Mayhem & Stout: Fresh and Flavorful

By Danielle Bimston

Though it began as a weekend experiment at Brooklyn’s Dekalb Market in November 2011, this sandwich spot is on it’s way to the top.  At Mayhem & Stout, they’re serving up artisan slow-braised sandwiches topped with amazing sauces and fresh add-ons.

IMG_3730Since their debut, Mayhem & Stout has expanded to a brick and mortar storefront, participating in more than two dozen popular pop-up markets and events throughout the NYC area.  Maybe it’s because their sandwiches are always made to order and served on crisp, airy handmade bread that Mayhem & Stout is so successful; we can assure you, your taste buds will fall in love.

IMG_3715 Not only is their bread absolutely remarkable, but their meats are slow braised until they are succulent and fall-off-the-bone tender.  With options like Braised Pulled Pork, Short Rib & Brisket, and Braised Vegetarian “Meat” Balls, what’s not to love! Creating a sandwich at Mayhem & Stout is like finding the perfect combination of savory flavors that build upon one another to create something magical.  So, make sure you try some of their delicious homemade sauces such as Blueberry Sriracha, Horseradish Creme, or Black Cherry Mustard.

IMG_3723And, if you’re not feeling a sandwich, Mayhem & Stout’s menu includes satisfying salads, hearty rice bowls, and indulgent twists on mac & cheese, as well as desserts from Robicelli’s. Our clients have loved both the sandwiches and rice bowls for lunch in the office. Plus, there are a variety of gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options; everyone is sure to find something they can enjoy!

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