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The World’s Most Daring (And Scary!) Dishes

Boo! In honor of Halloween, we’ve put together a list of seven of the world’s most daring, scary, and bizarre foods. Enjoy!

Fried Brain Sandwich

Fried Brain Sandwich
Fried Brain Sandwich

From: US

What is it? This is exactly what you think it is: heavily fried, sliced cow brain on bread. The Fried Brain Sandwich was popular in St. Louis, MO in the late 1880s and is still served today, primarily in the Ohio River Valley. Incidence of mad cow disease has significantly reduced the appeal of this dish, and some restaurants have begun to serve pig brains instead.

Where to get it in NYC? Barbone in the East Village offered lamb brains as an entrée a few years ago.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Rocky Mountain Oysters
Rocky Mountain Oysters

From: US

What is it? Yeah, so these are not actually oysters, or at least the not the oysters we know and love. Also known as “prairie oysters” by the Canadians, Rocky Mountain Oysters are bull calf testicles. In Oklahoma and Texas they are known as “calf fries” if they are from really young animals. They are typically deep-fried (sometimes pounded flat) after being coated in flour, pepper and salt and are served as appetizers with a cocktail dipping sauce.

Where to get it in NYC? Treehaus in Midtown East has previously offered fried Rocky Mountain Oysters (and Lamb testicles!) in their lunch buffet.



From: Iceland

What is it? Probably one of the most difficult foods to eat, Hakarl has even bested the likes of Andrew Zimmern who described the smell as “horrific” and Chef Anthony Bourdain who said it is “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing” he’s ever had. Harkal is fermented, putrefied Greenland shark from Iceland and is ubiquitous there all year round.

Where to get it in NYC? From our research, we could not locate a place in NYC that sells or prepares Hakarl so we suggest trying it (if you dare to) if you make a trip to Iceland!

Century Egg

Century Egg
Century Egg

From: China

What is it? Despite its name, Century Egg (pidan in Chinese) is NOT egg that has been preserved for 100 years. They are made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs for several weeks to several months. The dark green/gray yolk is creamy and has a strong sulfur and ammonia odor, while the egg “black” has practically no flavor. It is eaten as a side dish, or added to rice porridge.

Where to get it in NYC? If you’re looking to try some, you can buy them at any Asian supermarket or try some at Congee Village in the Lower East Side.

Pacha / Goat Head

Pacha Goat Head
Pacha / Goat Head

From: Iraq

What is it? If you are confused by the picture above, let me clarify.  It is a: BOILED. GOAT. HEAD. Now you might be mortified right now, but in the Middle East, BOILED.GOAT.HEAD = DELICACY.   Just imagine sitting down and  enjoying the BOILED.GOAT.HEAD while it is served with stuffed sheep stomach and the bread was soaked in the broth that had built up during the boiling of the sheep head.

Where to get it in NYC? Sorry folks, we couldn’t find a NYC  restaurant that serves up BOILED. GOAT. HEAD.


Balut (fertilized egg)

From: Phillipines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand

What is it? A fertilized egg. They eat it in many parts of Southeast Asia as a lightly seasoned street food.  In Cambodia, they are simply seasoned with just salt and lime!  Due to its peculiarity, it’s being introduced to the West and East and is becoming haute cuisine at some of the more prestigious fine dining establishments.

Where to get it in NYC? Jeepeney’s Filipino gastropub in the East Village.  Check out hardcore Kamayan Wednesdays and Thursdays nights where no utensils are allowed – only hands people!

The “Why Not” Insect Cocktail

white and church cricket cocktail
Why Not Cocktail

From: US

What is it? Your favorite cocktails with fried maggot, scorpion, worms or toasted bees!  Our personal favorite would have to be the why not – tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, avocado, red pepper, sugar and Mexican Worms. It’s simply the perfect way to end a perfect date night!

Where to get it in NYC? White and Church serves many other wonderful cocktails, but if you’re up for a challenge and are thirsty, all these delicate monstrosities are just around $14 a drink.  Drink up!

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Be Smart Be Safe.

black baby in pumpkin

Halloween season is our favorite, why? Umm, the possibility of getting tricked or treated is always our prerogative.  Which is why we think it’s important to keep safe and smart during the festivities.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends particular guidelines and these are our favorites:

  1. When shopping for costumes, wigs and accessories look for and purchase those with a label clearly indicating they are flame resistant.
  2. If a sword, cane, or stick is a part of your child’s costume, make sure it is not sharp or too long. A child may be easily hurt by these accessories if he stumbles or trips.
  3. To keep homes safe for visiting trick-or-treaters, parents should remove from the porch and front yard anything a child could trip over such as garden hoses, toys, bikes and lawn decorations.
  4. Candlelit pumpkins should be placed on a sturdy table, away from curtains and other flammable objects, and should never be left unattended
  5. Restrain pets so they do not inadvertently jump on or bite a trick-or-treater.
  6. Only go to homes with a porch light on and never enter a home or car for a treat.
  7. A good meal prior to parties and trick-or-treating will discourage youngsters from filling up on Halloween treats.
  8. Stay in a group and communicate where they will be going. Remain on well-lit streets and always use the sidewalk. Always know where your kids are going to be.

white baby in pumpkin

Here are some of our own suggestions for Halloween and for life:

  1. Don’t wait on lines; it’s easier to get eaten by mini zombies
  2. Wait till you get home to eat your boootiful bounty, arrr matey!
  3. Don’t forget to share; showing love to your fellow ghouls is always the right thing to do.

For more information, check out these really important safety guidelines:


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Get some “Tongue Action” at Takashi

takashi logo

By Debra Liu

At Takashi, it’s really all about the cow. Every…Single…Part…of the cow. It’s essentially a ‘Meat Mecca’ for meat lovers. Located in the West Village, Takashi is a Yakiniku-horumon (translation: grilled guts) restaurant known for an eclectic menu ranging from cow testicles to brain cream.


“You can go to any Korean or Japanese grill and have red meat, but the main purpose of coming to Takashi is to have the offal,” says Chef Joseph Duong, sous chef at Takashi. They specialize in serving only cow meat. There is no other animal on the menu, so if you want to eat chicken, you’re still going to get beef.

Ok, let’s talk about this offal business. Ready? To give you a small taste of what’s offered, Takashi’s creative and interesting menu includes dishes such as Squid Ink Rice & Miso-Marinated Sweetbreads, Calf’s Brain Cream (in tube) served with caviar, Fois Gras Stuffed Mini Kobe Burger, and Testicargot (escargot style cow balls made with garlic shiso butter). And of course, you get to grill your own meat as well. There’s a selection of three tongue meats (also called the tongue experience), various parts of the stomach, intestines, heart and liver.

“Tetchan, which is the large intestine; the inside is like white clouds. When you grill it up, it shrinks down into a little marshmallow and it’s so smooth when you bite into it, you don’t even feel like you’re eating the large intestine,” describes Duong.

For the offal-averse, they do offer some more traditional fare such as Kalbi (Korean style marinated short rib), Rosu (ribeye), Grandmom’s Steamed Beef Shank Buns, and small plates such as edamame, spicy Japanese cucumber and kimchi.

Niku-Uni (chuck flap topped with sea urchin)

According to Duong, the must-have food at Takashi is the Yooke. “What I can probably eat all day is the Yooke, which is the steak tartare with the quail egg, nori, and Takashi’s special sauce,” he says. The most popular items are the Yooke and the Niku-Uni (chuck flap with sea urchin).

People really enjoy the Takashi experience. According to Duong, “The reactions are amazing. Most people who think about offal…it’s disgusting and all that, but when they taste it, it’s out of their minds.”

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, definitely go to Takashi. Who knows, you might even become a religious offal eater!

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Old School is going to have a new address

We’ve always been huge supporters of food trucks so whenever one ventures into expanding their business model we feel excited.

The Halal Cart is doing just that. Not only have they dominated the scene on 53rd and 6th they’ve set some real tasty standards since the earlier part of the eighties. These guys have been in business together for quite some time and have learned a thing or two. One of those being, how to keep customers hooked.

dj yoshi halal guys photo

It’s an essential part of their plan to spread the word of halal.  Luckily for the diehard believers they’re opening up a humble abode on 14th and second avenue. YES! Starting from the first week of November, you can grace their store anywhere from 5AM to 7AM. YES, BELIEVE IT!  Alongside  the apparent shock and disbelief comes a possible Juice bar and get this, a vegetarian option. YES, Blown!

It’s not only the charm and their ability to smother people with the goodness of a solid plate of halal and the mellow goodness of that white saucey concoction(1)  It’s merely the fact that the routine of perfecting the art of making those piles and drenching the meats and topping it off with some itty bitty slices of lettuce and tomatoes has been engineered into their motor pathways.  If you look at it in a purely mechanical way, these guys are possibly some of the only people in the world who can operate these carts with a mastery unknown to mankind – at least anyone outside of New Yawk Cidi.halal guys store

Well we’ve already marked it down as our go to.  Let’s see how they stand up against the crowds.

(1) http://gothamist.com/2013/03/16/behold_heres_the_recipe_for_white_h.php


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FoodtoEat Fear Factor feat. Cricket Tacos !

By: Sumayyah Hailey

Antojeria Popular 1
Antojeria Poplar, 50 Spring St, NY, NY

A little Spanish lesson before we continue …

Antojeria  [An-to-he-ree-ah] Mexican street snack eatery

Antojitos  [An-to-he-tows] / Mexican Tapas: Mexican street snack designed to satisfy a craving and literally translates as little whim

 Now we continue … So, for the month of October, the FoodtoEat team has been hitting the streets to find some of the most daring foods to eat, which is how we stumbled upon Antojeria Popular and decided to go out on a “little whim” and taste their CRICKET TACOS.

Antojeria Cricket Taco
Oaxaca Tostada AKA Cricket Taco

The CRICKET TACO is served on a blue corn tostada topped with delicious, homemade guacamole then topped with too many crickets to count and drizzled with crema. Some have said that the crickets taste like bacon (salty and crunchy!) … Nomnomnom

What Urban Daddy Said: Antojeria is one of  “those places where a semi-late lunch just rolls right into dinner: this is one of those.  The conversation will swing from life to love to work to the cricket tostada you just ord—holy sh*t, you just ordered a cricket tostada. (It’s called the Oaxaca.)” -Urban Daddy

What We Said: Holy isht … We agree with Urban Daddy!  So,  if you are feeling the adventurous foodie in you coming out, feel free to hop into the nearest phone booth, spin 100 times like Superman and pop into Antojeria Popular to check out their daring CRICKET TACOS among other delicious bites.

Antojeria Popular, 50 Spring St., NY, NY

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Eat like a Warrior: Try Huitlacoche, the Delicious “Mexican Truffle”

rosa mexicano logoBy: Debra Liu

joe quintana
Executive Regional Chef Joe Quintana (Right)

Not only were the Aztecs fierce and brave warriors, they were also fearless, adventurous eaters. Why? Well, they ate huitlacoche (pronounced ‘weet-lah-koh-tcheh’), a very unique food in Mexican cuisine also known as corn mushroom, corn fungus, corn smut, and Mexican truffle.

Most people have never heard of it. I only recently discovered huitlacoche’s existence and am glad I did because it’s REALLY good and pretty much unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before.

So what IS huitlacoche? Prized by the Aztecs and considered a delicacy in Mexico, it’s a funny-looking food that comes from corn; it is the irregular, enlarged, black kernels resulting from an infection by the fungus Ustilago maydis. “It’s basically a corn fungus; also known sort of as a truffle because of its richness. Some people have the tendency of turning the other way when they see it because it’s dark and looks like fungus,” says Chef Joe Quintana, Rosa Mexicano’s Regional Executive Chef.

Rosa Mexicano, an upscale, modern Mexican restaurant with locations all over the nation, has an annual Mexican Truffle Celebration dedicated to huitlacoche dishes, featuring signature dishes from founding Chef Josephina Howard’s legendary All-Huitlacoche James Beard Dinner from 1989. Rosa Mexicano gets huitlacoche fresh from a farmer in Florida who cultivates it especially for the restaurant.

saute huitlacoche
Sauteed Huitlacoche

Huitlacoche, Quintana says, is “very tasty. Has a unique flavor to it…since it grows off the corn, kind of still has the sweetness to it. It’s great with corn, obviously, but it is a unique flavor.” Chef Quintana’s favorite huitlacoche dish, which is also a crowd favorite at Rosa Mexicano, is the Alambre de Callos, which are huge scallop skewers served with rice. “The skewers are made up of scallops and peppers and onions; red, green and white symbolizing the colors of the Mexican flag… it also comes with red rice and huitlacoche sauce which is dark grayish, so it gives you a nice contrast to the plate,” describes Quintana.

In the Aztec language Nahuatl, huitlacoche is translated as “raven droppings”. It doesn’t sound too tasty, does it? As it turns out, it’s quite delicious! While I was at Rosa Mexicano, Chef Quintana kindly prepared a huitlacoche quesadilla for me and it was AMAZING.  I absolutely loved the immense flavors and textures – slightly salty and sweet – and perfectly creamy as well. Huitlacoche has an earthy, rich flavor, and is a little mushy which balances incredibly well with the crunchy, sweet corn kernels sewn throughout.

huitlacoche quesadilla
Rosa Mexicano’s Huitlacoche Quesadilla

Are you ready to try huitlacoche? Rosa Mexicano’s Mexican Truffle Celebration recently ended (there’s always next year) but have no fear, there are other places in NYC that make huitlacoche; go check out Mesa Coyoacan in Williamsburg! Huitlacoche is a must-try, especially for major foodies and adventurous eaters who are ready for a unique delicacy.


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Semi-Organic anyone?

I love the Internet’s ability to give me what I want, when and how I want it.  So I decided to trust it with my lunch.  Could an image search wield a results page leaning towards my own inkling of a thai infused daikon curry kebab on a hogie?  I put Google to the test and they came up with onion rings, pizza pies, roast pig, donuts, spoiled bananas, a food art inspired fruit salad, Jelly beans and baby eating baby food.  I give up.

I jogged through my recent lunch encounters and decided that I wouldn’t mind another chipotle salad.

Being outside of NYC is difficult, but with my brand spanking new 4G mobile network, life becomes manageable. I did a quick search and found a site near my GPS location and astoundingly, a “chipotle music video” to complement my mood for the walk over to their most convenient location.  I was pumped.Chipotle burrito in a bowl

The music video ended up being a short set to the Willy Wonka theme song.  Now I don’t know why exactly it got me so excited in the first place, but it did leave some unanswered questions.  If any of you haven’t seen it, it’s viral – get on it.  Here’s the skinny, a farmer-scarecrow lugs around all day in a pink slime factory trying to establish the meaning of his life amongst the exceedingly corporatized management of milking cows and plumping up chickens.  When he returns after his day long sob story he gets inspired to do something out of the box and decides to open up a ‘farm fresh’ eatery mimicking my neighborhood Chipotle. Really touching, but i’m already on queue to order my salad bowl and catch up on commentary about this hot little viral number.  I’m a busy man.

Brandon Oldenberg (one of the co-directors of the short) states  “It’s a universal concept about an unlikely hero up against a big problem making a decision to do something about it.”(1)  He lays down the premise of this real world ordeal with spectacular imagination in his film. There is a world of hidden costs behind the way our lunch is manufactured. That whole landscape of over fed livestock and modified agricultural messes is what were putting into ourselves and essentially cheating the natural order of its methods. All this leads to madness, causing an imbalance at the expense of maintaining economic sustainability, in the meantime we overly neglect the long term movement towards living a greener and healthier lifestyle.  Unfortunately the less familiar leave it at that. So will I for the sake of terseness – maybe next week we’ll talk about cow milk-puss and clone tomatoes attacking my jedi-ish body mind chakra.

Organic food header

The whole issue is profound and very unlikely to be tackled by corporate offices, but Chipotle believes they can help raise a certain level of awareness through discourse and calculated restructuring of resources.

The Food with integrity campaign launched in 2010 has made a significant impact to Chipotles bottom line, pushing them into new territory, while also bringing a certain degree of skepticism to their initiative.  Since they began marketing themselves as ‘more than just aware’ of the sustainability issues, they’ve moved towards naturally raised meats and organic locally grown ingredients where “at least 35 percent of one of their produce items were sourced from smaller local farms (defined as within a 350 mile radius of the restaurant).”(2) This alone has pumped their corporate structure to strive towards a national awareness across all of their establishments.

Many believe this claim to be unsupported because they haven’t been through independent inspections and those same people claim that a lot of their reports on company specifics are obscure.  Whatever the case may be, it’s commendable that they’ve implemented multilevel campaigns to raise awareness for customers and the industry.

I want to believe them, every bit of those luscious corn kernels and that big glop of guac had me wanting more.  Why should I have to worry about whether or not one of my favorite food vendors is a hundred percent on board the gravy train towards a more expensive organic market?  Is it ok that only 38.53 percent of their ingredient list is put together at a local farm rather than having a dedicated corn kernel factory somewhere along the supply chain? Am I just blowing it up? I took another seemingly massive bite and moved to the issue of personal health and mindfulness of our earth.the face of organic cows

Ive spent the past seven years of my life eating organic locally produced produce – I can trace my morning glass of milk to a single cow and the farm that supplies my groceries is a brisk half hour ride from my residence.  My corn comes from my neighbor’s backyard and from time to time my own garden supplies many of the foods I eat. The benefits are immense, not only am I cultivating the earth for future generations to come, but the sense of peace I get from supporting my local growers is rewarding.

Im at peace with MY world. Can your local Mcdonalds give you that? Chipotle believes it. Lets see where their going with this.

  1. Cheney, Alexansandra. “The Story Behind That Fiona Apple Chipotle Ad.” Speakeasy RSS. Wall Street Journal, Sept.-Oct. 2012. Web. 20 Sept. 2013.
  2. Beylis, Bettina. “How Chipotle’s ‘Food with Integrity’ Strategy Can Really Succeed.” Triple Pundit RSS. Triple Pundit, 15 Oct. 2012. Web. 20 Sept. 2013.

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OddFellows Ice Cream Co, Oddly Delicious!

By: Sumayyah Haileylogo

Oddly enough, OddFellows Ice Cream Co started with an odd pregnancy craving by Holiday Kumar, co-owner of OddFellows – She was craving salty flavored ice cream! Chef Sam Mason, a close friend of the Kumar’s whipped up his signature pretzel ice cream from his wd~50 days and brought it over… and thus, Odd Fellows was born. After two years of careful planning, OddFellows opened its doors on June 2013 in the uber cool neighborhood of Williamsburg.  Given it’s name and location in Williamsburg, you would expect OddFellows to deliver some cool a** ice cream and they deliver on that!

They make super premium small-batch ice cream from scratch in their kitchen. They make the ice cream free of  hormones or artificial additives, and pasteurize their own mix in-house using cream, sugar, and locally sourced milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery, which allows us to infuse more nuanced flavors into our ice cream.  Nothing tastes better than homemade!

Let’s “oooooh” and “awwwwe” over 10 of their oddly delicious flavors!

#1 Foie Gras, Cocoa, and Peanut Butter Flavor


This ice cream is for the ultimate foodie in you!

#2 Maple Bacon Pecan

Maple Bacon Pecan

Pancake a ‘la mode anyone ?

#3 Smoked Chili and Huckleberry

Smoked Chille and Huckleberry

Nuff said!

#4 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you thought olive oil was only good for sauteing veggies, think again!

#5 Buttermilk Biscuit

Buttermilk Biscuit

Martha Stewart has nothing on this!

#6 Beet with Candied Pistachios and Honey Goat Cheese

Beet icecream

Who knew beets could be so sexy?

#7 Cornbread


Paula Deen wishes she had come up with this recipe!

#8 Celery


Who said celery was only good for crudites?

#9 Chorizo Caramel Swirl


I’m done with the swirl ! How about you?

Because we are greedy we decided to squeeze in 4 for #10

4 ice cream
1. Blood Orange Cinnamon sorbet
2. Sesame Kumquat and Pumpernickel
3. Miso Butterscotch Cherry
4. Coffee and Coffee Soil

OddFellows is located at 175 Kent Ave in Brooklyn

Visit http://www.oddfellowsnyc.com/ to learn more

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Grubhub – Seamless … is it really happy eating?

You’ve ordered from Seamless and are eagerly rubbing your chopsticks together while waiting for your dynamite roll and edamame to arrive.  The doorbell rings and it begins to feel like Christmas, but is it really happy eating?

Grubhub-Seamless appears to be a godsend to the customer; you can quickly and easily order from your favorite restaurant and wait for your glorious food to arrive.  We know you paid $12.36 for that Pad Thai, but what are the other costs involved in ordering?

taking candy from a babyLike taking candy from a baby, Grubhub-Seamless charges restaurants between 10%-20% per order.  That might sound like chump change to you, but to a business whose margins are already low, it’s like $1 billion. The average profit margin is 6% per meal.  Doing simple math at a rate of 10% – 20%, many restaurants are losing out.  You might be thinking, “why is this my problem?” or “restaurants should just adjust prices accordingly”.   It is your problem because your favorite Chinese takeout could go out of business due to paying high fees in a business that already has low margins.  Raising prices doesn’t work either.  Yes, you might be okay with paying a little more, but typically when the price increases, the demand decreases – so there goes the customers.

Grubhub-Seamless also has a few questionable business practices.  Let’s put aside the fact that there merger has been questioned by local and federal governments and focus on their pricing strategy.  Grubhub-Seamless charges a higher percentage the more business a restaurant gives them.  Pedro Munoz, owner of Luz in Brooklyn, cut ties with Grubhub-Seamless when his fees rose from 10% to 14% after his monthly orders increased to over $10,000. tubesocks

Everyone knows that prices go down when quantity increases.  For example, what is the cost per pair when buying  a 4 pack of your favorite tube sock versus buying one pair?  CHEAPER! We know this, so why doesn’t Grubhub-Seamless work the same way?

power in our handsThe good news is that as a consumer, the power is in YOUR hands. And we at Foodtoeat.com, are right there beside you. We really are all about the restaurants we work with and the customers we serve.  That’s why we only charge $0.10 an order, which usually comes out to less than 1% of the order.  We want restaurants to keep their profits and be able to pass on deals to you.

By having a sustainable model for online ordering, we enable restaurants to focus on what’s important, the customer – YOU.

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Le Grande Fooding Festival 2013

le grand fooding 2013 time machine

Tonight the Le Grand Fooding festival is being hosted in Red hook, not too far from our own culinary capital.  This year a multitude of chefs and culinary enthusiasts are going to be delighted with a three course meal with a ‘back in time’ thematic, being orchestrated by renowned chef Alexandre Cammas.

Chef Alexandre Cammas

Cammas and gang have portioned each of the three ‘stops’ back in time as per the following arrangement , In the first stop (The Fusion Cuisine Years 1991-1999) Peter Gordon will dish out the appetizers – plantain, tamarind and coconut with goat cheese, along with a smoked-salmon wanton. This will be accompanied with a cocktail concocted by Jeannette Levis

The second stop (The Bistronomy years 1998-2007) a French chef – not a bistrotier monsieur – will be doing a roasted veal breast with mixologist Tristan Willey making a ‘aughts-style cocktail.’

The third and final stop is being dubbed the The Farm to Table Years (2008 and beyond!) being served by two talented chefs Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo. It’s a dessert with Jameson Black Barrel on the rocks. Be careful of this one.

Its tonight. At 7PM. In Brooklyn. Take the L, the J, the L the M…just get there. GO NOW.

If you see anyone from the FTE team…dont forget to show us some love!

P.S. just in case you miss it tonight, there on tomorrow evening as well.

Happy eating!

P.P.S. heres the address if you got a Tom Tom:

Le Grand Fooding
372 Columbia St
Red Hook

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