FoodtoEat’s One of a Kind Hispanic Vendors!

From Colombia to Venezuela, Argentina to Peru,  Mexico to Cuba – we can all agree the Hispanic community has made its mark in Manhattan. Especially when it comes to food, Hispanic proud themselves for what they serve at each of their restaurants. Each compares itself with its neighbor with the flavors once created by their mamás and abuelitas. So whether you are looking for small bites like empanadas and sweet plantains or a bigger plate that makes you feel like home, FoodtoEat has you covered. !Comamos!

  • Havana Central – Cuban Restaurant

havan central

We all wish we could be laying down in a beautiful, white-sand beach in the outskirts of Cuba eating the most fresh grilled fish, or having lunch in a historic site in Old Havana. But reality is reality! And we can’t give you the white-sand beach but we can certainly deliver that fresh grilled fish you are craving! One of our Cuban vendors, Havana Central, offers a variety of meals that will leave you scrapping your plates. Just to give you a sneak-peak, our customers’ favorites are the Herb Roasted chicken with cilantro rice and plantain as well as their flavorful Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Pepper. Chao pescao!

  • Nuchas – Argentinian Restaurant

61066976_442169146611517_3021769442787989832_n.jpg  56902593_869597880045417_801642394031808876_n.jpg

Empanadas, empanadas, and more empanadas. YUM! Beef, chicken, spinach and cheese, italian sausage, shiitake curry, slow braised short rib, you name it! At Nuchas, they are proud to be transforming the iconic empanada into a gourmet meal. Delicious and convenient, in the palm of your hand.

  • Palenque Homemade Colombian Food – Colombian Restaurant


No Colombian meal is complete without carbohydrates. A sort of cross between a tortilla and a pancake is what Colombian know as Amasijos. So everything from a crispy arepa, to a sweet corn cake is considered that. And this Colombian vendor, Palenque, is dedicated to provide delicious gourmet colombian fusions. Step out of your comfort zone and order one of their signature dishes!

  • Areppas – Venezuelan Restaurant

64219894_463112141183905_2723544345632199221_n    66689644_425011828357829_8609201193094917946_n

Areppas, a Venezuelan restaurant here in Manhattan, is considered to be the “Chipotle for arepas”. If you didn’t know, an arepa is made from ground maize corn. As healthy as it can get, an arepa is grilled and then opened to be filled with delicious ingredients such as ham and cheese, sweet plantain and shredded beef, or chicken and avocado. Arepas are simply for everyone – vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters, health freaks and more. Don’t believe us? Order them now!

  • Baby Brasa – Peruvian Restaurant

28155830_172438803390894_5619394532727586816_n    20759393_101327817256711_4825822118459473920_n

Baby Brasa serves contemporary Peruvian cuisine and fusion dishes. It is a vibrant restaurant filled with colors, great food, outstanding cocktails and a music that will make you dance. As to our favorite catering dishes, el Lomo Saltado (marinated strips of sirloin steak with tomatoes, onions, and a side of French fries and rice) is a must try or if looking something on the lighter side you can never go wrong with the Fish Ceviche.

  • Corazón De Mexico – Mexican Restaurant

marg-h-1526063646  52588440_321308662064934_1023300746766951879_n

¡Órale! Finally Mexican cuisine! This food has been well-admired throughout the world for its vibrant, authentic and delicious taste. The healthy ingredients, the wonderful aromas of fresh spices, the hot sauces that make you cry, and the deadly margaritas are the perfect combo to be a very popular cuisine. Now stop reading and start eating some tacos Güey!

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