Ria Zouroudis, Event Coordinator at BareBurger

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Some of the best food in New York City is also the simplest. Pizzas, bagels, and pretzels are no longer the sole icons. Burgers have become the standout dish at old-school pubs and diners and Brooklyn cocktail bars and pizzerias alike. Ranging from $300 burgers, to fast food chains and meatless patties, you can find any type you want in this concrete jungle! The competition to sling grilled beef around here is definitely fierce…


Shake Shack and the other hundreds of burger chains have another contender in the burger arena. In 2009, Bareburger opened its first location in Queens, and they’ve grown to more than 30 locations nationwide. They are not only established in the U.S. but also Canada, Tokyo, Frankfurt and other. According to Ria, Bareburger‘s Event Coordinator, the chain caters to health-conscious crowds by using organic ingredients and offering a myriad of healthy and vegan choices. Bareburger recently opened their newest location in Chelsea,  with a 50% vegan/vegetarian menu. Some of their vegan options include impossible patty, beyond meat patty, a sweet potato, kale and wild rice patty or even quinoa, chia and green pea patty. Add some organic sweet fries and voila! Their recent menu upgrade to include more vegan/vegetarian options definitely showcases Bareburger‘s mission. Bareburger is definitely committed to sustainability, not only by working closely with their farmers and partners but also by building each location with reclaimed and recycled materials. “It’s “bare” in that the company pursues a no-hormone, no-additive, no-pesticide approach to ingredient sourcing. They stick to fair-trade, non-GMO stuff whenever possible”.

Besides tasteful burgers and salads, Bareburger hosts engaging events opened to the public. Ria organizes and facilitates 10+ events per month with an average attendee of 1,500+ customers – kids’ parties, salsa dancing, pop ups, and even meet ups with former Yankee greats. You name it! Ria actually started at Bareburger as a “Creative Bee intern” in 2013 and continuously climbed the ladder. Ria not only plans events, but also implemented the “marketing initiative to promote corporate catering that led to 100+ orders in 2017 alone”. With international locations, engaging events, new menu items and dedicated employees, Bareburger does not seem to be under much pressure from its competitors. Whether it’s top smoked brisket or pickled green tomatoes, the condiment and flavor combinations happening at Bareburger are a cut above. A true burger nirvana is happening.



Need catering for you and your team? Contact us

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