Vendor Feature: My Kitchen

On Monday, July 11th I had the chance to tour the My Kitchen Restaurant and venue space. Just talking to Dhanny and Chef Joe you can see how passionate they are about what they do. This team of two is making their own rule book for their restaurant/catering business. Dhanny is the waitress, hostess, event planner, etc. Whereas Chef Joe takes on every role in the kitchen. This allows them to accommodate to all of their clients wants and needs while still providing excellent food and service. If you missed the Behind the Scenes Snapchat series of the tour be sure to add us @FoodtoEat on Snapchat for more segments.
1. What sets you apart from all the other restaurants in your cuisine?
We do whatever we want. We created Italian Caribbean Fusion. We developed a menu based on items we cooked at home for our friends. Then refined those items, so that at any given order, one item is grilled, one in the oven, one under the broiler and on the stove top or fryer. The physical menu also went through some trial and error. I was aiming for something I would’ve created at home for a dinner party.
2. What is the background story behind the opening of My Kitchen?
Joe and I are Caterers and needed a kitchen to cater, therefore concept didn’t matter. Do you guys see where this is headed?? The restaurant was never in our plan.
That was until 3:30am one morning, I woke Chef (true story). I told him my idea. If we’re going to do a restaurant, why not make it a Mom and Pop. No one does that anymore. In reality, catering will always be the larger percentage of our business, so being Mom and Pop will give us the flexibility to be open or closed if and when needed.

He was intrigued, until I said: “That means YOU have to cook.” Everyone was going to come to our place to dine in OUR KITCHEN, to chat WITH US and EAT YOUR FOOD. It will not be a type of cuisine but instead a blend of us and foods which we like. If it bombs, well we have catering. Haha!This is our life and so began our journey.

3. Advice to anyone thinking about opening their own restaurant or starting a catering business.

Advice: If your heart’s in it and all the pieces fall into play – go for it.
4. What is your favorite dish on the menu and why?
Any of our Fusion Dishes but sincerely everything.
(The Fusion Dishes are only available on the restaurant menu, but my favorite from the catering menu is definitely the Eggplant Rollatini).
See Dhanny and My Kitchen’s full story at So You Want to Own a Restaurant
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