Empellon Al Pastor: Taking Tacos to the Next Level

By Danielle Bimston

Over at Empellon, they’re taking tacos to the next level.  Mixing traditional Mexican style with Lebanese immigrant flare, the chefs at Empellon Al Pastor are making pork “shepherd’s style”. Here lies the birth of an amazing Mexican fusion restaurant.

Photo Credit: empellon.com

While so many chefs face immense pressure to find an innovative approach to cuisine, those at Empellon Al Pastor have found comfort and success in keeping things simple and authentic. Here’s how the magic happens in the kitchen:

  1. Pork meat is sliced thin
  2. The meat is dressed with a green salsa, followed by a red one
  3. Finally, a sliver of pineapple and a bit of onion is added
Photo Credit: nydiningguide.com

See, how simple! Over at Empellon Al Pastor, this is how they operate; keeping it savory. But, it doesn’t stop with the meat. Their tortillas are created in-house as well! In a process called Nixtamalization, field corn is boiled and ground into aromatic masa for their tortillas (they’re gluten free!).  And, you never have to worry that your tortilla isn’t fresh because this cooking technique happens in the kitchen every single morning.

Photo Credit: ny.eater.com

Who doesn’t want a taste of the freshest food around town? Bring Empellon Al Pastor to your office and try their Beef & Caramelized Onion Tacos, Red Chili Pork Tacos, or for vegetarians, Nopales (that’s cactus, how unique!). There’s nothing better than spicing things up with a fresh fusion of two distinct tastes.

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