Halloween Party at Work Never Looked So Easy

Nothing screams “best company culture!” than a well-executed Halloween celebration at work! It is a great way to promote engagement and camaraderie among your employees, while also having them talk about how thoughtful the company is with their personal network. And don’t be afraid of the workload – let the Halloween fans get involved and have them take care of it. Either way, every tip written here should not take you more than 5 minutes to prep nor to have a high budget!


Halloween brings out the kid in most of us. Before you know it, you’ve turned every single desk at work into a pumpkin feast. No need to run to Macy or Target to drop hundreds of dollars. Most of these ideas just require a few tools, some supplies and your imagination to have a spook-tacular Halloween this year.

  1. Cut bats out of black construction paper and hang them from your office ceiling.
  2. Create realistic cobwebs out of stretched cotton and simply add plastic spiders to it.
  3. Wrap your desks with orange tablecloths or white paper and put red paint on it.
  4. Use your lungs and start blowing up some orange and black balloons to scatter around the office.
  5. Treat your employees by placing goodie bags in each of their desks with simple colorful candy and black/orange office tools like pens and erasers. You can also have each bring a flavorful dessert to share around and have a contest!
  6. Talking about contests, choose a few costume categories and have a contest among your employees. You can even set themes for each department to encourage participation. Don’t forget a winning prize!
  7. Happy hour… every employee’s favorite time of the day! Decor a certain part of your office, play some monster mashing music like Thriller from Michael Jackson and set out Halloween themed snacks like the ones below.

Devilishly Food Snacks

Look no further, we’ve got the best (and easiest!) Halloween appetizers for you to impress your boss – and they are just as delicious as they are spooky! Each of these Halloween party foods are very easy to throw together, fun to stare at and will have everyone complimenting you about them. Halloween is truly the only time that you can serve anything and it will be acceptable – eyeballs on eggs? Weird looking sausages with “blood”? Hell Yeah!

With less than two weeks to go, it is crunch time so you don’t have your coworkers feeling disappointed – much less hangry ’cause THAT would be frightening. So have no fear, FoodtoEat is here!

  • Green Matcha Popcorn – Just whisk together matcha powder and a little bit of salt and toss it with the popcorn. Voila!

green-matcha-popcorn-1564430817 gallery-1442867102-11-blood-drip-cupcakes

  • Blood Drip Cupcakes – Channel your inner vampire with these delicious cupcakes. You can either buy or bake dark chocolate cupcakes and decor it with fake, edible blood. (Full recipe here )

jack-quesadillas-ay-1875798-x halloween-deviled-eggs

  • Harvest Hash Trail Mix –  As easy as serving in a big bowl some pretzels, almonds, dark chocolate chips, sour worms, and M&Ms. (More trail mix ideas here)
  • Deviled Spider Eggs – Seriously can’t get any easier than this and will be the ones disappearing first! Just boil your eggs, cut them in half, and decorate with olives to have a spidery look (Recipe here) http://www.shockinglydelicious.com/halloween-deviled-spider-eggs/


  • Ghost Kabobs – healthier options are always good to have so build some fruit skewers and add marshmallows with painted eyes like these ones !
  • Ghost Smores Dip – Scary yet easy
  • Jack O’ Lantern Quesadillas – Treat yo self by tossing shredded chicken, lime juice, chili powder, garlic powder into a bowl. Then sprinkle some cheese and top it with pattern flour tortillas looking like Jack-o-Lantern. Serve with hot sauce and now THAT’S a treat!
  • Spooky Spider Halloween Dip –  Pepper spider? Edamame monster green dip? We gotchu!
  • Bloody Mary Syringes – Take your happy hour to the next level with these spooky cocktails 


  • Frozen Banana Boo Pops – As another healthier option, these are super easy with just dipping bananas in white chocolate and adding mini chocolate chips for the eyes (Recipe here)

Banana-Popsicles-for-Halloween  ghostkabob4

So yes, everything can be done easily and with a tight budget. But if you don’t even want to bother creating those, FoodtoEat works with lots of vendors that provide AMAZING halloween treats from mummy hot dogs, to sinister salsa and mice meatballs!

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