Show Your Appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day!


According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 findings, an employed person in the U.S. works an average of 7.99 hours per day, which is more than the number of hours most Americans sleep each night. As a country, we are pretty dedicated to our jobs; which is why it’s so important for companies across all industries to take the time to show how much they value that dedication. Although we think that employees should be appreciated every day, this Friday, March 2nd, is officially Employee Appreciation Day. In case it slipped your mind, we’ve come up with a few ways that you can show your team some love this Friday.

Celebrate your team with some eatssss! You can never go wrong with free food (trust us, we know). Get your team together for a group lunch or take a break from the work day with an afternoon snack. Not sure what to put together in a time crunch? We’ve got some options for you below!

Just Salad Salad Bar: Salad bars are always a safe bet when dealing with different palates! Each person can choose their own toppings and make it as healthy or as unhealthy as they want!

The Picnic Basket Sandwiches: A Mediterranean twist on a lunch classic. These sandwiches are filling, delicious and won’t break the bank.

Cake pops from Bocca: Cake pops are small snack but more unique than the typical cookie/brownie dessert tray. A little extra effort is always appreciated 🙂

Make it a Fiesta with Choza!: Tortilla chips, guacamole and salsa are always a hit when you’re looking for a last minute snack. Spice it up with some Coronas or margaritas!

Gift it up. Don’t have the time to figure out a team meal? Try a gift card! $5 to Starbucks, Dunkin or the favorite local market/coffee shop is always an easy way to say “thank you”, even if it only buys the person one cup of coffee. It shows that you notice where they spend their money and want them to enjoy a little freebie.

Tell your employees that they are valued. Sometimes the best way to let someone know how you feel is to just say it. If you’re part of a small team, take the time to sit down with your team and let them know that each one of them is a valuable part of the company. Don’t have the ability to sit down with all of your 500+ employees? Send out a company-wide email. Explain why you value your employees and cite specific actions that you truly appreciate as the boss. Taking small steps to make it personal will show your employees that your message is genuine.

At the end of the (work) day, every employee just wants to be told that they’re doing a good job and that you appreciate their hard work. There are plenty of easy ways to show your employees that you care about them and are investing in them, a few of which we’ve stated above. These ideas might seem insignificant but letting your team know that they are the most vital part of the company and that you recognize that will only help you in the long run.

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