Lumpia Shack: Bringing Smorgasburg to Your Office

By Danielle Bimston

At Lumpia Shack, they’re all about fresh, Filipino-inspired eats; from traditional spring rolls to gourmet burgers galore, they definitely know how to feed their customers right. Husband and wife team, Neil and Angie, started Lumpia Shack to serve up food that best represents their very diverse culture and upbringings.

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While they currently live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the couple is originally from the Philippines and were born to third generation Chinese immigrants.  Both Neil and Angie moved to the United States and Canada at a very young age, however, this did not stop them from being greatly influenced by their Filipino roots.

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Taking their love for traditional Filipino flavor to the next level, Neil and Angie strive to add their own personal touch to one of the culture’s most popular snacks: the lumpia, a small spring roll.  By mixing traditional flavors with locally-sourced and responsibly-produced ingredients, the couple is serving up lumpia with several fillings such as pork, mushrooms, and the daily special.

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And, if you’re in the mood to try a different Filipino favorite, give Lumpia Shack’s rice bowls a try.  With proteins available like chicken, pork belly, and tofu mushroom and over 3 different types of sauces such as adobo, bicol, and afritada, there are an endless number of options.  You can even select how spicy to make your dish.

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Lumpia Shack offers so many of the best Filipino eats in NYC, they have a brick and mortar located in the West Village and can also be found at Smorgasburg and South Street Smorgasburg.  By doing this, they’re spreading their delicious treats to even more hungry customers!

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And, it doesn’t even have to stop there…. you can bring this amazing food to your office! There’s nothing more delicious that will help you get through your Monday, we’re sure about that!

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