Happy National Hot Dog Day! | Papaya King

By Danielle Bimston

Looking for some of the best hot dogs New York City has to offer? Check out our friends at Papaya King. Identifying themselves with the motto “accept no imitations”, this hot dog heaven is bringing you classic, one-of-a-kind franks and delicious tropical drinks.

IMG_0088Started back in 1931 by a Greek immigrant striving to pursue the American Dream, Papaya King began as a juice bar called Tropical Hawaiian Drinks.  Owner, Gus Poulos, opened the stand to express his passion for blending up fresh, fruity drinks.  However, not everybody in NYC had the same love for juice that Gus did right away.  It took time, but eventually, Gus’s juice bar began to take off.  However, it was when Gus married a young German woman and began serving frankfurters at his joint that Papaya King was put on the map. New Yorkers fell in love with Gus’s refreshing juices and savory hot dogs.

IMG_0054Today, Papaya King is still keeping things as classic as they can; serving quality franks and delicious drinks to happy and loyal customers.  And, they’re being noticed for their efforts—Julia Child said that Papaya King serves the “best hot dogs in New York” and Martha Stewart named them one of her “guilty pleasures.”

IMG_0005It’s quite obvious that the magic that made Papaya King such a hit in the first place is still as present as ever. They’re still serving up classic Franks with toppings such as chili, cheese, and peppers as well as All Beef Sausages with coleslaw & pickles and Sautéed Onions & Peppers with Chili.  Plus, they still have all of their amazing tropical drinks to try such as Papaya Pride or Banana Daiquiri.

IMG_0038We’re sure that no matter what you try at Papaya King, it’ll bring you back to old school New York City.  And, if you want to bring the family oriented, welcoming Papaya King vibe to the office, take advantage of our catering options.  Celebrate #NationalHotDogDay right with the best hot dogs around from this amazing restaurant.

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