Bring the Pool to the Office: Great Summertime Themed Lunch Ideas

By Danielle Bimston

Everybody loves a day of fun in the sun, so why not bring the pool to the office?! Thanks to our vendors offering bite size treats, you can! Nothing says relaxation and sends fun vibes like finger food does; it’s fast, delicious, and the best part…fun to eat! We’re so excited to be able to offer you a wide variety of little bites that will satisfy your team as well as bring variety and the feelings of summer to your work space. Below are some fun options:

Two Great Tastes… That Taste Great Together?

Two Great Tastes… That Taste Great Together?: Jack’s Sliders and Sushi

Nothing says a summertime bash like sliders… and sushi? At Jack’s Sliders and Sushi, you can find both miniature sized bites as well as a variety of other tiny foods.  Even though it’s rather unique to serve both sliders and sushi together, it definitely offers a fresh and interesting touch to a lunch menu.  Everyone finds it more fun to eat with their hands so why not make a day at the office a little bit more exciting by including some of these bites in your lunch menu.

Indulging Your Guilty Pleasure:

For a healthier option, try it baked! Indulging Your Guilty Pleasure: Potatopia

Even though not everyone will admit it, it’s almost impossible to turn down french fries! They’re the ultimate finger food for snacking, salty and savory.  So why not bring them to the office with Potatopia, the ultimate potato heaven?  Whether you’re into sweet potato fries or just regular tater tots, they have something that will hit the spot. And what’s even more awesome is the endless number of toppings and delicious sauces that they offer!

Throwback! Kid’s Food That Never Gets Old:

Throwback! Kid’s Food That Never Gets Old: The Nugget Spot

Since we were young, chicken nuggets have always hit the spot. (Some things will never change!) Bring this classic finger food from the pool to the office with The Nugget Spot; they offer more than 10 kinds of chicken, both fried and baked! They’re easy to pop in your mouth and release a burst of flavor whether or not you choose to immerse them in a sauce.  They’ll truly make your employees have flashbacks of their childhoods, long days at the beach and relaxing afternoons at the pool.

To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth:

To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Sweet Generation

Finally sum up your poolside meal with a sweet treat from Sweet Generation.  They bake a variety of mini cupcakes, a perfect little one bite only treat.  Just like the end of a long day at the pool, these satisfying treats keep you longing for the next time you will indulge yourself in something you love.

Even though the office can seem a bit dreary, especially after working day in and day out, there are exciting ways to bring a summer spirit into the workplace.  Let FoodtoEat help you conquer this task by providing your team with a delicious, pool party inspired bites. Remember, even though you’re in the office, a relaxing day at the pool is always in your heart!

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