life of 15 minutes) .


They also have super awesome flavor combinations! The “Stand and Deliver” has kale, celery, cucumber, spinach, swiss chard, and dandelion. The “Sweetest Revenge”, one of the more popular for the less juice heavy person has fennel, clementine, and lemon. I don’t know about you but I feel refreshed just thinking about that!

So next time you’re around Union Square W and 17th Street, make sure to give it a try!

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Competitive Eating & Lost Potential

By: Parth Mukhi

Competitive eating is one of the most gruesome, nauseating events to witness. Yet Major League Eating (MLE) continues to makes millions of dollars, holding around 80 events every year. Unfortunately, the sports greatest rivalry of Joey Chestnut vs. Takeru Kobayashi has been stalled since 2010.

Between the two, Kobayashi & Chestnut currently hold 29 world records with the MLE. The latter of which owning 25, but this is due to the to the ongoing contract dispute between Kobayashi & the MLE. This dispute is the reason Kobayashi has not competed in an official eating contest since 2010, but his own competitions, either by himself or with subpar competitors. Meanwhile, Chestnut has been tearing up the ranks of competitive eating. He’s won the granddaddy of eating events, the Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, a record seven straight times. Thus surpassing Kobayashi’s record of six straight.

The rivalry between Kobayashi (left) & Chestnut (right) was just growing into greatness

The main issues standing in the way of the contract between the two sides is that Kobayashi believes that, “the organization that produces the event cannot be the same agency that also owns the athletes.” Meaning, the MLE is the main body which contracts all their eaters, rather than the competitors having their own separate agents, like in most other sports. Kobayashi’s wish was for more freedom. He asked to be let go of the other three events he was set to compete in, and only enter the Nathan’s events. From what Kobayashi has said, the MLE countered with a $40,000 contract for the July 2010 & 2011 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, and stated that he could not compete in any other eating events for the year in the U.S. or Canada. His sponsorships were also limited to only MLE sanctioned companies.

For the sport, this dispute is a shame. The two top ranked eaters in the world, both in the prime of their careers. MLE President George Shea remains adamant that Kobayashi was offered $100,000 for 4 events, with $25,000 guaranteed whether he won or loss. While, Kobayashi feels like he’s fighting for the future of the sport and its competitors, Chestnut continues to dominate. Upon eating 68 hot dogs at Nathan’s in 2012, he declared, “I will not stop until I reach 70. This sport isn’t about eating. It’s about drive and dedication, and at the end of the day hot dog eating challenges both my body and my mind.” The following year he would break this record by eating 69 hot dogs. This was impressive, but it had already been done. Kobayashi ate 69, two years prior, at an off-site event, with independent judges there to establish the record.

Chestnut (left) has been making light of his competition due to Kobayashi’s (right) absence

Event by event, this sport is missing out on what should be it’s “Golden Era.” This should be the time period in which competitive eating rises among the ranks, starts to hold more and more televised events, begins to make more sponsorships, and attract new fans. The rivalry between Kobayashi & Chestnut could have the equal affect on competitive eating that Magic Johnson & Larry Bird had on the NBA. Potential being wasted due to this contract dispute is heartbreaking. Hopefully either Shea or Kobayashi will eventually come together, and put the sport above their beliefs, and realize the potential for greatness that is right in front of them.

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Making a Difference

By: Gabby Zilkha


The second I heard about Hot Bread Kitchen, I fell in love. From its structure, to its location, this place is a true combination of everything that is right in business.

Hot Bread Kitchen is located on 115th street and Park Ave in  la Marqueta. La Marqueta is  an old historic marketplace that  used to be very popular. It has died down a bit since then but has since been building back momentum with Hot Bread Kitchen.

It all starts with the people. The founder and CEO, Jessamyn Rodriguez, employs immigrant women and uses each of the women’s cultural backgrounds to create a melting pot of recipes. The profits from the bread pay for classes for the women. There are multiple classes offered from ESL to how to start your own business. Hot Bread Kitchen creates support in a difficult environment and they do it with social justice and passion.


A super cool incubator!

They only use half of the commercial kitchen for the women bakers project. The other half of the kitchen is used for the incubator program. The incubator program gives other businesses the opportunity to work with Hot Bread Kitchen by renting out their commercial kitchen for their start up food businesses. This helps to minimize the large start up financial cost for distributing food.

They create a network for the food vendors where they can swap information. For example they hold entrepreneur exchange meetings where they give all the business owners a chance to share information, which varies from where they are getting their ingredients to what markets they are in. In addition to that, using the name Hot Bread Kitchen allows for their incubators to connect with potential big order clients. They do not make the sales for them they just make the connection. And the training and connecting works! They already have SIX of their food vendors selling in Whole Foods and many more in green markets across New York!

Bread is best when made with Social Justice!
Bread is best when made with Social Justice!

Hot Bread Kitchen is an amazing place. Go there. Hear the stories. Eat the Bread. Look out for some of the graduates of the program as well: Taste of Ethiopia, Runner & Stone, Pipsnacks,  and Donna Bells Bake Shop.You will not be disappointed especially because you know exactly where your money is going when you purchase bread or make a donation to this wonderful Non-Profit Organization.

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Stadium Food

By: Parth Mukhi

Food & Baseball. Arguably two of the most popular things in all of New York. Put these two together, and now you have a fun evening. Yankee Stadium & Citi Field live up to the New York hype by having some of the best ballpark food in all of Major League Baseball.

The main ballpark food is uniform throughout the League. Peanuts, Cracker Jack, and Hot Dogs still reign deep in the average baseball fan’s heart. However, baseball stadiums have become more than just about baseball. Teams have become better equipped at providing more forms of entertainment for the the fans. This includes restaurants. Especially in New York, where food is of the widest variety, both the Mets & the Yankees have filled their stadiums corner to corner with great restaurants and food stands.


Personally, certain restaurants at one stadium have more to offer than certain restaurants at the other. A main attraction for Yankee Stadium is the Hard Rock Cafe. While the standouts at Citi Field are Shake Shack & Blue Smoke. Both have the usual Carvel Ice Cream and Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, in stands and with vendors walking around the stadium.

Shake Shack is one of the more popular locations at Citi Field. Have fun missing an inning or two, though, if you decide to wait in that extensive line. What disappointed me the most, after that long wait, were the portion sizes. The milkshake was only offered in one small cup. No complaints about the taste of anything, though. The Shack Burger definitely helped ease the pain from the wait, and the shake, though small, was served in a wide cup. All in all, Shake Shack is a very decent part of the Citi Field experience.

Lines on Lines on Lines

The Hard Rock Cafe at Yankee Stadium is open year round, and offers several attractions for fans. Aside from the food, there is a collection of memorabilia specifically focused on New York based musicians. The restaurant is made up of 12 flat screen TVs, most of them playing the game at hand. A downside to my visit to the Hard Rock Cafe was missing that in game experience. Though the 12 TVs are convenient, something about sitting there and watching the game on TV, while you’re in the stadium, makes you feel like you just paid $125 per ticket to sit at the Hard Rock Cafe, eat okay food, and watch a television. It’s preferable to go there either on a non-game day, or during pre or post game.

Baseball games wouldn’t be the same without hearing, “Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs! Get your Hot Dog’s here!” Nathan’s Famous is pretty uniform for both Yankee Stadium & Citi Field, except for one important difference. The foot-long hot dog. Yankee Stadium has it. Citi Field does not. Nathan’s doesn’t serve this hot dog in any other MLB park. In fact, Yankee Stadium is somewhat famous for it. Image

Located right next to Shake Shack is the New York BBQ movement: Blue Smoke. Unlike Shake Shack, however, you won’t miss as much of the game in this line. I was in & out with my Chipotle BBQ Wings & Sierra Mist in 5 minutes. The cup sizes were around the same size they were at Shake Shack, so you do end up buying another drink later on. On the other hand, the wings were incredible. If you’re like me, and actually want more flavor on the wings, get two of the blue cheese cartons they offer. Though the vendor did seem confusingly upset when I asked him for a second.

Wings in Centerfield a.k.a. Angels in the Outfield

If you ever attend a game at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field, definitely check these spots and judge for yourself. When attending the game, you’ll want the full experience, along with everything the stadium has to offer. Just going to the game isn’t enough anymore.

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