From Valentine’s Day to Mardi Gras to the Chinese New Year, there’s nothing better than getting to experience a new culture through food or showing someone that you care with a delicious treat! Whichever holiday you’re celebrating this month, let us know and we’ll customize the meal to fit your needs!

Valentine's Day Cupcake
Valentine’s Day is a day to show that special someone how much you care for them. What better way to show your office some love than with a decorate your own cupcake bar from Berger’s?! The red and white sprinkles, Valentine’s M&M’s, sweethearts and colored icing will have your coworkers feeling warm and fuzzy all afternoon! (or at least full from cupcakes….)
Don’t feel the love in the air?? Join the Mardi Gras celebration with some Fat Tuesday festivities! Distilled NY has created a special Mardi Gras themed menu including creole gumbo, jambalaya and beignets that will get you in the bead-throwing spirit!
Mr Bing Chinese New Year 1
On Friday, February 16th, we celebrate the Chinese New Year and welcome the Year of the Dog! Create your own reunion dinner in your office with dumplings and bings (traditional Chinese street crepes) from Mr. Bing!

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