Maison De L’Éclair | Savory & Sweet Treat

By Chris Chen

maison sign The word éclair in French means flash of lightning, which pretty much sums up how quickly most people gobble these decadent treats up. Cynthia Balli, Founder of Maison de L’eclair, started a business featuring these desserts with both a sweet and a savory twist – savory eclair sandwiches. Cynthia was raised in Geneva and Paris, attended École hôtelière de Lausanne for hospitality and then earned her Masters in entrepreneurship in the US.

Savory Eclairs!
Savory eclairs, yum~ | Photo Credit: Maison De L’Eclair

For Cynthia, her love of eclairs stem from childhood. Specifically, the 4 o’clock family tea time with pastries of which eclairs played a huge part. While reminiscing of fond food memories, she realized with age and maturing palates, there was a need for savory eclairs. Cynthia’s eclair favorites are her savory Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese eclair and her Milk Chocolate & Bananas sweet eclair.

Maison De L'Eclair | Photo Credit: Maison De L'Eclair
Variety of Sweet Eclairs | Photo Credit: Maison De L’Eclair

At the moment Maison De L’Eclair is an online business but she hopes to open a brick and mortar soon.

Their lunch deal comes with 2 savory eclairs, one sweet and a side salad. My personal favorite was the coffee eclair. It was very rich and the coffee flavor was spot on. It just hit the spot for me. The smoked salmon & cream cheese is a popular one and after one bite, I can clearly see why it’s so well-liked. These eclairs are catered to various tastes from vegetarians to meat eaters so you’re bound to have a favorite!

Maison De L’Eclair does catering, so why not have the best of two worlds all in one meal? Sharing is caring, so order some for your coworkers too. Contact us at

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