Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom in Your Life!

This Sunday, May 12th, is Mother’s Day and if you’re like most people you probably didn’t realize that we’re already in the second week of May (when did that happen?!) or you’ve thought about a few gift ideas but haven’t quiiiiite gotten around to purchasing one. Well it’s time to get down to business because you only have a few days left and you don’t want to be the person that shows up empty-handed on Mother’s Day!

In order to help you narrow down your search (and be realistic about what gifts you can pick up before Sunday) we’ve compiled a list of suggestions that are our favorite go-to’s on Mother’s Day. Not only are all of these gifts things you can get within a limited time frame, they can fit into any budget because they’re all items that can be as inexpensive or as pricey as you make them. But let’s be honest, moms are superheros, so don’t you want to splurge a little?! Whatever way you choose to celebrate, the most important thing is that you choose a gift specific to the interests or passions of the mom that you’re honoring on this important day and, above all, let her know how much she’s loved.

Personalized Cupcakes: Nothing says “I love you” like a cupcake that literally says “I love you” or “Thanks Mom” or a cute message that only mom will understand. Personalized cupcakes or cookies add that extra little touch that elevates a dessert and makes it a little more special. Of course if you’d rather not customize your food, picking up her favorite dessert or a new treat that you know she’s been wanting to try is always a good way to mark a celebration! 

Gift Certificate for a Manicure/Pedicure or a Day at the Spa: TREAT YO MOM! There’s nothing that women love more than not paying for beauty treatments, especially ones that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. So skip ordering takeout for the next few days and save up some money to put towards a gift card for a manicure/pedicure at her favorite nail salon or a facial at the spa. When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, allowing mom to relax and pamper herself is a great way to show her that you appreciate everything that she does for you and that you want her to spend some time taking care of herself.

Mother Day's Spots

Jewelry: Jewelry is always a solid gift option, as long as you know her taste (if not, make sure to get a gift receipt!). And it’s another way that you can get something that she normally wouldn’t get for herself. However, there are many options with jewelry- earrings, bracelet, watch, necklace, ring- so it’s important that you err on the side of caution and pick something that you know she would wear. If you’re not sure, try consulting with friends or family for their opinion. But if all else fails: always keep it simple.

Try an Experience: If you don’t think she’s interested in material items, gift an experience! This can be anything from a concert to a workout class to brunch to a trip to a museum. As long as you know that it’s something that she would enjoy doing, an experience can be a great way to spend quality time with your loved one or allow her to do something on her own.

Flowers: Although flowers may seem like a small gift compared to some of the other ones that we’ve suggested, don’t underestimate the power that flowers have to brighten someone’s day. Something as simple as a bouquet of her favorite flowers can be an extremely thoughtful gift that she’ll appreciate.


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