The Top 2 Tips to Engage Employees during COVID19

As most companies have adopted a culture of working from home, a new development in employee engagement methods has raised the HR bar. The Willis Tower Watson research “found that 90% of companies believe their culture has improved, 83% believe their employee experience is better, and 84% believe employee engagement has gone up.” 

It makes sense that with organizations on WFH status, employees need engagement more than ever. So what methods are companies reporting an engagement upswing deploying?  

#1  Hosting Online Team Building Activities

Hosting virtual happenings for your employees to come together can boost morale and gives the team an opportunity to do something fun and productive together! 

Here are some suggestions and resources:

cooking class– Virtual live cooking classes from FoodtoEat feature vendors. Miss your FoodtoEat team meals?  How about learning to cook some of your favorite recipes from our top chefs. Over 70% of the chefs on our platform are women, immigrant, and/or minority; participating in a cooking class is a great way to keep up diversity and inclusion initiatives 


Asian woman doing yoga at home– Virtual Yoga and Meditation. These are anxious times, and boosting the mental and physical health of remote employees should be a top priority. Jaimie Adkins, our very own Director of Business Development and a certified yoga instructor, has teamed up with master yoga and meditation instructor, Dorota Ellington, an owner of Yoga Youniverse, to design together virtual workplace yoga classes. Team classes can be scheduled by reaching Jaimie at  Learn more about virtual yoga and meditation programs at yogayouniverse.


#2 Providing Coaching and Leadership Resiliency Training

Many companies are having to pivot rather than pause through this new normal and that means leaders need to be agents of change. Working from home may be here to stay for many and it has come with a new set of management and collaboration practices. Companies are also leading with empathy to provide assistance and resources to furloughed employees. 

GoCoach, a female-founded and operated company, is providing a number of services to help workers navigate the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce, such as Virtual Management Training and Free Career Coaching for Displaced Workers

While this “new normal” may be here to stay, there’s great opportunity for companies to lead with more empathy and for their teams to find new and enjoyable ways to engage. Perhaps we may all find a little silver lining. 


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Willis Watson Tower Study


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