Lumpia Shack | Filipino Food in New York City

By Chris Chen

lumpia shack sign

Lumpias!| Photo Credit: Lumpia Shack
Lumpias| Photo Credit: Lumpia Shack

Lumpia Shack is a small West Village snack bar serving up all sorts of Filipino-inspired goodies. You’ll be in for a treat no matter what you decide to try – from their famous lumpias or their rice bowls. What makes lumpia so special? Well…who doesn’t love a fried spring roll? Neil Syham, owner of Lumpia Shack, wanted to introduce people to Filipino food through lumpias as a medium since they pack a ton of  flavor and are easy to eat.

The heavenly pork belly bowl!
Pork Belly Rice Bowl | Heavenly pork bowl!

Neil opened Lumpia Shack to diversify the Asian cuisine. When talking about Asian cuisine, people mainly think of Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Thai – however he wanted to put Filipino cuisine on the map – and we’re so thankful he did because it is absolutely delicious. Their lumpias are what the people initially come for, but Lumpia Shack’s other dishes are not to be overlooked. Neil’s favorite lumpia is the original pork as it reminds him of his childhood meals with family and friends. He created the Adobo Mushroom Lumpia for his wife since she’s a vegetarian. Other well-known dishes are Sisig (pork belly, jowls, ears, egg yolk, and calamansi), which was featured in the New York Times in 2014, and the crowd favorite, Adobo Chicken – chicken stewed in vinegar, garlic, soy sauce, bay leaves and peppercorn..

I had a chance to try their food and boy, was I a happy camper. The pork belly was just heavenly – it was melt-in-your mouth experience and so was the super moist chicken. Every bite I had was perfectly tender and flavorful. Their lumpias were crispy and tasty – I can see why everyone raves about them.

Bicol Tofu Mushroom
Bicol Tofu Mushroom | All the coconut goodness

I didn’t get a chance to try an Adobo Ramen Burger which is a fusion of Lumpia Shack’s pork belly & Keizo Shimamoto’s ramen bun, but it sure made my mouth water thinking about it. They have some secret collaborations coming up with their fellow Smorgasburg vendors but we’ll have to wait and see. For now, we’ll enjoy the seasonal items. This season, they’re dishing out Kabocha squash soup with coconut milk and topped with coconut yogurt and sage.

Lumpia Shack does catering, so bring the food to your office and grab a bite of the Philippines with your team. Contact us at – we’re here to make your belly happy.

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