FoodtoEat’s Favorites: Places to Dine in NYC During the Summer

If you’re like the FoodtoEat team, the warmer weather and sunshine has you dying to be outside all. day. long. Living in New York, it always seems like winter lasts six months and summer lasts two weeks so we try our best to take advantage of every sunny day. Whether that means going for a quick walk during lunchtime or lounging in the park after work, we really try to soak in all of the benefits of the summer months. And one of the best benefits is going out to eat, which also happens to be our favorite pastime!

We don’t know what it is about the summer but the longer days seem to make it more socially acceptable to eat out for every meal and the beautiful weather is an easy way to justify why our wallets are getting much, much lighter. But, as we all sadly know, summer is a fleeting season so we’ll continue to enjoy wining and dining ourselves while we can. And we hope that you’ll join us!

Below we’ve listed our top recommendations for summer spots to enjoy a meal with friends or coworkers in NYC. These restaurants always have an amazing atmosphere and even more delicious food that will keep you coming back again and again. So check them out and start planning your visit. And make sure to tag us with your favorite dish @foodtoeat!

Tracey’s Pick: Brooklyn Crab (Red Hook, Brooklyn). Although the restaurant itself isn’t super fancy, you won’t find fresher seafood than Brooklyn Crab. It’s a large place with indoor and outdoor seating, games and great views of the New York Harbor. The vibe of the restaurant is very laid back and casual so if you’re looking to relax with a group of friends, it’s a great spot to check out. But get there early- it tends to get crowded early on the weekends in the summer!

Jaimie’s Pick: Boulton & Watt (East Village, Manhattan). This American gastropub has something for everyone with it’s wide mix of dishes, from kale and quinoa salad to mahi mahi fish tacos. It’s known as a big neighborhood hangout where you can find people drinking a beer and watching the game as well as sitting in a corner eating brunch and sipping on some unique cocktails. The best thing about this restaurant is their large windows, which cover three of their four walls, bringing in a lot of natural sunlight and (hopefully) a breeze when they’re opened up during the summer. 

Ciara’s Pick: Beebe’s (Boro Hotel in Long Island City). Located in the lobby of the Boro Hotel, Beebe’s is a must if you’re looking for consistently delicious food in Long Island City. Known for their “old school” thin crust pies and homemade pasta, this restaurant has a great balance of your favorite dishes in a modern setting with floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor seating. The best part about Beebe’s is that it serves as the hotel’s main restaurant, so if there aren’t any tables available, you can always head up to their rooftop bar while you wait and enjoy some amazing views of Manhattan.

Deepti’s Pick: Supper (East Village, Manhattan). Although most people recommend rooftop eateries during the summer, the food at Supper is too tasty not to visit all year round. This authentic Italian restaurant is known for it’s super fresh ingredients and handmade pasta that makes each dish more flavorful than the next. It’s a smaller space but the ability to watch the chefs work their magic from multiple angles in the restaurant is what makes this place so unique. (Plus they do have a handful of tables outside the restaurant if you’re lucky enough to get them!)



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