As the weather is beginning to warm up in NYC, there’s nothing better than starting to plan all of the ways that you’re going to enjoy the sunny, 80 degree days with your friends and co-workers! And although it may seem weeks away, Cinco de Mayo (the kick-off to the beautiful, sunny seasons that we dream about all Winter) will be here before you know it!

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory of the Mexican army over the French at the Battle of Puebla, so it is crucial that your office party is worthy of the battle that’s being commemorated. A sombrero and a few streamers will definitely not cut it. There are three specific areas that must be covered in order to ensure that your Cinco de Mayo party (or any party for that matter) goes perfectly: atmosphere, food and drinks. Without all of these pieces working in harmony, all is lost! Thankfully, we’ve laid out everything that you need to plan the perfect Cinco de Mayo party for your office so that everyone will let you enjoy your margarita in peace 🙂

Step 1: Atmosphere is key.

Decorating your office is the first step in your Cinco de Mayo party prep! Be sure to use decorations such as streamers, balloons and banners that incorporate the colors of the Mexican flag: red, white and green. If you really want to make the party stand out from past events, create a personalized photo booth area (like this one from Etsy) for different groups to take funny pictures together throughout the night! It’s also important that people attending the party (your co-workers) feel invested in the theme. Encourage your team to dress in red, white and green and supply party favors for them, like sombreros and maracas! This is an easy way to get your team excited and break the ice when the party starts! Finally, no fiesta is complete without tunes to get your office in the mood! Personally, we recommend Cinco de Mayo radio but you can also put your personal touch on it by creating your own playlist on Spotify or having everyone on the team contribute to the playlist in the days leading up to the event! Although decorations may seem obvious, it’s important for you put effort into the party and take it seriously so that your coworkers will too! After all, getting the whole team together is vital to a successful event.

Step 2: The Food- It will always be welcomed and appreciated.

Now onto our favorite topic…. the food! Cinco de Mayo is always associated with tacos so you can never go wrong with a build your own taco bar. But it’s important to keep in mind the timing of your party so that you can serve the right amount of food for your office. If your event is taking place during lunch time, you can do the taco bar as we mentioned, or try something more traditional like rice and beans with cochinita pibil or carne asada and tortilla soup. You can also do pre-made tacos, burritos or tamales if your team isn’t interested in building their own. If your event is taking place after 3 or 4PM, people will be looking for finger foods rather than a meal, so it’s better to focus on your favorite Mexican snacks such as chips and guacamole (duh), quesadillas, taquitos, churros and flan. With finger foods it’s best to assume that everyone will want a little of everything so start by defining your budget for food and work backwards from there on how many pieces per person you can afford. If numbers are already starting to swirl in your head, have our team do it for you! Reach out to us by emailing for a customized proposal based on your team’s needs!

Step 3: Drinks **Please secure approval before proceeding to this step**

This step comes with a disclaimer because although Cinco de Mayo translates to margaritas for most people, that may not be true in your office (even if you wish it were). So please double check whether or not drinks are being served at your event before visiting your nearest liquor store!

In this step, you must analyze how much effort you want to put into your drinks, because there are many options. The first being hiring a bartender or two to mix drinks on site and serve them to your coworkers. This option will be the most expensive because of the staffing but the easiest for you because you will only have to provide the alcohol and mixers and leave it up to the experts to dispense! The second option is providing the alcohol and mixers and having team members make their own drinks. This option is more cost effective and probably the easiest to execute but could also lead to people over-serving themselves because they think that they’re a bartender when they’re not. No one wants to be the drunk guy at the holiday party AND the Cinco de Mayo party! Which leads to the final option of having margarita mix pre-made and delivered in a dispenser. This option will only require you to provide the alcohol and helps control the amount of alcohol in everyone’s drink because you can pour the alcohol directly into the pre-made mix. Keep in mind that not everyone likes margaritas so it’s good to get a headcount before the party of beer vs. margaritas so that you can supply any non-margarita drinkers with some Corona and lime to drink during the party! Whichever option you decide to move ahead with, FoodtoEat can help here as well. Email us at to facilitate a drink delivery for your team!

We hope that our guide on Cinco de Mayo party planning 101 will help you to impress your team and make your party amazing. Getting your team together to enjoy events like these will continue to foster your office community and make employees excited to come to work. There’s nothing better than creating an event that your team truly loves and having fun while you do it! 


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